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Montauk Radar Time Travel Experiments – Jimmy Paine

Original Recording Date: August 6, 2023

Today Jimmy will briefly explain how he became a crew member of the USS Eldridge in 1962, under the command of German U-boat Captain Oscar Schneider (Phil Schneider’s father) and we will also be discussing the return of the USS Eldridge in 2023 and his request of the community for help recovering the vessel. We will discuss how the Eldridge ties into the Montauk , New York time travel experiments.

Super Soldier Agent Jimmy Paine, aka Dallas was in the secret space program from 1959 to 1996. During this time, he was a shuttle craft pilot for the Tall White warriors at Area 51 and participated in time travel missions with the Montauk Boys at Camp Hero. He also recalls working for the Weyland Corporation where he encountered a xenomorph at LV426 which the movie aliens were based off. He was stationed on Mars, Titan, the Moon.

On Mars, he has seen the broken statue of a giant face of a humanoid on a mission in 1974 along with Duncan O’finoian. He remembers seeing Tommy Knockers in a cave on Mars which are muscular type of Tall Greys.

On the moon of Titan, he was stationed at a massive underground base. He was tasked with fighting a monster they called IT. IT was looked like the junior Montauk monster, a type of Bigfoot monster that was would gain strength by attacking it.

He was also on a secret mission from Vandenberg Air Force, the Lunar Apollo 20 mission with William Rutledge where they discovered an oriental looking humanoid named EB Mona Lisa. Jimmy claims the Apollo 20 footage on YouTube is real.

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