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Mind Control 401

The “11:11 Phenomenon” Explained in Terms of MKULTRA Neurotechnology

People with the mind control neurotechnology in their brains can be made to act out (“evoked actions”) in many ways, including involuntarily looking over at the clock and “noticing” specific patterns of numbers.   These events are almost certainly pre-programmed and evoked by remote computer systems.   The function of the brain implants is analagous to that of a consumer “smartphone,” only much more advanced.    Behavioral conditioning techniques can then be used to associate certain number patterns to specific meanings in the mind of the subject/target.  A few examples:
9:11   Emergency

1:19   Positive association (reverse of 9:11)

1:23   Positive association, moving forward

3:21   Negative association, moving backwards (reverse of 1:23)

4:11   Positive association, “information”

1:14   Negative association, concealment (reverse of 4:11)

11:11  (Widely-reported) Positive “spiritual” themed brainwashing

There are literally millions of websites talking about this phenomeon …


… and a quick search at Amazon results in a notable number of books written about this subject as well:


The simple fact of the matter, however, is that this so-called “spiritual” phenomenon is simply a combination of advanced mind control neurotechnology and classic behavioral conditioning techniques:


So don’t be a sucker and buy into any of this nonsense.


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