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Milab and Alien Abductee Victim Sandra

Hi James I started to work on the regression you did with me again. My memories are still being put together and I’m sure that will be going on for a long time. But thankfully I am remembering more now due to the meditation with my neo cube.

I grew up on Alaska and have been abducted from a young age. From the age of 8 or older. I woke up in the middle of the night and I was paralyzed and I could hear someone trying to walk quietly in the house. Whoever it is at my bed is telling me to open my eyes and look into their eyes. I would not do it because even as a kid I did not feel it was right for it to paralyze me like that and tell me to look into its eyes. I told it with my mind that I will never open my eyes and look into there’s as long as I live. When I asked The Lord, who was in my bedroom and closed the window and who was using me for breeding? He took a long time to answer me. Eventually he said they were from another dimension and would not say anything more to me about it.

I never knew if it was an alien or a human that was doing this to me. Until I met James on the phone and we talked about doing a regression, because I told him I was used for breeding by aliens. In the regression I went to my home and to my bedroom and I saw who was paralyzing me. I saw the big black eyes. It was a grey.

The greys have used fear tactics on me my entire life. I never had the courage to talk about this stuff until I watched James’s Super Soldier video, because something inside me knew he was telling the truth. I also did one of his meditations with him and my thumbs got healed. That might sound silly, but I do a lot of knitting and my thumbs get very sore and now they are healed.

Before I came across James’ videos, I made a commitment to The Lord that I would go back to meditating. Because in the past I meditated everyday and I would become physic. And I believe because of the fear tactics of the greys I did not want to be physic. I would have a melt down and stop meditating. But this year, 2013, I told The Lord I will not let fear stop me anymore. Once I did that, everything seemed to open up.

In the 1970 I was married and had 2 daughters. I was also being abducted and used for breeding. I would be taken some place in a building. And a baby boy wrapped in a blanked was put in my arms. They said it was my son. There was a lot of other people in that room holding babies to. There was a man sitting by me and he was the baby’s father. I just did not want this to be happening to me because in my mind I knew I was married and had 2 little daughters. This happened more than once and there did not seem to be anything I could do about it.

In the 1980’s, when I was still married. I was being used to meet with men I did not know. I know it would be in the night. They knew my name. And that man would be hugging me and kissing me. At the time all I could think at the time this was happening to me, was why is this happening to me? I have a husband and a family. But I could not do anything about it.

Another time I was sitting in a room and they knew my name. They were three men in black suits. They were saying, what shall we do with you? They were discussing among themselves how they were going to use me. There was not anything I could do for myself.

In 1988-1989, I had been divorced for a few years and my daughters are living with me and at this point they are teenagers. It was a Friday night and they are out with their friends. I went to bed and I am sleeping with the bedroom window open. The window is above my bed and it is a high window. The wind starts blowing very hard and wakes me up’ so I get on my knees to try to close it and I am not awake all the way and struggling with the window. My room is dark and a tall person walks into my room and helps me close the window. I say thank you and crawl back under the cover and go back to sleep. My oldest daughter is tall, 5′ 11″. The next day I thank her for closing my bedroom window last night because of the wind. She said she did not close my window, she was not home.

Then I started to feel morning sickness, and my clothes are tight, but I don’t think I’m over eating and I should not be putting on weight. About a month and a half later I wake up and my bed is cold like I might have peed in it. I jump out of bed and run to the bathroom and my night gown is dry. I have this clear jell stuff between my legs and I’m freaked out. I’m to afraid to talk about it with anyone. Because of this in 1992 I moved from Colorado to Alaska with the help of my parents. After 6 months in Alaska the Lord told me to move back to Colorado where I continue to live today.

While in Alaska and after my daughters were adults, I was put with a man that protected me for 6 and a half years. I had an alter and was being used by the military as a spy. I did not know he was protecting me from being abducted and used at the time, but he knew what he was protecting me. When James did the regression, I was shown this man was put in my life to protect me.

