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Message from Sarah Stanga with my comments at the bottom

I am sure that the comments made about myself by everyone who is in on this Former White Hat blog have gone unoticed then, and the fact that you quote him as being a reliable source of information, holding peoples files is also a bit wrong. The guy is deliberately trying to sabotage and trigger people and also has caused further fractures in the “Truth Movement”.

I never judged your experiences, your whole group fawning over the FWH blog have, and I do not see what is funny about being told I am “Draco property” and that I enjoyed being raped by Dracos as a 12 year old child and used in paedophilia porn movies, it is not funny, it is sick.

I oppose those who are making a mockery of the rest of us. They say to choose your friemds with care and your allies also, you have chosen this sick FWH shit not me and not any of the others I know who are a part of an online community of support. If your summit actually helps with survival techniques to help those placed in MKULTRA to navigate their lives and heal then fine, but otherwise I am not amused personally.

Also the comments about Duncan being Omega, and stopping others deprogramming, is bullshit. He is actually going through deprogramming even at this time, and is as such promoting the efforts of a healer from Australia called Steve Richards, who is doing such work through a technique called “Holographic Kinetics”. So you could at least get your facts straight there before mouthing off about him, due to whatever spat you feel you have been in.

I saw your slant on that list on your site, and your intonations about it, and those suffering from that list behaving as victims was the insinuation. I also know that Anya Briggs also feels that people who suffer from such things are playing the victim, when to be honest, they are spiritual warriors on a true warriors healing path, and there is nothing, I repeat nothing that is not hard about that. It was never meant to be easy.

I Suggest you look at an interview on Off Planet Radio by Randy Maughans, and his interview with Annalie Cummings and Steve Richards with Duncan and Miranda to get the truth on that fact they they do indeed approve of safe deprogramming methods and are in fact on this interview promoting it.

The above link should get you started. Make sure you know your facts in future before starting some bitch fest. Whatever your beef is with Duncan and Miranda, they still deserve respect and compassion.

I have complained about the Truth Movement for over a year, with the bitch fests going on, and this is no exception. I still believe that Duncan and Miranda display integrity and even though I will not always agree with everything they believe or say as I have my own opinions and mind, they are not stopping me de-programme either. They have my trust and respect, and they deserve better than they are getting from all of this.

You have no idea about the trauma and programming Duncan and Miranda were forced to go through either, and can only summise, they do not release everything about their experiences to the public, they keep some stuff for themselves, even I do not know the full extent, but I know that calling people in that way over your programming and who got it harder and shitter is also going to get no-one anywhere, although I appreciate your need to be taken seriously in regards to your own programming.

Bright Blessings, may people start to have compassion and respect for one another. I have witnessed the heartache of Duncan and Miranda, and know they are deeply hurt by the comments by yourself and FWH and others, and I also know that there has been simmering grudges against them by other experiences for a while, as I have received this by email from people I distanced myself from months ago, and I know that this is just the opportunist way to flaunt your grief in public at people you truly do not have any true compassion or insight on and do not truly understand.

Hi Sarah

I agree former white hat does like to point jokes at us, but look at how we treat each other. If we would accept each other for our differences and not judge based on ignorance then he would have no ammunition to use against us. And if what he says is inaccurate that is his own loss as truth stands on its own merit.

It’s not my goal to mislead about Duncan and Miranda I am only reporting my experiences about them as well as others who have contacted me complaining about getting the cold shoulder. Miranda was caught psychically attacking my friend Adam and I had to spend an hour of my time to get him out of her grasp.  Sure we need to show love for Duncan and Miranda but at the same time it’s important to point out immature behavior as it hurts our credibility as whistleblowers.

If we have been offended by someone else’s work then at the very least we should try to contact them privately  and settle any differences  instead of going into a child alter and saying ugly things on the public forum. I have seen Duncan do this to me over and over and yet demands that I don’t talk about his actions which is very unfair to say the least. I have tried for a long time to reach out to him and he doesn’t want to respect me and my experiences as unique and different then his own.  Since he choose to be an aggressor I had no other choice but to warn others what is going on. After all if  I don’t stand up for integrity and honor what kind of person does make me?

I have already covered the subject about what Omega is being used for but since this topic seems to still be open I am enclosing a link to the previously classified report which gives us an idea what type of programs Omega is used for.  I talked about this on Project Camelot to warn others what is going on as Duncan don’t seem to have the common sense to figure this out for himself. The reason they augment NHCU units with omega as a policing agent is to stop them from going rogue see section Section 1-16 MOBILITY AND SURVIVABILITY


The NHCU military police (MP) staff in the maneuver support cell provides embedded military police planning but does not include a military police element. The NHCU is normally augmented with Omega staff and units from HG division or corps.”

Lastly if you don’t like the work we are doing at the summit instead of complaining about it why don’t you and your friends put together your own summit. Duncan and Miranda can show up and you have your own platform to speak your truth or bad mouth those who have hurt you or whatever.  And we are not in this for the money. Lorien is losing her shirt on this summit and I personally am spending $1500 out of my pocket to help her out. All of us are going into debt to make this happen.

I haven’t seen the interview with Randy Manugus yet but I can tell you my neo meditation cube has helped me enormously getting control over my child alters and reducing me from becoming triggered. If you like one I can give you a deep discount.


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