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Milab Abduction Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Regression with S.

This regression took place Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The previous morning I woke up with needle marks in my lip and cut marks on my arm. So curious I asked my friend if she could pick up anything psychically on what happened as I didn’t remember a thing.

She saw me sleeping on a white couch with a woman with a black ponytail and clipboard injecting me and man near her monitoring the situation and a alien nearby. But she couldn’t see what was on the clipboard to well so we looked into this under hypnotic regression.

She begins by seeing me sleeping in the living room; this was true I slept in the couch in my living room because I was having trouble sleeping that previous night.

living room

These people apparently teleported into my home and shines a white flashing light into my eyes, it puts me into a trance, i don’t hear and see what is going on, i stay in a dreamlike state. I was like a robot.

The woman working on me is a handler of some sorts, she doesn’t mean me any harm just doing her job. She is living a double life and doesn’t realize it. Her job was to monitor milabs. Her civilian name is Jeanine Loraine Waters, she a attorney and she has two kids and lives in my state near me. She was wearing a necklace with a pendant which had a upside down triangle with a cross in the middle. She was very young looking early 30’s.

On her clipboard was my name in black bold letters, next to it was my date of birth, but it was blocked, perhaps my birthdate is not my birthdate. Maybe this means i was inserted into this family and have been deaged? There was a drawing of my body that arrows pointing to all sorts of locations, in this image the arrows pointing to my left arm was shown next to the name of the drug they were giving me. It was called telemeidiate (spelling?) and it looks like a liquid green goo and requires a drs prescription. Not sure if it was classified.

Basically they been giving me injections to mutate my DNA but the injections are not taking hold and making me sick. For the past couple months I have been suffering with flu like symptoms which were especially problematic in the past month. So they were giving me this drug to help correct the imbalance. She also took a sample of my DNA from my lip.

Injected me with drug “telemeidiate” sp?

dna sample extracted from lip to make a clone.

At the bottom of the paper was the numbers 40231, Not sure what this code stood for though, something about me perhaps.

There was also a man standing next to this lady, but he seemed to be very negative and was under some disguise. His name is General Patrick Gillian. When she looked closer this man had slits for eyes and seemed to be controlled by a hidden dark behind who showed up when we started poking around. This creature looked very reptilian and was malevolent.

We were then teleported to a underground facility. She couldn’t get a name of the facility but it seemed to be operated by another based known as delmonte square. In this facility she saw were they took the DNA sample. It was a large room that was very cold; it contained 500 tubes in it. Each tube contained a frozen body the compressor was nearby and read -30 below. The tubes were covered up mostly but there was a small window and when she looked in she saw clones of me about 8 to 10 bodies which looked like me after that she freaked out and didn’t want to look at any more tubes. She couldn’t tell how many clones they had of me in there but it’s possible every tube had a clone of me. Each tube was labeled with the words ML and continued a series of numbers like 402, like “ML 402”

The next image she saw is where I was taken. For three hours I spent on a table, I was naked but covered up with a white sheet. Not sure what they were doing to me but at that point she got fatigued and decided she seen enough.

Note:  Another milab victim recognizes the name of Jeanine. She is a lawyer and lives in New York. She is middle aged and wears glasses alot, she likes to wear business suits, and always seems to have a clipboard when she visits other milabs. She is the head of the monarch program and refers to us as pets. She lives a human civlian life but can shapeshift into a queen drac especailly when angry, and while in that state she is a extremly wicked person. She seems to be really upset at us milabs, we are getting our memories back and destroying them. The reason they made us was to save them form another race and now they are loosing control over us.

This picture was recreated by another milab victim of what Jeanine the Draco Queen might look like in her civilian life.


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