Thursday, April 18, 2024

Message from Krista

James… I asked you fro the safety of myself, my career and my family to remove my post from you tube… not only did you refuse to do that because you said ” I have rights to all the types I make from youtube copyright,” but now you are asking people to replicate it, and download it.

I made these videos when I was scared and confused. Now I am being threatened of my job and my family’s safety. I need these videos down.

PLEASE ANYONE reading this..don’t trust James… he IS one of them! Why else would he hold videos hostage whent he interviewees ask them to take them down? Why else would he ask you all to MAKE COPIES and spread it over the internet, to put me in more harm as I am under attack??

James… I’m so hurt about how shitty of a friend/person you turned out to be. Please remove the videos, you don’t have my permission to have them live anymore. Thanks!


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