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There is quite a large number of programs and subprograms that fall under the “MILAB” (Military Abduction) umbrella (Not just the commonly known “Super Soldier” programs). These individuals are identified either through family lineage (Genetics) or through standardized testing in Elementary Schools. Usually people have memories of being taken into Military and ET Facilities between the ages of 6 and 8 years of age (Sometimes as early as 4 years old). Some are a part of a familial genetic program while others are usually “Star Seeds” that meet certain criteria’s. The training is designed to condition the children and also identify their personality types as well as any undeveloped gifts they may possess (Esoteric abilities that can be enhanced). Over time as the children grow up they are split off into further subgroups to focus on developing their gifts and pushing their boundaries based on their personalities and ethics. Many times the MILAB’s “Wash Out” before they have completed their training and are “Blank Slated” (Memory Removal). These individuals have a very difficult life usually feeling rejected and discarded or useless but with no obvious reason for feeling this way. Many times some of the strongest skeptics on this information are these individuals. There are also the “Catch and Release MILAB’s” that are picked up after a chance other worldly encounter or happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are put through experiments, have genetic sample collections and sometimes are implanted then “Blank Slated” and released never to have another encounter for the rest of their lives. Those raised in the MILAB programs go through many different types of chemical, mental and genetic upgrades many of which must be maintained to remain fully functional. The MILAB’s are used as assets throughout their training depending on the needs of their controllers. When they reach a certain point or skill level and emotional maturity (With all they are put through with the Trauma Induced Training, Physical/Mental/Sexual Abuse and Witnessing of Death they tend to mature early in life) they are then “Drafted” out to various Secret Earth Governments, Their Syndicates (Cabal/Illuminati/Other Secret Societies) to where they then infiltrate the Military and Corporate World… As well as are drafted into various Secret Space Programs and other Black Operations on every layer of the onion structure controlled by the “Elite” and their Off World “Gods”. There are a wide range of experiences of those who are MILAB’s. All of those who have been through these programs have had traumatic lives and suffer some level of PTSD, some however have suffered far worse than others I have found. These are very real programs that continue to this very day. I am told they are ran differently and rely quite a bit more on technology and less on the trauma programming that was used from the 1950’s through the 1990’s. I cannot verify this for sure though. There is a known group of approximately 5% of these people who the “Blank Slating” (Memory Wipes) did not work on or only worked for a very short period of time (Usually the Intuitive Empaths). These people are identified and watched very closely their entire lives.



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