Monday, July 15, 2024

Milab Recovery Network

The Milab Recovery Network is a group of people who we believe are qualified to assist the recovery of repressed milab and ssp related memories. If you perform hypnotic regressions , clairvoyant readings, etc for milabs and would like to considered on this list please send us a message on the contact us page. Most of the people in this list charge money so please be respectful of their time when contacting them.

Oksana Buchanan

Oksana is a regressionist who can channel your memories for you. She can also help with blockages and implant removals so you can start to recover your own memories. You may contact her via email

Collin O'brien

Collin O’brien was a SSP super soldier; who can help you access your SSP records, and or past life stream experiences, he is also a medical intuitive. Email him for a session:

David Lotherington

David Lotherington is a channeler who can communicate with your star family to learn more about your genetics or ET connections. His website is:

Kimberly Lusanna

Kimberly is a super soldier and milab experiencer. Forced to participate in many nefarious black projects such as Montauk/Project Looking Glass, Project Witchblade, and Project Seagate. Kimberly is professional psychic intuitive, channeler, and remote viewer and can help recover blocked memories. You may contact her via email

Debra Ann

Debra Ann is a licensed hypnotherapist bridging the conscious to the superconscious by uncovering memories and assist in integrating the aspects revealed. She has over 15 years experience in helping others in the healing arts and served as a Super Soldier on Mars. Her email is or you can sign up on her on her website.


Ileana is a certified Crystal Healer, Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Sound Healer, and an Intuitive that can remote view your ET experiences. Contact email is or message her on her website:

Sean Bond

Sean Bond is a Super Soldier , magician, and offers sliding scale prices on his sessions to help you release trauma blocks and recover memories.

Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee is not a super soldier however she is a professional remote viewer , seer, and has helped assist Law Enforcement with her case work. She has been featured on Super Soldier Talk before. You may contact her on Facebook

Chastity Campbell

Chastity was part of the secret space program and is a clairvoyant channeler, remote viewer, seer, energy intuitive, and certified Ascended Numerologist. I help reconnect you to your original soulfire and SSP memories. Contact Chastity for a reading at her email:

Angie Dollar

Angie was part of the SSP for two 20 and backs tours. Since 2015, working as a hypnotist using QHHT or BQH, she also clears negative energies with SRT energy clearing techniques. Angie can also connect and channel your memories for you. Her contact email is: or check out her website:

Anne Marie Morales

Ann Marie Morales conducts two monthly zoom meetings for those looking for a safe space to receive healing from SSP Trauma. Her website is:

Laura Van Tyne

Laura Van Tyne is a psychic and remote viewer who specializes in parasitic implant and device removals, Milab, MK-Ultra, alien abduction and soul retrieval/alter recoveries through regression and other techniques. She works WITH her clients, so that they are a team, enabling validations and healing on higher levels. You can learn more at

Miesha Johnston

Miesha Johnston offers paid hypnosis sessions and a free Starseed Zoom Internet Support Group which meets usually every Wednesday night PST. She has been doing this for over 30 years and has a amazing heart and very supportive especially if you are nervous or on the fence about coming out and sharing your experiences.

Melinda Leslie

Melinda is a milab experincer and professionally trained hypnotherapist who offers remote hypnosis regressions to recover suppressed memories. She also runs UFO tours out of Sedona, AZ.

Rebecca Rose

Rebecca Rose is an energy intuitive, seer and channel – as well as psychic Super Soldier and Montauk survivor. Her services include intuitive Akashic readings, inner child healing and Star seed coaching.

Will Berlinghof

Will Berlinghof is a Metaphysical Counselor who uses Trinary Regression Therapy to clairvoyantly look into your past lives in order to address deep-seated issues including Satanic Ritual Abuse, Relationship, Abundance, Self Esteem, and Alien Abductions issuses.

Adrian Espinoza

Adrian does psychic readings, remote viewing, and hypnosis using Germetia and Skynet Software. Beware , have received some reports of failure to deliver service. Only pay him through paypal goods (not the gift option) so you can recover your money within 6 months if he does not preform. Good luck getting him on the phone at the scheduled time.