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Mr New York Insider Future Timeline Projections

FTX is a white hat operation. All the money was allowed to go to the democrats VIA FTX and Ukraine as this was a money laundering operation. 80% of Ukraine’s money went to democrats and 5% to republicans under the table with illegal means. Everyone who got funding will be getting jail time soon.

NESARA in 11 months – September 2023. We will get access to the prosperity programs around 2024-2025. You may need to prove your program is appropriate as there will be a lot of fraud. Also, the way NESARA funding will be distributed will be changing.

The Federal Reserve is boarded up because we are switching over to a new digital currency backed by silver. The FBI has built a fence around it. They think people will start rebelling but most people won’t care as long as the money is still good. The fed is still doing nefarious things in that building, see the Real Raw News website to learn more.

The WEF CSRQ social credit system will be a failure. They are still trying to do a lot of things even now. Today they can’t succeed because there are too many people that notice what’s going on. They tried to push the mask mandates but these mandates are not going through. Too many people are now recognizing their plan.

The FBI will be dismantled and they are going to eliminate all those at the top when Trump returns to power in 2024. Subsequently, there will be lots of riots and wars at that time but Trump is going to win, He will rebuild the DOJ and the FBI from the top. Regular workers in the FBI won’t be affected, but the people at the top will. He will remove the Deep State. They now know much more about the true identity of the deep state and what their intentions are.

The main goal of the cabal’s missile shot at Poland was less trying to start WW3 and more to distract people in the news cycle away from investigations of Biden’s family. It won’t stop what is coming as the Biden regime is going to jail.  Around February 2023 they will attempt to place Trump in as speaker of the house. Then they will take down Kamala and Biden and Trump will become the true president. There will also be new elections around march or April because the machines are rigged. In Arizona where the democratic governor won by a 50.5% margin in the 2022 midterms, it will be found she only got 30% of the vote. This pretty much covers the entire United States as the democrats cheated with a 20% margin across the board. People will soon learn that 9 out of 10 elections were won by republicans.

When the midterm ballots are counted, they will find more ballots than people in the area. This will take place in February of 2023, then new elections possibly by April 2023. Prosperity and technology are coming out soon. By December and January of 2023, tech will be revealed that nobody has ever heard of. Med Beds will come out in July 2023, however, they won’t be available to the general public at first but they are already available to the SSP.  Super Soldiers will finally get paid but Government will not acknowledge them until 2027. They want to keep things quiet because people can’t handle the truth yet.

The original Biden is still alive but it appears he is in Gitmo. The people portraying him are actors namely Arthur Roberts. The actors will be spending time in jail too. The Biden administration is a black hat operation. As such, it won’t last much longer as Biden will be impeached before Christmas of this year when it’s proven trump should have been our president.

Nancy Pelosi is now in Gitmo and her demise will end at the gallows. She has been convicted of many crimes including pushing people to have abortions for adrenochrome harvesting, stealing money, selling state secrets to China and North Korea, and insider trading. Al Gore will not have any role to serve in a navy martial law scenario. He is a shapeshifting reptilian and keeps vials of blood in his pocket to drink. No one respects him anymore.

President Trump will be president of the United States which will eventually include Canada by 2024. Justin Trudeau will be eliminated as he is a puppet. Mexico will eventually become part of the US and this new area might be known as Hinderland. The name should appear around 2027.  Trump’s presidency in 2024 will bring us together again and JFK junior will be vice president. Trump will not be arrested but even if he is, there is so much false information about him that the case will be thrown out as even the subpoena was not legit, We now know that the way it was written was illegal and the whole thing was a farce. This is why even the people that are in the middle have decided that they’re going to vote against the Democrats. This worked against them big time.

The trigger which will result in the crash of crypto is not necessarily a collapse of tether coin but rather a federal investigation into crypto. The IRS will still be around in 2024 but they won’t be doing what the Biden people want. There will not be 87,000 new agents.

No Civil War will occur but minor skirmishes will be coming to the USA with violence on the streets. Charlotte will be safe because it’s a small city. Major Cities such as New York, Chicago, and Dallas, and some cities in Florida, Arizona, and California will see violence. Chicago and  Washington D.C. will be very bad. China is still planning on invading the US but Trump will be our president soon and will stop them.

In the future, the Eiffel Tower, the George Washington Monument, and the needle in Washington DC will be destroyed. Mount Rushmore will be cracking and the faces will come off and it will be revealed that many of those presidents were demonic.

An EMP may happen around April 2024, but people will be prepared. On November 23, 2024, we will see a suitcase nuke false flag in NYC being moved to 2025. Its epicenter is 2 blocks from Trump Tower, in the subway near 7th avenue. Angels won’t stop it because they will create a situation that helps things be different. The Dirty Nuke is sourced to Iran and millions will die from the event. NYC will be a ghost town for years to come. Hurricanes and volcanoes will appear to be all man-made utilizing weather control and technology. This will be diminishing as white hats take over.

According to a CIA source, time probes sent to 2025 will all come back radiological. However, on this timeline, a nuclear war will not happen. Gods’ angels and positive ETs are here watching over our timeline. But we are not clear yet as we shifted to a zombie apocalypse timeline. This was all planned by Bill Gates, Soros, and the Rothschilds. Nothing has been done to reverse what is to come. 33% of double-jabbed people will be turned into zombies. It’s already starting as people are dropping dead of heart attacks.

