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Milab Abduction

Milab Abduction

Image courtesy Of Azrielarn Lithanos


  1. Hi James look they have soul matrix chair now. It is simular to a trip chair also they have a soul gun as well now. This is very important as they have found a way it look to destroy the soul it seem. The chair is made of what looks to be cubed cristalian very clear and see through. It is the same for the guns. I know i have one pointed at me. To which i just rolled up my eyes and said well do it if you are goingt to.
    The guns are made of the same thing. Now i have worked with mother ship cristyals finding flaws with in them which there were and they had to replce the whole lot on the new grey mother ships this is not the same type cristyal it looks more blockie. They have got to be careful in showing me this sort of thing unlees it come from the same grey tryps of military. Becaurse if i get hold of those cristyal weapons and chairs and know the compositon of what makes up these items it will be trouble for them. Any how it all co inside with the selling of souls so they have found away to destroy or damage a soul wich is very interesting.

  2. if they can ”buy ” and ”sell” souls than thats going against everything (on this timeline) having a soul is about… if that is possible i find that hard to believe it to be possible in this reality, on this present timeline…. 🙂

  3. so i Have looked at the trip chair etc….i think this is extremely worrying info, however please tell me if this is possible than what stops them using it like, all the time ? Thjere has to be a reason why we cant have our souls ripped from us at random~ and i’d like to put down to the inner god mind / force within the cosmos, however what do i know, i am but one small insignifigant human , who does alot of research into life, and goes alot from gut reactions, for so far they have served me well ~ however i am always open to new ideas ~ even if i don’t like the sound of them ~ at all ( like most things happening on this planet then lol ) ..


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