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Mr New York Report #2 – The Storm is Upon Us – March 2023

The storm is upon us. The deep state is gone. A lot of things are changing while the white hats dismantle the cabal. Things happening behind the scenes as many cabal members are being taken to Gitmo, and in many other countries, the cabal is being tried and hung. The Rockefellers, and Rothschilds are going to Gitmo. Many bankers, the people involved in covid, Pfizer, Moderna, are now dead and some are changed out with white hat clones and actors. White hats have the ability to put clones in place and controlling them. A piece of the original soul is in the body but they are under control and follow signals given to them. This is why changes are slow. The clones do not know they are clones.

Double Jabbed

People are losing it already. 55% of the double jab will die and med beds will not be able to save them. 20% who took one vaccine will die. 40 to 50 % of the double jabbed will lose their soul, but God is making a plan to save them. Right now their souls are going to a different planet and locking them in , the cabal is thinking they can capture these souls but god will save them. The ones who lost their souls will have something go into them that is not their soul, like demon possession and and something AI that they cannot control.
There will not be a need for a vaccine passport in the future. People who were pushing that agenda are being arrested and the news media is starting to present the people promoting the vaccine in a negative light. Doctors who gave children saline injections are now being considered a hero. There will be no more lockdowns, no green zones, or 15-minute cities as the white hats are taking over and too many people know what is going on.

In the future, all Pfizer executives will be hung for crimes against humanity mainly for knowing this vaccine was toxic and then pushing it onto children. No tribunal or bribe will allow them to survive. Executions will start to be made public around May 2023. 800 people have been executed already of the deep state this also include child molesters and the people involved with the injections.

Solar Flash

3d souls are going off the planet, the double jabbed people will disappear through a black hole to live on in a copy of 3d earth. At some point they will dematerialize from this dimension. They are being drawn to a different planet. We will remember some aspects but they will wipe our memories of these people. A reset on the timeline occurs around the 2026, solar flash event.

Med Beds

Med beds will be available to general public January 2024, or about 4 months after NESARA’s Announcement. The souls of the vaccinated can come back but a ritual is needed. Most people will go through the med beds to get younger. If they don’t their soul will be on another hidden planet.


Donald trump is using the song YMCA to being young and an open mind so trump doesn’t seem like a red neck. Trump’s family has access to time travel technology and Trump has traveled to 1926 to meet Einstein, Tesla, and John Trump. They discussed the version of the future they desired and what to avoid in particular, limiting technology shared to the govt. Trump also traveled to 2032. He saw how things changed, but not by much, because he thwarted the New World Order and nuclear war . If Trump did not step up, the cabal would have selected an antichrist king of the world to control everything. That timeline has changed and things have been stopped that were causing problems.

Trump travels off planet all the time on a spaceship with the tall whites. He comes back all the time. This will never be made known to the public though. Melania is with him and she is human, and not a ET. Baron Trump is a hybrid because his father Donald Trump is a Nimeolad ET, he is from a different planet and he is trying to have children all around the universe.
The person projecting himself while he is gone is a clone and does not have Trumps soul. When Trump comes back it will be the original Trump with a soul and he is more emotional. The real Donald Trump was told vaccines were good. Probably this is because gen 1 was supposed to contain HCQ and ivermectin and not the death shot Fauci gave us instead.

Trump had to leave the planet to design new strategies for the major changes needed to remove the deep state people from running the earth. Deep staters are slowly being eliminated so that everyone does not get spooked and run off, this is why Trump was not selected as speaker of the house as I reported in the last report. Many of the future predictions give here today are in flux and can change. But nothing can stop what is coming.

It is true Trump went to Pedo island. They were hoping to honey trap him. He did not rape underage girls, he told them he was into women and not girls.

Princess Diana still alive and she is not queen of England. She is not running anything. She is with the Kennedys and lives with JFK junior on a tropical private island and will be making herself public when Trump announces she is still alive sometime between June and October of 2023. JFK Jnr was waiting to make an appearance on Jan 6 to announce NESARA, new elections, and that he would be Trumps Vice President. The Cabal threatened trump with nuclear war if he tried to anouce NESARA, this is why we are delayed two years in 2023.
Saint Germain is one of Trumps advisors, he looks like a regular person in a normal suit. Trump can see things and has been protected by God. Before 2016, he was told he had a job to do, and it was his choice to do this for us.


Biden will step down and be arrested soon. The have more than enough information about Biden and his son and they will begin criminal actions against him starting May 5, 2023. Hunter Biden intentionally left his laptop to be found because he hates his father, however, this happened on a subconscious level.

When trump comes back to office, he will activate ICE and round up illegal immigrants and they will have to go back to their country. If they were granted illegal asylum during the Biden other corrupt administrations, the decision will be reversed and they will have to go back as well. Most of the things Biden is involved with is illegal and unconstitutional.


Stock Market Crash begins Mid-April. Its planned and programed. Cabal is trying to crash the US economy but it won’t work. NYSE will eventually drop 75%. It is to volatile to buy a put, be careful with this knowledge. The cause of the crash is due to threat of nuclear war, but there will be no war. USA is trying to saying Russia will bomb USA, but Russia is not interested in bombing USA.

Looking into the future from this point in time, I see NESARA announced September 19, 2023. On mainstream news, you will hear an announcement that NESARA will give out finances to people with humanitarian plans. Adult Americans also receive Universal Basic Income of about $2,400 to $3,000 USD a month, U.B.I. is not part of the NESARA roll out, but under another program, it will be determined by how much you have worked your life time. They will not cancel all debts in a jubilee. But most debts will be reduced however, to reasonable amounts and the interest rates will be much lower also banks cannot charge huge interest rates anymore.

