Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Military Industrial Extra Terrestrial Complex

James I found out why there is a lot of alien presence regarding technicians that come into your house via MILABS. And it is the same for everyone. There is an eclipse organisation that runs the human global aerospace alliance . Then you have the industrial complex. Then the major one which we are under is the (MIEC) The emerging Military Industrial Extra Terrestrial Complex.

This is why the there is so much of the alien and inter dimensional side of the coin; not to mention a Lucifer governance. So really there are three scopes of call being playing out here. That is also why you are getting needle marks from one nature to the next. This is also why there is so much emphasis as there are many bases and space platforms both off world and through time travel etc.

So the super solider side of this is just the tip of the ice burg. But as I have said as long as there is flesh and blood no matter the upgrades or add on such as machine parts and Nanos these beings cannot perfect a perfect human to be indestructible.

In saying this it is more important now to continue the great work you are doing and for more to come out and stand up for what is right. Because with this in mind evil always turn in on its self and theses beings know this all to well.



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