Tuesday, May 21, 2024

“Most People Can’t See This” Prepare Yourself for Truth of Secret Space Program

In this channeling session, the Galactic Federation reveals all details of the Secret Space Program and what is actually going on. They also reveal who are selected and who go through this Secret Space Program. Furthermore, they also reveal information about the so-called ‘Men in Black’ who are in-charge of abductions that happen on Earth. This video will awaken you to the truth of how these beings are trying to use their psychic influence to influence us into thinking and being in the negative mindset and negative loops of thought forms. If you want to know your past lives and your lesson for current lifetime and your soul name, email me at samtheillusionist1@gmail.com You can follow me on Instagram, will follow you back:   / samtheillusionist   How I started channeling, My story:    • How I Woke Up & Started Channeling & …   I am also on Patreon, wherein I am putting all my censored sessions:   / samtheillusionist   Sending you love-light



    “GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT: Many of the New Age movement’s infiltration organizations display the word “Light” as a bait. It should always draw concern until the organization is vetted as genuine. The word “Light” is the best bait to attract people in search of positive spiritual guidance. The “Galactic Federation of Light” is a Psy-Op that was created by the Orion Grays to infiltrate the Great Awakening of Humanity, with the purpose of hijacking the focus of people, distracting them from what is really going on and discrediting real existing extraterrestrial organizations such as the “Galactic Federation of Worlds.” The shadow organizations have extraterrestrial time devices that allows them to see future events and they tried by several means to stop the Great Awakening of Mankind on Terra. Taking attention away was the main operation.
    The Psy-Op “Galactic Federation of Light” amalgams religious, cultural elements and characters such as Jesus, Archangel Michael, the Count of St Germain and others. They assimilate names and symbols well integrated within the Collective Unconscious of Humanity. Voice-to-skull technology is employed to manipulate some people who call themselves “channelers” and who are only victims. Some of these manipulated individuals are granted popularity and addicted to this process of abuse that offers them fame. Artificial Intelligence is sometimes used as well to enact religious or historical characters.”



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