Silicon Valley Bank was a domino, but there will be no massive bank runs. The original cabal plan was always a total meltdown of all banks. White hats will try to stop the meltdown. Local credit unions are the only safe banks at this time.

XRP, XLM, XDC is not part of new financial system, and not connected to Saint Germain or NESARA, and will soon fade away. crypto is being stopped right now, don’t put all your savings into this. This technology was designed to control planet earth and its people. The QFS is not happening right now and very far away in the timeline. Crypto agenda was about controlling the people and tracking every cent they spend. Trump cards help people feel like they are part of Trumps organization. Its not for Trump, its for the people watching and following Trump. Also, it was placed on the Ethereum blockchain as part of the declassifications coming in the future.

East Palestine

Most people in East Palestine will end up with cancer with in the next 2 years and will soon die. Efforts are being made to block the watershed and filter out the toxins from reaching downstream, but the water downstream is not healthy. Norfolk southern is being investigated by the white hats because of all the derailments and accidents. The event in East Palestine, was not a result of an alien hostile A.I but by off planet entities. Destroying humanity was always part of the plan since they began planning millennia’s ago. The white hats want to take the planet back. For example, Bill Gates is an idiot moron puppet controlled by off planet bad aliens, the big eyes greys, maître. He never created things himself, Microsoft bought its IP and did not create it.


There is no point of a E.M.P. attack to stop the declassifications. Documents are on paper and can be copied, E.M.P. cannot destroy this. Mute electronics can be quickly repaired and on top of that Free energy technology is coming out soon.


In the future, YouTube is going to be sued and the top people will be arrested soon. There are trials in Washington now and when they are done, Google executives will be arrested and sent to Gitmo. Then the lower-level workers will realize they cannot do censoring anymore. The culture at Google will change. The company will be bought by another rich billionaire like Musk, but not him. They will bring it up to standards. People that have lost accounts or videos on YouTube due to censorship will not be compensated.


There are sleeper cells in the USA which are being activated. These people are mkultra mind control victims. They are not MS-13 or publicly known groups that you would think would cause this. These people are getting orders from tall greys and are working for groups like Soros, Gates, Vanguard, BlackRock, and its subsidy North Folk Southern Railroad. They will burn down food plants, egg farms, factories, and anything that can be productive for this country. The goal is to destroy the economy, health, and welfare of people, banks, farms, and etc. The egg farms are burning down because Gates and Soros want to destroy their competition and force people to buy their modified chicken eggs. People will resist this agenda as they become more knowledgeable.

Riots will be common this year as people are waking up to the New World Order. Riots will be seen in Paris, Rome, Quebec, Germany, Ireland, and New York will have big riots. The people will protest the mandate and how their elderly parents were killed in nursing homes during covid. The public will wake up and see they were lied too and protest. The evil elites are in trouble. The public is learning the vaccine was meant to kill them and now the common people are coming to kill the cabal. The public is learning the virus was created by Fauci and his minions. More and more people are seeing proof themselves that the vaccine was a kill shot. The proof will not be aired on the mainstream news media as the news is owned by the same people that is BlackRock and Vanguard. The public will see the truth on social media like Tik Tok.

Jan 6

Jan 6 is a big deal. It shows how the govt lied to everyone, along with the media, and how the police were involved. It also shows that Trump asked for the National Guard, if they needed it, but Pelosi office pretend like nothing was going on. There are people still in prison for the Jan 6 event being held hostage in a prison in Washington D.C. Trump has already said he wants these people released. The cabal, CIA, other knuckle heads are holding these people hostage, in order to create better terms when they negotiate terms of surrender with the Trump Administration. However, when Trump gets back in office, he will free the hostages in prison and he will dismantle the cabal from the top down. The cabal will be incarcerated, hanged, fired, and or disgraced. There are good people in the CIA and FBI who are being dragged into this and they also want justice as well.

Spy Balloon

Spy balloons coming into the US in places like South Carolina, Montana, and Alaska are Chinese spy balloons. The Biden administration did not shoot it down because they are being paid off by the Chinese to look the other way. China will be sending more Spy Balloons, they have built 10 of them. The White Hats will not stop this, they are letting this happen as way to help waken people up. The Chinese working with the cabal, are using them to spy on all the white hat military bases. Their satellites are not close enough to see what’s on the ground. China is still planning on invading us. This is an event that is in flux and can still be stopped. The best prediction is June 2025.

False Flag Alien Invasion

The false flag alien invasion is the cabal’s last card. It possibly happens in Hawaii around Thanksgiving of 2023. There is a only 75% confidence that this will occur. Five silver motherships float over the island, each one, 3 miles wide in diameter. The beings look like white 6ft tall humanoids with eyes and head that are much bigger than normal humans and they have six fingers. The media will use this event to distract people so that the deep state can make a move. The deep staters think they can win with this move but can’t, everything they tried has failed and this will too. They will use the smoke screen invasion to do things to people who support Trump. Eventually, these ET will leave with no deaths of people, but they are a regressive race, but not violent. The ET were asked to do this by the tall greys who controls the cabal and also tells them what to do. The tall greys are not panicking, they have time to their advantage, they live a long time and have time travel capabilities and will be back in 100 years with another plan.
Thank you everyone for listening to a Mr. New York Report. Please visit supersoldiertalk.com to learn more.


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