In this channeling session, the Galactic Federation reveals all details of the Secret Space Program and what is actually going on. They also reveal who are selected and who go through this Secret Space Program. Furthermore, they also reveal information about the so-called ‘Men in Black’ who are in-charge of abductions that happen on Earth. This video will awaken you to the truth of how these beings are trying to use their psychic influence to influence us into thinking and being in the negative mindset and negative loops of thought forms. If you want to know your past lives and your lesson for current lifetime and your soul name, email me at You can follow me on Instagram, will follow you back:   / samtheillusionist   How I started channeling, My story:    • How I Woke Up & Started Channeling & …   I am also on Patreon, wherein I am putting all my censored sessions:   / samtheillusionist   Sending you love-light