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Mind Control 402

Brain Implants vs. Directed-Energy Weapons

If you are a subject of neurotechnology that has been implanted in your brain without your knowledge or consent, you want to be careful to avoid being misled by false explanations on the internet.

There are a lot of web sites out there talking about “gang stalking” and specifically “directed energy weapons.”

Based on my own knowledge and research, and with due credit to the pioneering work of Jeremy Radlow, it seems to me that a lot of the talk about the abuse of directed energy weapons might actually be “straw man” disinformation designed to mislead ill-informed targets away from learning about the truly advanced neurotechnology being used against them.

There are some “targeted individuals” and groups out there who have tried or are trying to collect money to purchase advanced equipment, ostensibly to figure out what “frequencies” are being “beamed” at them by their harassers.

I’m not saying that this kind of thing isn’t happening in some cases, but spending money on frequency counting equipment is probably not going to help you if you’re dealing with advanced cellular technology in your brain. The solution to brain implants would be removal or disabling of the device. Trying to “block the frequency” as such would probably be an exercise in futility.

For example, modern GSM cellular networks use advanced frequency-hopping algorithms where the frequency of the transmission changes several hundred times per second according to a pre-determined mathematical formula.  Whatever type of wireless network is being used to control the brain implants is probably also using some time of extremely advanced frequency hopping and/or spread-spectrum technologies. I suspect that the guys who engineered these systems probably get a big laugh over all the victims on the internet trying to figure out what “frequency” they are being “attacked” by.

Again, not to say D.E.W.’s aren’t out there or being abused, because in some cases they may be.   But a solution to the problem of classified neurotechnology in the brain is going to be very different from anything to do with defense against directed energy weapons.








[From:] John Allman
(quoting Jeff) “spending money on frequency counting equipment is not going to help you if you’re dealing with advanced cellular technology in your brain”

I agree. But I wouldn’t recommend equipment that detected carrier waves, but not modulation content, to anybody.

Consider somebody who has experiences that suggest that he (or she) is being manipulated, either directly or via a prosthesis. How can he tell which?


[Response from Jeff]

If you mean remote mind control via implant versus without implant, then I am not actually sure. My best answer would be to say that I agree with Jeremy Radlow’s appraisal of the situation at the Bioethics hearings, which I have pasted below for your review.

I’m not familiar with any devices that can detect/decode “modulation content” of a transmission that is digitally encrypted and/or using frequency hopping spread spectrum types of technologies.

You can go to Radio Shack and buy a Bearcat scanner that can pick up the narrow FM carrier frequencies used by a lot of police, fire, ham radio etc. Those are unencrypted analog signals. Some of the newer equipment might also be able to decode some digitally modulated signals, I’m not really sure.

But take your modern cell phone on a GSM network, which is one thing I know a bit about. The “modulation content” as you describe it (your spoken voice) is going to be digitally compressed (like an MP3 music file) then encrypted for privacy, all in the phone in real-time, then that encrypted digital signal goes out through the antenna over the airwaves, changing frequency over 200 times per second. That technology was put into commercial use in the 1990s. As advanced as it sounds, IT’S OLD NEWS.

So I guess my point would be that advanced classified mind control technology, the effects of which make clear that it is a two-way communication channel directly to your brain and mind itself, is probably going to be using something more advanced that the cell phone technology that has been public knowledge for 20 years or so. So there won’t be any commercially available equipment available to you or me that would help us in any way.

That’s my two cents. Maybe I am wrong.



From: John Allman

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

How did Mr Radlow reach his conclusion that implants that had been rendered undetectable by miniaturisation and/or camouflage, provided “the most likely explanation”? Why do you “agree” with that guess of his?



[Response from Jeff]

Hi John,

I don’t know how Radlow reached his conclusions, but I can tell you how I reached mine.

I agree with his guess because the capabilities demonstrated by the technology include extremely fine-tuned control of the human mind itself. Therefore, based on my understanding of technology, it seems clear to me that this would be done far more easily with implanted technology than without. It’s the simpler solution and therefore the more likely.