The new cycle is showing that more people are dying from these heart attacks and it will get worse, their bodies will rot and look zombie-like, They will get enlarged hearts as the death rate will rise and abnormal children will be born. Murders and crime will increase. These people are considered to be zombies because the A.I. particulates in the vaccine kick the soul out and they will slowly die due to fading life force. These souls will not be returning to their bodies and will be going to another copy of 3D earth. We are still looking at a 15 to 20% drop in the population on this planet by the time this event comes to an end.

People will start to wake up when they see what is happening. People are recognizing that the CEO of Moderna has been arrested for crimes against humanity. Other CEOs will soon also face the same fate. As white hats begin to take over their respective countries. Double-jabbed people have mutated RNA, so when they breed with each other they will be creating a new species of a grey variant hybrid. According to David Lotherington, these grey progenitor creatures mature faster and become adults at age 16. This means they have more time to work in the workforce as the government has agreed to this deal with the negativity polarized Orion greys.

The humans would get more productive years out of the workforce however, it will take three generations of pure pedigree utilizing double vaccinated parents breeding with each other to create a pure pedigree race. It will take 1,550 years before they recognize this species exists and that its origins began during the covid vaccination campaigns. At first, these children will not display the physical attributes of a grey but they will live a little longer and be a little smarter.

Over time mutations will continue until the established pedigree will eventually begin to ask for their sovereignty. This will create a civil war situation. This new species will want to preserve their race as an extinct species but the normal human race will tell them no as this race will be shown to be a mistake.

According to Oksana Buchanan, the covid vaccine is an aggregate of many different formulas some of which are being manufactured by pharmaceutical companies and others by other entities such as the Draco Paragon 57 facility.

•    They want to use this data to create a chip for the elite, so they can live forever in a clone body.

•    This project will be known as the Vernum.

•    The being in charge of this project has been working on this program for at least 20 years. He seems to have some kind of goat head with horns and wearing red boots and sitting on a throne; which could be some kind of archetype connected to Lucifer.

•    The Anti-Christ system is Bill Gates and project Vernum. Bill gates is one of their marionettes and Gates changes his face like the wizard of Oz, He is a puppet and not real.

•    The Paragon 57 DUMB is a Draco facility in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, roughly 2500 miles due east of Florida.

•    Personnel includes about 130 brilliant scientists who were abducted to this facility, brainwashed, and forced into portal research as well as manufacturing the 5 types of covid vaccines.

•    The Draco took the brains of the brightest people. The scientists were contacted in their civilian lives and invited to work on projects to help humanity and once they signed their contracts they got abducted physically and replaced with a clone or killed in a fake accident.

•    Scientist personnel wants to escape but they are all microchipped. The chips look like they are made of gold metal with a camera in the middle, they know they have these chips and they think they will never get out of there but they will be rescued soon.

•    The facility looks like a cross with a round dome in the middle, with each interior wing labeled with different names.

•    The inside of Paragon 57 has tile floors, bright white lights, and glass doors. You need implants to see through the glass doors. They conduct surgeries here and use amazing microscopes.

•    This Draco facility is in a pocket reality, anchored into mother earth with some kind of rods or chains. This location was chosen due to its connection to hijacking the essence of Gaia.

•    This seems to be some kind of guarded zone that contains no ships, airplanes, or submarine traffic. It seems to be in some kind of second Bermuda triangle, a bubble pocket reality, guarded by a barrier or vortex preventing people from entering.

•    Draco rectangular space platforms are constantly entering and leaving the area carrying biotechnology, biomaterials, and alien technology back and forth to the Orion Belt and inner earth.

•    This facility is not affiliated with Umbrella Corporation which is mostly on the surface. This base is different.

•    Operation Optus is a white hat operation seeking to penetrate into this facility under the ocean floor are using portal technology.

•    The Draco’s want to control souls connected to the soul of Gaia who can operate portals and star gates on planet earth.

•    This small group of original ancient souls knows everything about operating portal systems and star gates. The alliance has managed to get ahold of some of these people and is using them against the Draco to access pocket realities such as where the Paragon 57 facility is located.

YouTube has censored James Rink’s Super Soldier Talk yet again. There are people there looking for any excuse to kick him off because he knows too much and is a beacon of light in the darkness and people like this will always be targeted. CIA and FBI people who deal with the greys that run the world don’t like him and others telling people what’s going on. The targeting will continue until Trump becomes president again. People at the top of YouTube will pay for suppressing the truth. YouTube’s database will survive the future but the name will be going away.

Looking into the future seems great for most people. Around 2031 there will be a solar flash caused by sparks from the sun hitting the earth in different ways sending energy that can start fires, volcano eruptions, and earthquakes. It has a tremendous effect. This event could kill up to 30% of the vaccinated due to having no soul.

There is divergence in the timeline around 2040 which dictates whether we stay on a positive timeline or go to a negative one. On the negative timeline, a civil war in the US could occur in 2048, and a possible invasion by China in 2052 triggered by wars, famine, or cultural wars. The civil war will be triggered by turning this country from a capitalist system to a socialist system.


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