Wednesday, May 29, 2024

MILAB Ka-Bar Styled Blunt Weapons


Special Thanks to Super Solider Felton and the reptilian Zorloc for providing information for this drawing of a MILAB  KA-BAR blunt knife. The person who cares this knife probable is wearing a skin tight black muscle shirt, black combat pants and black combat boots. The blade is gold color and emanates some sort of energy.  The letters are probably reptilian; I believe the circle means fire. If anyone can read it please post your input in the comments section.

According to the user of this blade…. “I say that the symbols are used to activate it, my name and rank, and group. No triggers per-say. He used the term “Blitzkrieg” and that was a big sign for me. Zorloc gave him some info that only I would know. Tank weapons, and I had been holding certain things back that came up also. The SS uniforms were worn by the Panzer crew (Panzers are a tank) are black, unless they were in S Afrika corps) then they are tan.”


  1. I’ve seen these before. Arcangels use them too. But its mutch more erganomic and elegent then this style of blade. Hell I can even make one if I can get the right meterials. I know the two simi-active meterials in it are gold and nickel though. Conducts chakra quite easially. The 3rd active element is quite rare and hard to get unless you can find a way to make it your self. I’m not a meterigist but i know it dose occure natrually here on earth. But I know its derived from iron in some way. They use a technic called “flakeing and hardening” to get a desired effect on the blade before the insription is put on. Its basicly ment to keep the gold on it so it dosen’t fall off really.

    Had to make one my self, not going to say were though because I’ve already pissed off enough beings with blades like this already.

    The inscriptions differ though from being to being and faction to faction. So I wouldn’t put your hopes up of makeing one your self anytime soon without proper study. Ruffly from what I can gather the bigger inscription reads “all dead” or “dead all” and I do mean ruffly. Its reptilain if I’m not mistaken. But the race or diolect its from is unfimilure to me.

    Another thing I can think of. Chakra armour can be made with this sort of technic. But again, dependin on what metals that are used it could just as well be weighting you down more then its protecting you. Even a piece of “tin foil” thickness metal might be able to protect you if you treated it with the proper technics and machineing.

    I hope all of you use this information wisely. Fight on, don’t let the Kabel win. Sooner or later they will have to surrender at one point.


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