David & Teah begin Part 8 by mis-numbering it, calling it Part 9, as well as commenting on comments from previous videos.

Teah clarifies a statement she made in Part 7 about the size of the breakaway at 6:23.

She also goes into the name of the “Breakaway”, and why it is named as such, and how those in that civilization think around minute 13:00.

David takes a moment to share some of his thoughts at 20:55. He goes into what this vlog is all about for us, and has some personal thoughts for people about some of his passions. In particular, he shares what he thinks is important for health and healing, as well as self-defense and personal preparedness. He’s interested in knowing if anyone has an interest in his self-defense ideas. *Please note* We recorded this before the riots were ever started. It just happens to be weird timing that all of this has coincided. We just like to promote personal and situational awareness/safety, as well as personal responsibility.

At 41:24, we finally get into the “official segment” topic: Memory Erasing Tech. Teah’s shares some personal perceptions on memory, as she has learned through the process of remembering. She also goes into “blinking”, “the waterfall”, strange black boxes she’s seen on space stations that give and receive thought. She also goes into “the wash”, a topic she already briefly discussed, which is blood replacement process, of which alien blood was used on humans and made people amnesiac. Teah is determined to “re-integrate her brain”! Hurray for healthy brains!


David’s martial art website: ModernKatanaAcademy.com
Teah’s blog website: TeahAkrish.com
Recorded on Sunday, May 17th, 2020. Published Thursday, June 4th, 2020.