Thursday, April 18, 2024

Milab Regression Policy

So many people have been contacting me for a free hypnotic regression lately. As a policy I want to keep these sessions free but my time is very limited. So I ask that you please do not contact me for assistance for past life regressions, healing crises, and personal development issues. I have created over 50 free neo meditations on youtube to tackle those areas in your life if you so desire.

Additionally if you feel you are a milab and want my help , please understand Super Soldier Talk is about disclosure. If you are not not willing to be bold enough to have your regression and testimony released to the general public then you are not ready to start healing your own trauma. Now if you don’t want your name plastered about the internet that is fine we can hide your identity. So please if you want me to volunteer my time to help you find answers all that i ask in return is that you are willing to be bold enough to share what we discovered with others so that all of us can begin to heal and integrate together as a whole.

Not every regression I do is published here on super supersoldiertalk. There are various reasons for this such as sexual abuse and to keep certain people identities hidden. Additionally some people hit blocks due to fear which prevents them from accessing information without a lot more work. After our session you can have the option to conceal certain information if you are concerned what your family will think.

With that said please contact me at to review if you are a good candidate. Also please note that I am flexible from time to time and willing to make exceptions to this policy. So if in doubt feel free to ask.


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