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Michael Need Data – Michael Prince – Updated November 13, 2013


Please Note: H , Michael’s X-wife has reported to me none of the allegations Michael Prince is claiming about her and her son are true. Additionally she would like to request that he would stop messing with her head this especially in light after Michael Prince’s was caught sending inappropriate nude photos of  her all over the internet including to me after their breakup.  All of these reports are very troubling and I really wish they where untrue as I have known Michael for many years and don’t want to see him going off the edge like this. Perhaps Michael would like to explain these recent allegations so that all of his friend can move on with the enormous task of bringing disclosure to the truth movement .  – James Rink

I cant either confirm or deny any of the following but thought I would post it for the individuals who requested reading this…..

MY SISTER, HEAR me. Warriors of the Marin Xenohold, hear me. The violence that has occurred is against the code of the Brotherhood. In the name of the Five Hundred Worlds of Aldebaran, I implore you to stand down. Open communication with me. Let us speak. Let us settle this. This action is a an error of the most tragic kind. I, Michael Prince, give you my solemn pledge that we will deal with other frankly and fairly if these hostilities can be suspended. I urge you to respond.

Vlka Fenryka
Skira Vordrotta

The violence that has occurred is against the code of the brotherhood. The Ghaslakh Treaty stated we were to be left alone to breed with our females and build an empire that would eventually extend off-planet to the Alternative-5 Colonies. My rival was unsuccessful in his breeding endeavours , his offspring dieing in-vitro. No malice is contained in these words. My word has always been truth. My rival then attempted to hijack my breeding breeding vessel. The violence that has occurred is against the code of the brotherhood.

Did I die during the shooting? Was I transported to the underworld where I cut a deal for my soul with the Daemon General Zagrief to see my wife again? Am I now a Ranked Officer in hell? I remember sitting in the car when the shots rang out. My next clear memory is riding through the New Mexico desert on the bus. What really happened underground during that time?
Message on repeat
Cycle transmissions
Fort Meade

Two days ago the heads of MI5 and MI6 were brought in for questioning by a commitee, aired on public television. During the classified commitee hearing that followed the heads were questioned regarding the current situation between my wife and I. The commitee was informed Haley and Dresden were effectively being held hostage by a cult in California with corrupt Police officers, Lawyers and psychologists involved in a San Francisco pedophile ring assisting. The commitee was informed Haley had no control over the situation as she was under heavy mind control of possibly being constantly drugged. I have proof of my contact with MI6 and eye witnesses in St Ives.

The US intelligence community has already been pulled in front of Congress to answer questions about our IBIS program-

“My understanding is that IBIS is being reactivated. All signs point to the fact that operations have increased ) not decreased as reported to Congress and DoD officials). New contracts for transportation have been signed and activated as of September, 2010. This takes care of CIA/NSA flights for the next 3 years. There have also been two new programs (names unknown at this time) activated by the CIA, DoD, and DoE regarding mind control and seeding agents within terrorist groups, banking organizations, and foreign military. I will keep you posted if I find out more as I am just now monitoring this situation and finding out the details. Apparently things have been calm for a while, but they look to be firing up again in the past few months and it is increasingly more involved.


Yes, this means they will be looking at old files, experiments, agents, incidents, etc in order to understand future action of the program. In other words, back to business and business is good. Just hold on tight because it is going to get crazy”

Why after receiving constant phone calls from the recruiting department of MI5 , along with an MI6 head of department calling my mother before I left for the states, does MI6 refuse to recall me back to London HQ? See email following from MI6. Why I am currently having massive funds spent to employ a four-man British Intelligence team to follow me EVERYWHERE I go? ( for which I have undeniable proof ). Why did I have MI5 Officer Anne Machon speaking to me over the telephone when I first went public, trying to seduce me while effectively working as a prostitute  to entrap me up to London for have dinner with her?

Anne Machon just happened to appear on Channel four news two nights ago backing up statements made by the heads of MI5 and MI6.

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dear James, REF: 1511596 Thank you for your application to the organisation. We have read your application with interest and have given it careful consideration. However, we are sorry to have to inform you that we are unable to proceed further with your application. Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with feedback as it is our policy not to give reasons for our recruitment decisions. Should you be interested in applying in the future, please be aware that we do not consider any subsequent applications within two years. May we take this opportunity to thank you for the interest you have shown in our organisation by making your application and to wish you every success for the future. Yours sincerely Recruitment Team—————————A security team follows me EVERYWHERE now. I simply went into a shop the other day to enquire about air rifle prices and the moment I left a special forces type walked in and said to the shopkeeper “Is my mate trying to buy a gun?”. The shopkeeper told me about it afterwards. Michael
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2013 19:40:14 +0000
From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Vauxhall Cross Ghaslakh Xenohold
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Michael need Data.

