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There is a technology that is used as a window and door way. And can be any door with the home. Also a door can act a TV monitor at a control room as well as a walk through. It is grey technologies. That is how they are coming through. Also some are being dropped via ship. Take note of the ceiling now and then as see if the is a flash of light now and then. If so it means someone has just dropped down James.

There is no way to stop the portals. They would have to be killed on the other side in order to stop them from coming in and the complex that they are in would have to be destroyed. As for the ships they would have to be taken over and triangle-late back to the origin base or mother ship and they would have to be destroyed. Sounds drastic but this is the only language they know and that is brute force.

I have been getting funny things happening in my mouth lately and it has never happened before. James the needle mark with in your mouth will continue be course that is where they need to be centred at regarding what they are giving you. James I am so sorry that you are going through all of this but you have to bite down and get through it all the best way you can. It is not going to go on forever James I promise you that on my life.

That brief case there is a devise in it. It is not a bomb. A key to something or a activation of some kind, a portal come time displacement and other. Keep centering on that case James. It is important but important only for you and whatever it is you may need to do. That is what I am picking up on.

I know what I have told you is all far out regarding the doors etc. but that is how they are coming through. Also these doors openings are used for ritualistic purposes as well so be in mind of that. I know a normal door with your house is innocent enough but that is what they are using. They plug into your doors like a jump gate and this can be done anywhere and where ever. And who ever will come through I have seen it all in action. But for you own house there may be a devise or symbol on the doors more so in the bedroom be course it serves as a double purpose. One ritual and two jump gate.

I think this will answer a lot of questions for you. Keep this in mind always James as what they are doing and how is 24/7. And now you know how they are doing what they are doing. Run this by Lisa as well. And get her to be aware of this for her. A matter of fact this is for all MILABS anyhow.

The next question is how are they getting you out. There are three ways. One by teleport which is grey technologies. Two by going through the your doors at home with them to direct to the lab. These two are the main ones James as it is fast. The third is ship teleport direct to ship labs. And then direct transfer back to your home. There is one other and that is translucent transfer which means you’re in two places at once. It is reptilian/Draco technology. And is being used more often more so for those they really see as important to them. It is liken to a double hologram of you room over there lab or forest or jungle of base or ship.

I know this all sounds all far out but bear with me on this. As it is important that you should know this as well as many others as possible it will serve as an (Advantage) to you James.



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