Wednesday, May 29, 2024

MK Ultra Super Soldier Introduction Talk

A french super soldier with a British accent. Makes many interesting claims including holograms covering spaceships. Domes over Atlantis. Claims to have information on how to build spaceships. Flash Brainwashing devices . You don’t want to miss this.


  1. Fascinating. He mentions Alistair, does anyone know who this is? Miles interviewed an Alistair Martin on “Bases”. I tried and tried to find out more on who this (Alistair Martin) guy is and never could find anything on him. Do you know which “Alistair” this video refers to ?

    Either way, I’m interested in more vids from this guy. He reminds me of Max, but I know(?) it isn ’t him.

  2. I take some consolation in that all of these Shape-shitters are going to die painfully. You can kick all the earthlings, study kung fu, and sharpen your bowie knives all you want. I’m sure the Ta’l, Alah-kur, Red Draco, etc. will be very impressed.

  3. “Come to my channel and I’ll tell you the truth.” Okay, I’d like to see this guy’s research notes I’m tired of people not backing up their information. Or at least some pictures of abduction marks or something. It sounds like bullshit to me, but might not be. I just picture a bunch of jocks playing beer pong, getting in to these supersoldier videos and laughing their asses off. One of them makes a bet to see if they can get 10 000 views on youtube for making up a story. Its so bad though the way he says “stay tuned” and I’ll show ya how to build yer very own spaceship. Yay! I don’t know, there just doesn’t seem to be much depth in the way he casually talks about this. Just sounds so phony to me.


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