War Report Mark 111.05.12
The Captain’s Transhuman friend says that the threat is not theoretical. He calls it a ‘likely excursion of the Vauxhall Bridge Ghaslakh Xenohold’, which is a shit-stupid way of describing it. Bastard Alfred Bonner. Bastard Greenskins. Bastards bastards, gathering at the sector edge, working up the courage to come and ransack Calth. Not frigging theoretical at all.

That’s why you take the whole bastard XIII and the whole bastard XVII and all the army units you can scare up, and you throw them at the Ghaslakh-bastard-xeno-bastard-hold, thank you very much. You drive a bastard system-killing compliance force through their precious Xenohold, and put them down dead before they put you down, and you kill their barbarian empire at the same time. Just kill it. Dead, gone, bye-bye, clap the dust off your hands, no more threat, theoretical or bastard otherwise.
You take a compliance force the scale of which hasn’t been seen since the early days of the great crusade, two full legions of the Brotherhood of Saturn’s finest, and you pile-drive it through the septic green heart and rancid green brain and green frigging spinal cord of the Ghaslakh Xenohold, and you end Director Alfred bastard bonner.

November 11, 2013

The Tick threatens to shoot people attempting to extricate H. from the cult. Violence is oftentimes acceptable but dont be hugging trees and talking about love and peace while preparing to murder people. Corrupt police officers in the area have given her permission to shoot me if I so attempt. I have the texts. H. why do you talk about love and peace to strangers but have attempted to inflict maximum pain and cruelty on your closest family and children involved? Why do you post pictures of the baby with Mickey Aquino Mouse ears when you know what that means? Is the baby not being inducted into the cult? How can you say you wish the father of your child would die? You want to further harm him? Are you drugged or insane? Only thing is where I am is safe. Where you are is unbelieveably dangerous. Off all the places why would you choose to move the baby next to the Presidio army base and underground tunnel network? We could have moved anywhere in the country. Can’t you see what is going on here? Are you completely blind? Wake up and come back to reality.

November 13, 2013

After arriving home from sending yesterdays messages my doorbell rang. I was greeted by a middle aged man and woman. The man was wearing unsual purple tinted sunglasses with some kind of UV lense. He held out a purple leaflet, upon me seeing it I stepped back and went to say I am not interested in door to door salesmen. While I was focused on his left hand with the purple leaflet, the man did something with his right hand, engaging my concious brain with his left hand and activating my subconcious with his right hand. I felt compelled to stay and listen to him. He said “Can the dead really live again? Yes? No? or maybe?. You fall into one of these catogories”. 

I glanced down at the leaflet and this is what it said in text on the front. There was a picture of a man and woman with their arms around each other looking at a mounted picture on the wall in front them of them. The picture showed a little girl that bore a striking resemblance to my daughter. The man then says “Xerox aborted and ate his last fetus. Not everyone can have eternal life”. I looked into his eyes behind the UV lenses and they transformed into the reptilian slits. He handed me the leaflet and the two of them walked away leaving me dumbfounded and unable to follow them. 
I walked into the living room and opened the leaflet. It said “Jeovah hates death; he views it as an enemy. He has “A yearning” to conquer death by means of the resurrection. He longs to bring back those who are in his memory and to see them live one earth again.
Send this to Xerox-
You may consider the following. 
One: I entirely withdraw my previous offer of solemn truce. It is cancelled, and will not be made again, to you or to any other of your motherless bastards.
Two: You are no longer any brother of mine. I will find you, I will kill you, and I will hurl your toxic corpse into hell’s mouth. 

 Commander Michael Prince

Response from Michael A. Aquino

 I’m not sure why you sent this to me, but I feel obliged to point out that:

 (a) My name is not “Mickey”, nor am I a mouse.

 (b) No child was ever abused in the 1986-7 Presidio “child abuse” $74 million fake claims scam:

 (c) My wife and I have never abused anyone either, but were simply victimized in that same scam by an Army chaplain looking for an easy $3 million:

(d) The Temple of Set , founded 1975, has never admitted minors or permitted them at any activities [simply because we do not believe in the religious indoctrination of them].

(e) There is no tunnel network under the Presidio. There are a few old pre-WW2 artillery platforms out by the ocean with ammunition bunkers, but these aren’t connected by any tunnel system as far as I know, and all of them are locked up for public safety anyway.

That said, please remove me from your unsolicited distribution list.

Crankmail responses from anyone to this will be discarded.


Michael A. Aquino

Response from C……

The Heads of mi5 & mi6 were called to a conference, it was about  James Casbolt aka Michael Prince? it seems somewhere along the line James is having to cover his tracks to appease his masters, the same way David Icke did when he discredited his life and work because of information and pictures the intelligence services hold over him, so what is all behind this ? the conference was held at the M.O.D offices in Whitehall, which had senior representatives from several areas, I could not get any more information but I do find this quite very interesting that there is some sort of disinformation operation going on. – C


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