Monday, July 15, 2024

Milab Story “Ich Will Da Fuhrer”

I remember a chamber full of children. 5 or 6 of us, a tall man in a black uniform, a hat much like the ss. He looked us over and said to his colleague “ich will da fuhrer” (I want to lead); and pointed to a small boy in the corner. They took the boy and we heard his thoughts. He was being ripped apart by dogs and we felt it he was our brother. We sat in fear for our own lives for hours. Each tormented by the emotions. When the door opened again a new boy was placed in his spot. A small boy with brown hair. I remember rooms with 10 or 12 children in extreme states of fear. He was molested repeatedly. Always in front of the group, so that you feel like its going to happen to you at any moment. Perpetual fear. I’m not sure if I was afraid…

It was a test to see how we could feel each other’s pain like a collective, but at times he would be made a spectacle of. He would be made to stand in front of us be stripped, beaten, and molested, or raped by the guards at times he was silent, in agony, or he would cry. After we were proven ready. We were taken out and put in a larger lighter room. A place built from orange bricks with plants and we were taught how to block pain. Taught ancient laws and skills and inner most martial arts we have no names. We were property we had numbers. Specimen 224…..Specimen 234

– Michael Spinler


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