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Michael Jackson Became a Hero

Michael Jackson Became a Hero

[Editor’s Note: ZS Livingstone has often revealed amazing and unexpected revelations at this web site. This article is no exception. I frequently contemplate my good fortune in having ZS contact me in 2002 (even though it took me a few months to fully wake up to his remarkable abilities). I first became aware of the MK Ultra traumatization and abuse which Michael Jackson (and his siblings) had suffered as youngsters at the hands of their father, Joe Jackson, after reading Brice Taylor’s book, Thanks for the Memories, in 1999. We need to recognize that most big names in entertainment, are victimized from behind the scenes by hidden hands and the personality we see and hear about in the media, is not necessarily the true personality of the soul who is the rightful owner of the body. ..Ken Adachi]

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
February 2, 2013

Michael Jackson Became a Hero by ZS Livingstone (Feb. 4, 2013)

On February 19, 2003, I wrote an article regarding Michael Jackson’s severe facial remoulding explaining that one of the MK Ultra alter personalities in him was a demon, more than likely a fourth dimensional reptilian. By the time he died in 2009, Jackson’s face had been surgically altered to match an alien entity.


This short item was a replacement for a longer piece which had been erased from the educate-yourself.org’s website and my home computer. The first article I believe was removed by a hacker working for Jackson’s record label.

Michael Jackson died June 25, 2009 from the injection of two prescription drugs. Dr. Conrad Murray has been convicted of murder by prescribing them and waiting too long to call paramedics.

In meditation between Christmas and New Year 2013, I felt Michael Jackson communicating with my High Self in the fifth dimension. I had not thought about Jackson in a long time. I was not seeking to communicate with him. He wanted to reveal his trials and tribulations.

I saw a ten year old Michael being asked by his father Joe, “Would like to sing like you do for the rest of your life?”

Michael answered, “Yes.” Joe took him by the hand out the door to a doctor’s appointment. Michael was castrated and silicone sacs replaced his testes. Michael’s mother and the rest of the family knew nothing about this. She was devastated when she found out.

Michael was a castrato. This type of enslavement goes back to ancient times.


Michael kept his boyish physique and voice.

The 1983 song “Billie Jean” has a different meaning when it is understood that Michael could never have children. The lyrics show anger and bitterness.

Neverland Valley Ranch was Michael trying to be with those he felt the most connection. As he had very low libido, he had no desire for sexual involvement with the children. He just wanted to play the way a ten year old would play with friends. With his wealth, he was able to create his own healing fantasy land.

In marrying Lisa Marie Presley, he shared his secret. Even after their divorce, they were friends. He would phone her…she understood.

Debbie Rowe knew his secret too. She was his nurse and mother of Prince and Paris. The sperm did not come from Michael.


Michael did all the legal work to claim the children as his. Michael was fighting his enslavement. Only Shakespeare could handle the writing of this tragedy.

Now the part that is darker yet….eunuch demonology.

Eunuchs were useful to the Babylonians, Egyptians and virtually all the ancient kings. Eunuchs were useful to black magicians too. The darkest demons cannot be channelled through women or men. The parasitic entities consume them. They become mad and die. Eunuchs survive this type of possession.

Michael Jackson was groomed from childhood through torture to become a multiple personality. MK Ultra tortured millions of children. Because of his intelligence, voice and inner strength, the black magicians chose Michael to become an eunuch for their purposes.

In the dark rituals, Satan appears as a luminous presence overshadowing someone. Often that person dies. The bright white light is an astral parlour trick where the demon parasitically draws energy off its victim and the participants in the ritual. Children are often the victims. Michael, as an eunuch, had survived.

Throughout the Twentieth Century covens around the world attempted to give birth to Satan and overcome the problems associated with the demon’s appearances. Ira Levin’s 1958 novel “Rosemary’s Baby” is about this subject. Many women were ritually impregnated, but the demon’s energies were anti-life and all the foetuses spontaneously aborted. The whole endeavour was a fool’s errand.

Michael became a star attraction at black rituals worldwide. His music reflected the dark rituals. He hated his enslavement. He resisted the demon “alter” as it left him drained and fearful. He discovered that some combinations of prescription drugs prevented the demon from entering his body. For years, he fought that demon by self-administering certain drugs, knocking the body unconscious.

The top “alter” was Michael’s singer/musician self. The demon needed him. It was like the devil capturing and using an angel. The demon had designs to take over Michael’s body permanently, but could not quite manage to do so because it had little in the way of soul energy. It was a parasite who had turned its face away from God. It would have to barter a deal for physical dominance with a captive who held living energies.

Michael was about to go on his “This Is It” tour in June 2009.


The demon wanted to come out on tour too. Michael fought the demon with two drugs in combination. The demon fought back. Michael counter-punched. The demon removed Michael’s soul from his body. The demon had over extended itself. Michael was dead. The life cord to the spark within the dark soul of the demon snapped. The demon’s soul expression or personification collapsed to dust and the spark of life returned to God.

Satan died June 25, 2009.

It is pointless for the ritual attendees to conjure Satan. Satan is gone and soon all of the lower astral will be rolled up like a scroll and dissolved.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone




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