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Dear James

Like the subject says been following you for a short while now. there has been some things in my life that don’t add up and i figure ill write and tell you a little about them. one thing is my memory its self is horrible directions and road-sign i can even remember most places i go this has been since i was very young. but my i guess you can say ability to adapt to climate changes seems to be heightened a bit. and a bit faster then most on healing of small wounds. also reflexes seen to be heightened. I’ve caught things i just drop cig,keys pen/pencil, and so on  in mid air with out thinking, but this is the big one for me and kinda hesitant to speak about I’ve actually had dream/daydream that i i dreamed and came true some times soon but mostly months after I’ve dreamed them but not many i mean seems like i have a very realistic dream i try to remember it but not always successful at that.

Also my father was in the army when i was 4 or 5 and then retired and then needed money so went to work at a 7/11 and was murdered one day i was about 6 at that time. now for a very long time after i got older something didn’t sit right with me on this. not real long ago my mom kinda told me a few more details about not long before he retired he would deliver some thing to places all with handcuffs and briefcase chain to his wrist. so i wonder if that may not be the thing that led to his death also he was retired a little while before that awful day and the i guess mp or whatever came to the door dressed up in their best and gave my mom the news. but shortly after that some army officers came to the house and went all through his drawers of the desk he always used very thoroughly i find that a little strange. anyway no mi-labs marks i can say but i have some freckle patterns. quite a few really generally in a triangle pattern. guess ill cut this off now getting late but if any of this catches your interest feel free to email back

Dear A.

Their is definitely something going on with you as your moles might be maps of nearby star systems such as Orion, Lupus, Lyra, ect. 

 Your dad was probably Intel and the story of his demise is quite common im afraid ..Bad memory is questionable.. need more specifics..sounds to me he’s one of us..

Your father was in to something with the military, The key to finding out and isolating the facts is where exactly did the father live and go daily or travel to. From their we can see what known projects were their or current projects. Any one carrying a briefcase handcuffed is either a private operator or their under a grade of Top-Secret classification. Their are guidelines and rules for transportation of data & materials classified top secret. Understanding these procedures will help deciphering what (type?) of OPS-or projects that may be relevant to present data.

Working at a 7/11 and was broke & later on murdered is perfect example of someone leaving the reservation or being dropped by a faction and or project. And the MP’s showing up and ransacking the house, Obviously someone of sweeping up the mess. I believe in the  interview with Dan he talked about cleaners.


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