Mission to Mars – Alex Diaz – Hypnotic Regression February 2, 2012

In this session Alex recalls two separate distinct memories of various Milab operations. One is where he is given a new identity; the other was an extermination mission on Mars.

Alex steps through a doorway, and sees a big bluish portal in front of him. He steps through that as well and ends up on a spaceship in outer space. He sees outside the porthole like windows and below is an ocean on planet earth surrounded by the stars.

There is a military general in front of you. He is smoking a cigar.

He says “Sit down. You need to speak. What is going on, tell me.”

He exposed something, something that was going on in a base where the greys were working with the humans. He was a legend and worked with the greys. He is Air Force Magulient (Maj Gen?) Cory Bloom Hakleford.

Alex says “No comment”. The general is angry now. They grab alex he is placed in the chair. It looks like an electric death chair. It’s bolted to the floor. They stick a needle in his spine which pumps an IV drug cocktail, possibly Exodine.  The drug keeps you conscious while you feel the pain.

There is a drilling noise, terrible pain, hands clenched, embracing himself. His memories are being erased. He is being tortured. His soul leaves his body, which soon dies and he is inserted into a clone baby of himself inside an incubator.

This may have been how he was born. Its 1990, he’s an infant now and inserted into his current surrogate mother.  He’s now in a hospital and is a new born infant.

Doctor pokes brain with a needle (why?) and even to this day there is a bump on the top of my head. Mother asks “Why?” Doctor responds “He needs to survive.” She says “Okay”

She has no idea you were implanted into her.

Alex steps through another doorway this time he’s in an office. He sees a blond woman (who is this?) wearing a red dress suit. She is smoking a cigarette; and blow smoke at Alex.  She says “Come with me.”

He follows her into a room with other doctors. It’s very bright here and there are all kinds of amazing technologies. I see chairs with blinking lights. He is given a vaccination of Anmimabous in the neck near the spine. It makes him feel very relaxed, confident, and ready for combat.

Now they are putting all sorts of crazy technology on him. Like a terminator eye, the other is normal. Wearing a suit, looks like halo, I am 6’5”, muscles are bigger. He’s given a SK56 which contains 57 bullets. It looks like a M16 but very fancy new one.  It has a scope, can cock back, and has two triggers. Top one is for bullets, lower is for grenades.

We travel through space and land on Mars. It’s sandy and sky has a slight orange tone. There are three people with me. One is Victor.

I am with three other people. One is Victor. But he looks different here. I think Adam is here and possibly James. But we all look different.  Sabertooth (James) has a sniper weapon. Dreadnaught (Adam) a MP5, you hold it on your shoulders and start firing automatic rounds. Bloodstreak (Alex) has a 9mm pistol on his leg and so does Adam, but Victors is a .45.

There are a bunch of holes which go underneath mars into different facilities. The inside of these tunnels have lights on the ceiling, it looks like a bar light or a glo-stick light but it’s brighter.

We got disturbing calls from a base on mars, they need a backup. Reptilian creatures which were working with the human scientists were not being obedient, they had a nasty attitude. So they sent us in. There are two creatures that greet us.

One looks like a Nile monitor with a long neck, and the other a swamp monster like creature. We talk to the main creature in charge (which one was in charge?). He is 7ft tall, wearing armor (what kind?), and hissing; saying all kind of languages we don’t understand. But he does understand him. He thinks humans are foul. Humans can’t be trusted as they don’t even trust themselves. Some of the reptilians were killed by the humans at this facility (why?) and they were raving mad about this, and in the process some humans were killed as well.

They tell us to stop being so negative that it disgusts them. They want humans out of mars.

We now talk to the human general to tell him what’s going on Mars. The general doesn’t seem to care too much what the reptilians think. We are ordered back to exterminate the reptilians.

Alex informs the general “I don’t want too.” He says “You have no choice.” I said “We shall see about that.” And he replies “What?” and Alex says nothing.

The reptilians knew we were coming and asked us to meet them at another base where there were no humans. It was very warm inside and illuminated by red lights. The walls look like titanium metal and have some kind of strange writing on them.

They told us they understand that the American general is very ignorant. They also think we can come back with a mission complete, by escaping to Planet Sedan where they won’t allow humans.

We agree and soon after they destroy the underground base explode killing all 100 or so humans inside.

General says he is done with us, tells us “We will call you when we need you.”

We go back inside the spaceship we are naked and exhausted now and enter this small tube like chamber. It’s about 10 feet tall. We then shift back to our normal selves. This happens while we are conscious. It feels like bones are expanding or getting loose. It hurts a little bit.

We are back on earth and woke up with Money; my family is asking where I got it. Alex thinks the general gave him $15 for his help. But he also thinks there is a secret bank account with a lot more money in it, no sure how much though. Every mission he has done general pays $10,000.  It’s a Bank of America Bank Account. Under the name Joshua Hakelford Account No. XXXXXXXXX Routing No. XXXXXXXXX

After this session Alex felt a psychosomatic pain in his (shoulder?). Could be related to his programming or maybe he was visited when under regression.