Monday, April 22, 2024

Milabs & Super Soldiers Part 1 and 2 – Eve Lorgen


Eve Lorgen begins a Series with us which begins with an in-depth explanation and discussion on MILABS & Super Soldiers on “Shattering The Matrix” Radio. With Eve’s experience and compassionate professionalism she will be helping us to understand a variety of topics with this series.

In this show Eve explains that MILABS are people who get abducted by the Military usually right after experiencing ET encounters. It has been found, via speaking with the victims, that the US Military is working in conjunction with the ETs for mutual benefit and to further a dark agenda. Many people are given false memories and are made to believe everything is normal. These are abducted over and over again, sometimes for many years and for various purposes. The amount of people experiencing this is too numerous to ignore any longer! Many people are taken to underground bases, experimented on, tortured and brainwashed. Others are taken off-world. Many are turned into Super Soldiers. This information is crucial to know, as this is all part of the controllers darkness that this planet is under whose awareness is critical for the empowerment necessary to regain our sovereignty. Learn how these programs work, who is “abducted” into these programs, what happens to the abductees, and what a Super Soldier is. This series will also present wise and compassionate solutions for the healing of the victims of these programs which has proven successful in those committed to healing.

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Eve Lorgen & James Bartley pair up for an Amazing in-depth episode on MILABS & Super Soldiers. They address: Avatars, Hybrids, Clones, Sleep Talking, Time Travel, Super Soldiers, MK Ultra, Stargates & Portals, Alternate Realities, Black Ops, Off World Bases, etc. They give specific examples based on their experience in interviewing MILAB experiencers.

Get ready for a jam-packed two hour program that further sheds Light on a very important topic!

Please join us in this second part of this series with Eve Lorgen and James Bartley!

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