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Mind Control 102

The Coercive Induction of Artificial Thoughts and Dreams into the Human Mind

The neurotechnology that the secret agencies have been implanting in people’s brains not only allows them to modulate/demodulate the neurological patterns associated with human thought (“synthetic telepathy”) but by extension also allows them to cause implanted subjects to speak involuntarily out loud.

In other words, not only are your private thoughts not necessarily your own, but also when you speak it is possible that the impulse to speak and the choice of words was likewise caused remotely by a government handler/operator. In either case, you will not become consciously aware that the technology is active when you think “their” thoughts or speak “their” words. The technology BYPASSES YOUR CONSCIOUS WILL AND PERCEPTION. You will think the thought, or speak the word, but in most cases you will not be able to discern that it was not of your own will, except in cases where the handler causes an alarm designed to get your attention, such as causing other physiological responses in your body, or sounds in the environment to which you have been conditioned, occurring simultaneously with the artificially-induced thought or speech.

What this means is that if you are a subject of these capital and outrageous human rights violations, then your operator/handler has the capability to communicate with you by making you speak THEIR words out loud using YOUR voice, all via remote control of your brain itself.

Any complaints you make about this sort of treatment to law enforcement or medical personnel will result in an immediate and automatic diagnosis of schizophrenia which will then make it possible for them to arrest, institutionalize, confine, drug, or further experiment on you against your will.

The non-public government perfected the synthetic telepathy technology a long time ago.   They can not only read your mind and subconscious thoughts, but the technology allows them to artificially inject thoughts and motor commands into your mind, and it is so seamless that you will never know that it was happening.   You will think the thoughts are your own.   They can also record your thoughts (including any modifications they have introduced without your consent) and use it in ways that are to your detriment, if you are a “targeted individual.”

They can also induce artificial dreams including both the visual and auditory components — in other words, what may in fact be nothing more than digital video transmitted wirelessly to implants in your brain that in turn modulate the signal into the appropriate neurological patterns so that your subconscious mind plays it out as a “dream.”


It is all vicious, criminal, psychopathic practice of human ownership.   In many respects it is far worse than forms of human slavery practiced in the past, because at least those slaves enjoyed the integrity of their own minds.






 A Tapped Brain Allows Them to See What You See

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLb9EIiSyG8]

UC Berkeley Brain Tapping Demonstration

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0uw9YBnMSc?rel=0&wmode=transparent]





This is the back cover of the movie Inception.  Like many other Hollywood productions, it’s a fictional story incorporating ACTUAL technology that really exists and is being used the government against its own citizens:


I noticed the following odd comment while watching a YouTube video of a man describing his workplace harrasment (and chemical attacks) at a supermarket:



Next, an example of work that the military is doing publicly in this field today, using technology far less advanced (but authorized for public disclosure).   The actual state of technology being secretlyused against the citizenry is decades more advanced.






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