There are frequently articles in the news nowadays about new machines being built at the nano- or atomic level. Extremely small technology is a fact of modern science. I have documented some examples here.

So implants not showing up on conventional scanning equipment doesn’t surprise me at all, especially if concealment was one of the design parameters to begin with.

It’s a guess, but I think a reasonable and informed one.


Jeff Polachek


Response from Jeff:

Sounds like “they” (some type of black ops) got you, alright.

Don’t rely on keyed locks alone to keep your home secure.   The people who are doing this stuff have master keys that they can use to enter your home even if your doors are locked.

They also have the capability to remotely render you unconscious before they even come near your home, so you want to use physical barriers to prevent your home from being entered. Position them in such a way that it would be impossible to enter and exit your home without disturbing them. That way, when you wake up in the morning you will have a concrete way to determine if your home may have been entered while you were asleep.

The tones in your ears are a widely reported symptom of mind control, especially by those in the programs masquerading as “alien” abduction.  They probably put implants in your ears.

It seems clear that you, like many others today, are a subject of a classified modern mind control program. Spend some time looking at the research material on this website; hopefully some of it will be useful to you.

A few weeks ago (I am writing this paragraph on Dec 12, 2012), I started getting e-mail blasts from “Federation Resistance Global Electronic Harassment Opposition Party.”   This claims to be a group whose members include some high-profile targeted individuals, several of whom the work of which I have posted on my website in the past.   However, based on subesquent e-mails it appears to be at least primarily the work of a single individual.

This effort appears extremely questionable to me and I am seeing a LOT of red flags.   They are sending out e-mails encouraging people to sign up for a lawsuit which they allege will result in FBI and FCC action to get their “EH” (electronic harassment) “turned off.”

I don’t think the FBI or FCC are in any position to do anything about this.   I think that this is something that is occurring at a level of power above that of the visible agencies of our government, and I don’t think that “electronic harassment” is an accurate choice of terminology to begin with.



Nonsense if you ask me.   Frequency counters will not “detect frequencies going to you” unless it is A) a single frequency, and B) so strong that it is more powerful than any other at the same spot.    If someone is within a short distance of you pointing some kind of powerful microwave or radio transmitter directly at you, then maybe this would stand a chance.

But if I am correct and what most targeted individuals are dealing with on a daily basis is not directed energy but cellular neurotechnology in their brains, then a frequency counter is not going to detect the source of your problem.  There may not even be any transmission active at the time of the measurement, and even if there was it would be lost among all the other radio transmissions passing through the same location, like local communications systems, TV, broadcast radio, cell phones, etc.

As a point of comparison, your cell phone sits idle monitoring a control channel the vast majority of the time.   It’s listening but that control channel transmission from the cell tower is certainly not going to show up on your frequency counter.    Neither is the TV station miles away which your TV can nevertheless pick up.

Anyone who follows the above advice and videotapes themselves trying to “detect frequencies going to them” will just end up making an ass of themselves on YouTube and making targeted individuals as a group look like fools.

Hmm, maybe that’s the whole point.

Jeffery Bahry Letter

Response from Jeff

Dear Jeffery,

The phrase “directed energy” is associated with the concept of “directed energy weapons” such as the commercial Active Denial System used by police and military organizations.     In contrast, wireless telecommunications with devices such as smart phones and pagers (or in this case implants) would normally be referred to by other terminology such as radio frequency (RF) or cellular communications.

While it might be technically true to say that all radio communication is in fact a form of “directed energy,” in this context it becomes a very misleading use of the phrase, which already has a well-established and particular association with weapons applications.

The perpetrators of these war crimes are waging deliberate disinformation campaigns to confuse and mislead MKULTRA subjects (targeted individuals), and promoting theories about “directed energy weapons” is currently one of the primary operations.


Jeff Polachek


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