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Milab Help Network

The milab help network is a group of people who we believe are qualified to assist the recovery of repressed milab memories. If you perform milab hypnotic regressions , clairvoyant readings, etc for milabs and would like to considered on this list please send us a message on the contact us page.

Most of the people in this list charge money so please be respectful of their time when contacting them.

Elena Kapulink – Does private remote viewing soul retrieval sessions which can be 3 to 4 hours long and may include drawings of your experiences. She typically charges $200 for this service. She also does hypnosis regression and memory retrieval through psychic readings. For more details please send her a email at

David Lotherington – David can channel, look into your akashic records, also do psychic surgery. Comes highly recommended . Learn more at his website.

Sean Bond – Can help assist with trauma blocks and recovering memories.

Melinda Leslise – Hypnosis Regressions

Salini offers healing to you to assist in your awakening.

Meisha Johnston – Hypnosis and Free Starseed Zoom Internet Support Group

Jessica Marrocco – Psychic Readings

Eve Lorgen – Hypnosis Regressions

Adrian Espinoza – Psychic Readings and Hypnosis using Germetia and Skynet Software. (Beware , have received some reports of failure to deliver service. Only pay him through paypal goods so you can recover your money if he does not preform.)

Please note James Rink is super busy and is unable to perform any regressions at this time.