Dear James

Thank you for all the work you have been doing and the great book that you have written. I must say as soon as I started reading it started resonating with me. I have problems remembering parts of my childhood and have it on good authority that a large part of what I thought were dreams are not., and are in fact memories, but more fragmented than anything. A lot of them are military in nature, deep extraction, infiltration, search and rescue stuff.. a lot of medical facilities, cloning facilities.. seen james casbolt clones on more than one occasion..

You look very familiar as well and I am sure I have met you recently somewhere! If that happens to jog your memory at all please do let me know.


In love



You probably seen me at Montauk depending on your age and what you where used for. Sadly I don’t remember much and its really bothers me that is the case. Evidently they got my mind “cubed up” and there is a way to get around it but i haven’t got to that point in my life yet. – James Rink