Tuesday, July 23, 2024

MIB Old School Style

I came across this video by accident and upon further investigation found that this is a Surveillance Vehicle for Tracking a “BUG” transmitter placed on another vehicle…It allows you to track the vehicle from a distance in which the target is unaware of being tailed….The O-scope seems to indicate that the tracking bug also allows for listening or voice recognition before computer software was invented…it’s an old style M.I.B. vehicle minus the stealth black paint job & darkened out windows….seems there are other “special equipment” such as experimental microwave devices is missing or removed….FBI Special Affairs Division POS, in a plain brown wrapper…have to take it apart to really find out it’s capabilities…

I would suggest NOT pushing the red buttons, looking for “slicks” (weapons hide) inside & outside of the vehicle…look for places to hide automated weapons systems…trace down the wires & make a schematic of where the wires lead will tell you what they do, and if you find empty spaces where the wires are not connected take pictures & post on this site…it will give us more intel on what this was used for…

It probably got lost in the shuffle of govt red tape…Maybe it was used to track a vehicle with a Nuclear payload or waste, but then again, it looks like something a spook would use to track & irradiate a target…thus the O-Scope & Pilot triggering type steering buttons…definitely set up for weapons usage, like micro-giga-terra wave VENUS-TYPE ECCM particle beam maybe…It has to have slicks or hidden weapons compartments. Would love to take it apart to see if they forgot to remove the weaponry…if they leave a $1,000.00 O-Scope and a tracking screen, what else have they forgotten about…lol

The vehicle is set up for fast or pursuit driving or evade & escape….if it has weapons, they could be reverse-engineered by folks that I know who are highly interested…love to get my hands on it..

This car probably leads back to…..



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