These beings are humanoids with fish looking faces coming through a portal in big numbers through that portal. They are the ones who do the singing. Their energy is supposed to help Terra sustain its high frequency to stay on the positive timeline. Government is in panic. Many similar beings are coming through portals and they send special operation forces and portable labs trying to catch them and do experiments , testing on them. They want to know where they come from and how they can change their vibration to come to a lower density like ours. The man in the video is an aquatic being himself and his alien race is called Allbram ( something like that) a water planet in Aldebaran constellation , from water planet. A lot of those who are in other realms incarnated at thins time … and they are reaching out to the ones who courageously incarnated on earth …

So there’s this guy on tik tok who’s videos went viral because he works on a ship and apparently catches sirens singing out in the middle of the ocean, and in some instances the sirens follow them to the dock as well. . ( I’m not too into tik tok but I have seen a compilation of his videos on Facebook)

He had posted multiple videos from multiple separate occasions from when he’s heard the sounds, which in my opinion are real, and tik tok ended up banning his account ( the name in the title is his new account) not long after he posted these videos the boat he was working on got “randomly” chosen to do a government survey on the ocean by UNOLS ( university – national oceanographic laboratory system) they even set up a temp lab on the boat with the crew onboard.

Not long after this, he gets in this horrible car crash, he was injured and taken to the hospital but lived to tell the tale. Since he’s injured he can’t work on the boat right now but tik tok is still censoring his account.

This is all too common, a civilian stumbles upon something that a higher authority doesn’t want anyone to know, civilian ends up tragically passing away or being silenced.

Has anyone else seen the videos ? They seem to be capturing hard evidence, he’s even done comparisons with dolphin noises and the sound coming from the water around him.

Also, this post keeps getting removed and the videos I link keep getting removed.