The protection broke down in 1996-1997 because he started to go on jobs that would take him away several weeks at a time and the abductions started all over again by the military. All the while my alter is doing recon I was on a military base and my alter was glad to be there out of the cold. And I believe I was punished for being hidden away for 6 and a half years.

In 2000 after working on a government contract for about 4 years I moved back to Colorado, staying with my oldest daughter. It was October and she lived out in the country and wanted to go to a nearby city and order some takeout food. She took the highway there and on the way back she took the highway part of the way than exited onto a country road, a long country road with no traffic on it. She had a sporty car and the front windows lean. I put my head forward and look up out of the window and I see a boomerang shaped craft with 5 lights that look as big as garbage can lids. The craft is huge. I never told my daughter, and I was very upset and afraid. In my mind I told it to go away and I never looked at it again.

I move back to Alaska and move back to Colorado in November of 2001. I just could not stand the cold in Alaska anymore. As I was packing my brother said to me, are you going to disappear for six months again? You are like a sun spot. You just disappear! I could not say anything to him. He made me wonder about me disappearing.

In Colorado I got a job at the airport servicing private aircraft. A lot of ex military work there to. I work the night shift and one of the guys calls me on the radio and asked me to bring a van out as the King of Jordan had parked his airbus on the runway. There is no van by the building and the airbus is a way from the building so I use the gulf cart an old one that seats 6 people and it is all metal and was modified to use on the ramp by removing all the safety features.

When I get out to the King of Jordan’s airbus, there are police cars and security van near the plane and the pilots are in the cockpit of the plane. I drive the gulf cart in a path behind the other vehicles. Before I could shut the cart off, someone comes up behind me and I hear a loud whistle. Like someone put their fingers in their mouth. It was loud and I snapped my head around to see if I was in the way of traffic, when I did that the gulf cart started moving violently and that guy that I work with was shape shifting. His eyes were yellow with slits and a big ugly mouth grinning at me. I yelled no! When I saw him shape shifting. I could not hang onto the steering wheel and I could not see the ramp. The cart threw me and I landed on the left side of my head. I was told later that the gulf cart ran over my head and chest. My skull was cracked in 5 places. I had to have surgery to have a blood clot removed from my brain. I was a mess for a long time.

When I started to recover in the hospital The Lord sent a lot of different people at different times to tell me not to be afraid. The people did not know what I was afraid of. I was afraid of the shape shifter and I could not tell anyone.

Also one time in Alaska I went to an Evangelist meeting. And he was casting demons out of people. And when he looked at me, my alter came out just long enough to glare at him. And he backed off because he knew it was not a demon and he could not cast it out which is why I want people to know the church can’t even help integrate us..

With the help of the Neo cube I am starting to get more memories back…

I wanted to know if the flashes of memories of the marine speed boat I kept getting was my imagination or something that really happened. So I went to the 5th dimension. At this point my heart started pounding very hard. And my spirit guide put his hands on my knees and told me to take a deep breath and relax and told me nothing bad was going to happen to me. Once my heart rate went back to normal, I asked someone if the speed boat was my imagination. I was told it was not and that I did recon. I said, I don’t know military language. And I was told to look the word up. The recon had to do with the Falkland Islands. And I said, but the speed boat thing happened in around 1997. I was told that it was related to the 1980’s.

In the late 1990 my protection was breaking down. Because the guy protecting me went out of town to work on the North Slope. For 8 weeks at a time. And they found me and started the abductions again.

I don’t know for sure if I am living a double life as a spy but with what you have put out there, it gave me the courage to try to find out what happened to me. Because the greys used fear tactics on me my entire life. And still do. To try to keep me shut up.

I did ask my cube on what I’m programmed not to see. What is it they are blocking from me. Every time I asked I would get pain on my right ear drum. The pain increased every time I asked. I did see myself running from the greys and running very fast and leaving them behind me. I also saw in the 1990’s when I was with the guy protecting me, they could not bother me. This guy had another entity in him. I saw it once and it looked like some kind of alien and not a grey.

Well that’s my story for now. Thank you James



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