Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Message to JC

You know I can’t help thinking
That one day soon
We will all wake up
We will all be on the moon

Soaring above the heavens
Looking back on what has been
Seeing things we’ve never really seen
Thinking how it all could have been


  1. Formerwhitehat is Michael Hemmingson. Did you know about this James? He keeps deleting my comments, he doesn’t even bother to deny it because he can’t. All it would take to prove his so called ‘Idylwild group’ is for Aaron McCollum to post a recent picture. Lies and lies Mr. Rink, and I am upset as you can understand. This monster has been taking advantage of the gullible and the hopeful and at the same time slandering everyone else.

  2. I did not know his name no sorry. But that’s good info to know how did you find out? Is there a team of people behind FWH? I’ve looked into this and apparently its a man and woman working together. I felt the Idylwild group was a huge scam for quite sometime. I’ve meet Aaarom M and he is not the type of person to join in such a endevaour hell i couldn’t even get him to talk to me over the phone. If he is unwilling to even reach out to help me how the hell is he going to be involved with a group to usher in a truth movement. Sadly there isn’t much i can do about his actions but use my own discernment and allow the universe to reap its own karma.

  3. Thank you James, I knew you wouldn’t be in on it.

    I think it’s because my comments have been reasonable and not emotional that he has not been able to dismiss it nor has he been able to ridicule it. That and he can’t have his readership find out about the truth, not so close til his ‘book’ is published.

    Anyways, short version ‘Valerie’ and ‘Louis’ are two of his aliases, they are the same person. ‘Valerie’ was approached by a book publisher who was into conspiracies and the like so he abandoned that persona and started a new one on March. The end game was that when his persona ‘formerwhitehat’ leaves Earth for good, he publishes a book and everyone of his readership buys it and he makes a lot of money off of it.

    There is a man he keeps on insisting that ‘eats shit’ and rolls around in it. I never understood why and who that person was. Turns out ‘Rakmeister’ is the hacker that outed his real identity.

    The problem is, the ‘hacker’ is not very good with the ‘Presentation’ of his data. As you can see in the link I will provide, his data is a mess.

    The main thing to take away from here is that ‘fwh’ doesn’t even bother to deny nor respond to the allegations that he is Michael Hemmingson. All he does is make sure the name Rakmeister is associated with filth in hopes that his readership won’t even bother reading the material. Try posting on his blog, he won’t even let it come through not when he’s so close to his end game.

    The real Rakmeister data (not the one he just put up on his blog btw)



    Please have a look and let me know.

  4. ima famous. PS justin also involved, with BS hats. and wheisenberg, i can only assume. justin i know for sure, when NNitehawk station owner(Freedomslips.com) choose to keep BShat on station. after being kicked of a show, as co-h0st, and another show disbanded(and all hosts wanted him gone). more nice pics here on my FB https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.121322134729047.1073741843.100005537822975&type=3 #FormerWhiteHat -BS- #RR 81 photos

    more controversial stuff. ha Chatlog Ra-> Tones #skype Sept to last.. http://pastebin.com/nZLTm9xx #Formerwhitehat #Department_Of_Bulshit #DECEPTION #LIES #1SiDED #JUSTIN #WH

    ^says enough

    Idylwild Group ha jeah a 2man team. justin other nick… masterswordsmith.
    and if you can code/sites you get Dave Corso over also… (justin/Wheisenberg) free gift. re-do the site… but than again, WSR is hosted by RR. 50$. and dave choose to support that bs. his choice. reflects well how he also plays duncan, which is sad.

    and mr Tman (whiteknights my ass)= richard miller,… kerry and lorien, went to his nice bootcamp…. haha,

    and im banned ha, ofc i can join chat. but wont bother,. havent for all 2013, except D’s show. but she quit also. just like A did. so no reason there no moar. and nothing worthy neither to listen to

    i been on that station & chat +-2 years, before Crappingson arrived… ha

    was fun on radioshow, kerry told michael not to respond to a caller-callin, re being him/fwh,. and ( event hats not his real name, nor last name, thats stolen also)

    now the real fun is, on Andrew;s show, Craphat called in, and got a long readin, and guess what Craphas is himself a green lizzie. now isnt that fun haha

    and R.i.p Khristian -feb-2013
    he was taken out.. he was working on a new site, and also data i passed onto him., exposing more folks around it, and deeper into them dark ones..

    signed Rakmeister

    the one and only 🙂


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