In his lecture about the AMMACH project Miles, who is a film maker and researcher, will give an introduction to his work where more and more UK based witnesses are having the courage to come forward and speak in public on the MindControl, Abductee and Contactee issues here in the British Isles. AMMACH was set up in early 2011 and the project has gathered pace very quickly, with what is the most advanced exposure of hitherto suppressed subjects in this field of research. Including interviews from sources whose claims range from Mind Control, secret genetics labs and Trans-humanization labs in the Berkshire and Wiltshire countryside, and the dark highly controversial area of Monarch Mind Control. A subject which reportedly includes “Shadow People”, inter-dimensional beings, Government cover ups, Mass population control programs, the compromised Broadcasters, and emergence of the Nazi SS in the global environment, MILAB episodes, evidence of SuperSoldier programs, Off Planet weapons systems, and the Urgent need for a Space Defence Weapons Treaty.

T Miles Johnston presented “MilAbs Mind Control in Broadcasting” on Saturday June 30th, 2012 at the Extraterrestrial Communication Conference held at the Static Gallery in Liverpool.


After we shot the main HDV Alara interview on Militarized Remote Viewing. Etiraf etmək lazımdır ki, Mostbet proqramında mərc etmək və hesabı artırmaq imkanı ilə yanaşı Maç mərkəzi və ya video axınlarına baxmaq kimi bir çox başqa xüsusiyyət və alətlər var. Alara further describes strange crab – spider type constructs called Scuttlers.,First encountered in the Energy 106 FM Pirate station on the Irish Border (SeeBases 4 part 2).
In a very rare opportunity, Alara describes what these devices are, and why they are used on Data Network systems, computers, telephones, transmitters, or any systems that contain Information thought oriniate data from the human mind. They have the ability to delete their “image” from human cognition systems in 1/10th of a second. Thus the war on our congintion, and consciousness. Our very Cognition abilities are under attack.
By attacking our cognition abilities these devices and those who are controlling them are attacking the entire human species and how it congnises reality.
Thus Broadcast and Computer based systems which billions of people are accessing every, has become one of the modern battlefields against humanity.
These are hyperspatial, or “Astral” constructs using alein technology, but made by Humans. They infest power stations, transmitters and computer systems and networks.
I was personally attacked by a very large version, of these. About 12ft wide at SKY News , on the BSKYB site in Osterley.

These are nasty pieces of work.

This supplement is designed to alert Computer, Transmision and Broadcast Engineers that these are REAL. You only get a second to see them before they self delete from your consciousnes.

I hope to provide more information on these devices in due course.