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Morgellons Sufferer gets raided

In a cowardly display of desperation The Secret Services in Belgium raid a Morgellons sufferers house and removed Natural curing agents sent to help remove Morgellons by Naturo-practors here at E-Clinic.

Following a request from Alfred Lambremont Webre back in May to assist with a serious case of Government induced Morgellons, we at E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing responded with immediate effect and began a healing protocol with Melanie in Belgium. It was seen as urgent at that time as growth appeared to be in the throat amongst other places which could be easily deemed as life threatening..

Until this morning, the healing protocol is bang on time and Morgellons is being removed as we speak, just as we predicted.

Melanie Broke the news to me this morning that she was in fact raided by persecutors she suspected to be secret services and all new medicines, Cardioprim and Colloidal Silver were removed from her premises in an illegal sting operation against any normal citizen of her country.

The History of this case:

Melanie first appeared on Exopolitics TV with Alfred Webre and her live interactive  section explained that not only is Morgellons in the sky within Chemtrails that it is in fact induced by Government sponsored covert operations at modern hospitals under strictest orders.

The video discussion  of Government smart weapons and personal covert induced torture and interference can be seen below, this video is shocking and shows the depth at which the governments of the G7 will go to deploy their agenda on people who do not fit snuggly into their way of thinking and coherence. Remember : Morgellons can mainly only be contracted in countries that pay for and deploy Chemtrails as the technology is simply not available to 3rd world countries, Morgellons is a Western only inspired Oligarch induced disease.

It is generally unknown to modern medicine and often people who have the crystalline growth coming out of their skin are told that they are suffering from Delusional parasitosis and sent packing, thinking they are going insane.

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/uCEPsWF59mI?feature=player_detailpage&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

In Melanie’s own words she said that she has never had ‘a days illness’ before her operation which was to remove “I had a fibroid in my uterus that needed taking out”. Some time soon after this routine operation “some strange growths appearing in different locations about  my body”.

Melanie was creating an International group which was defending people ( children) against electronic poisoning technology at the time called EUCACH ; link here : http://eucach.org/

Immediately suspicions were aroused that something untoward had occurred under anaesthetic at the operating table, To her surprise Melanie noticed strange operation marks behind her ears.

Strange Operation marks


Since Melanie has had 10 independent doctors confirm these scars are from some form of surgical works which appears alien to any requests and agreements with the hospital, prior to a totally separate and unrelated routine operation.

Given also that this is the only ever time in hospital it was not unusual for Melanie to aim suspicions at the hospital.




Treatment with E-Clinic:

Again in Melanie’s own words about E-Clinic treatment ” WOW this stuff is amazing  ( Cardioprim and Colloidal Silver ) These creatures that are growing inside of me are coming out of my body and lots of them”  ”This stuff works fast”. ” They do not like this stuff ” Referring to Morgellons as ‘they’ and Cardioprim as “this stuff’.

It is one thing to have to sign a form for an operation, it is another to realize that you have become a victim of covert government operations for speaking out about government treatment of children. Melanie is just a normal person speaking out about what she sees as Corporate power control and the carefree manner in which society is regarded in order to achieve profit as it’s number one goal.

Torture and mind control being one of those objectives:

Just like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, Melanie is self driven by her own  inner belief in what she is doing is right and there is a general need for similar victims of state sponsored terror that the average tax payer pays for, unknowingly.

Just how deep does the rabbit hole go? Government induced operations of torture?

E-Clinic registration :

Please contact us at E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing by filling out the form below or visit us at E-Clinic :


Should you have any illness; Cancer, MS or Morgellons It is all the same to us: What is more important is that you gain your health independence and not be dependent on hospitals, doctors and toxin based none natural prescription drugs.

Melanie is in full agreement that we get this message out to people who may have experienced Morgellons or Similar  Covert Hospital induced illness and torture, as that is all it is:

I would like to point out that even though I am very proud of our Naturo-Practors at E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing , It is an absolute disgrace that we have to deal with such truths of hospital induced torture and illness, and we offer our help and support and light to people like Melanie who have had to endure such evil treatment.

Victory of the Light




  1. Thank you for posting that very important article/letter. Just because I or any of my friends and family have none of these type issues at present, any one of us could get any of these man made diseases at any time. This includes all the bird flues, swine flues and many other viruses.
    It is well known to those who pay attention to these things that the Chinese and Asians in general will be and are being targeted.
    See Bill Ryans camelot clip ‘The Anglo Saxon Mission’ for details.
    No wonder so many of them are always wearing face masks in public. They are the sensible ones. They may look paranoid but after all paranoia is an unreasonable fear. These people have more than just smog to be concerned about.
    But again, just because I am not Asian, I will not think myself ‘immune’ (excuse the pun)
    Good on you James for posting this, This is real. Not just a bad dream somebody has while intoxicated on various substances.

  2. I have two clients with MS. What does the e clinic suggest for this? I have one who is acute and the other early diagnosis. Any input would be so appreciated. James your awesome. I am so excited to order my Neo thank you again. PS


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