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Sunday Feb 16, 2014 10am-5pm, Meta Center, NYC


Supersoldiers, Montauk Project, Time Travel, Hybrids, Nanotechnology, Monarch Programming, Military Abductions, Exopolitics, Pleidian Emissaries, Cosmic Shamans, Galactic Awareness, Human Evolution, Sound & Light Technologies, Alien Interaction, And More!
Duncan Cameron (Montauk Project)
Dan MacBolen (Ex-military assassin – First public appearance)
Preston Nichols (Montauk Project)
James Rink (Supersoldier – First New York public appearance)

Suzy Meszoly (Love Now Movement)

Tickets: $80 for Early Birds purchasing by Feb 10, 2014
$125 after Feb 10, 2014
This symposium will be sold out very fast!
We are limited to an intimate audience of only 120 people.
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Presented by the Love Now Movement

10.00-10.15am Opening Meditation Ceremony and Introduction with Suzy Meszoly

10.15 – 11.00am
Cosmic Shamanism and Covert Operations

Popiotek will be disclosing details of his Milab story for the first time in public, including his NSA harassment, encounters with remote influencers and covert psyop projections, parallel realities and information from his perspective of the positive and negative esoteric alien agendas. Talk is followed by Q & A moderated by Suzy Meszoly

Stephen Popiotek

Stephen Popiotek is a cutting edge Metaphysical Teacher/Researcher and Channel for a variety of esoteric subjects including The Kabbalah, Numerology, Egyptian Mystery Teachings, Sacred Geometry, Property Cleansing, Star Gate Activations and the Ascension Process, Planetary Grid Upgrades, Galactic Channelings, Spiritual Warrior Activities and, Solar Teachings incorporating meditation techniques, movement and visualization to harness the spiritual and physical energies of the sun for personal and planetary healing and empowerment.

11.00am – 12.00pm
I Was Once A Sleeper Assassin

One Sleeper-Assassin’s experiential existence beginning in 1961 after the failed Bay of Pigs incident until discovering “Love in the Now”. An amazing story of a journey and liberation from the darkest pits of torture, training and programmed assassinations, to a life-changing encounter with unconditional love. Dan MacBolen will be talking for the first time in public about his experiences with time travel, remote viewing and remote influencing and his sleeper assassin missions. Talk is followed by Q & A moderated by Suzy Meszoly
Dan MacBolen Sgt. Daniel Brad MacBolen USAF(dav) Unacknowledged Special Access Program-Deep Operations Coordinate Cell. (USAP-DOCC) Survivor. Project “OPENEYES”—USAF subset Project “Zeta Diogenes/CLEAREYES Level V”

12.00 -1.00: POD DISCUSSION:Against Your Will.

What is happening within the covert human/ alien military program? Why, how, who and to what end? A discussion on the multiple levels of manipulation and control and the means through which these agencies are achieving their covert agendas. What is being done to dismantle this agenda? Moderated by Mitch Rabin & Suzy Meszoly with James Rink, Dan MacBolen and Stephen Popiotek.

1.00-2.00 Lunch Break

Super Soldier Program and the Future of Humanity

James Rink will be presenting his latest information on the current and future possible directions of the super soldier program as perceived through his experiences as a Milab victim and from his research involving many people used and experimented on in secret international projects. Rink will discuss the use of avatars, cyborg augmentation, nanotechnology and how these military advances have a huge impact on the future of humanity.

James Rink James Rink is a meditation practitioner, researcher, author, film producer and has been used against his will for supersoldier experimentation within covert government programs Project Surrogate and MKUltra. Rink’s first book, Lone Wolf, chronicles these experiences. In his widely popular and very informative Super Soldier Talk youtube video series, he has exposed much of his background and mysterious episodes as well as interviewed many people who claim to have also experienced military abduction, alien interaction, brainwashing, multi-leveled harassment and off planet warfare. Rink has also produced Change is on the Horizon which is a three hour video documentary covering a variety of topics delving into banking, finance, constitutional law and NESARA – which is the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. He now spends his time perfecting the “Neo Meditation Cube” which is a chi energizer that helps users relax during meditation so that they can integrate themselves. Thanks to the Neo James has been able to work around the programming and trauma he has been forced to endure and in the process help others do the same.

3.00-4.00 Preston Nichols

Preston Nichols received degrees in parapsychology, psychology and electrical engineering. Upon graduating he was employed in the defense electronics field and worked at Brookhaven and AIL. In 1968 he began to work with the Montauk project, becoming involved with the tail end of stealth research at AIL. He was informed that this research started right after the Philadelphia Experiment. He actually read the final report of Project Rainbow – which we know as the Philadelphia Experiment. The report named the Cameron brothers as being the Navy liaisons in the experiment.

Nichols was then involved with the mind sciences project at Montauk; the project involved interfacing a human mind with a computer. Preston Nichols worked with Al Bielek on the psychic aspects of the Montauk Chair and the Montauk Boys program. Preston was responsible for training the Montauk Boys to be “PSI Warriors”. The Montauk Chair used subtle quantum fields to read a person’s thoughts. A psychic would lay in the chair (Duncan Cameron), go into a trance, and a group of coils would pick up the emanations. A bank of radio receivers designed by Nikola Tesla would pick up and digitize the thoughts, thus turning thoughts into computer code. The radar tower was used to turn thought into reality. This chair was used for many purposes, including opening up a vortex for time travel.

The Quantum Aspects of Reality and God

Preston Nichols will be discussing some of his latest research using sound and will present some new ideas about the concept of reality and our understanding of a Divine Being.

4.00 – 5.00: POD DISCUSSION: Interpreting the Underlying Reality Matrix.

What are the time travel and different dimensional experiences of earlier and later generation Super Soldiers? What is their research showing about the multiple layers of reality? How do we recognize the potentials of the individual consciousness and create a sovereign field?
Moderated by Suzy Meszoly with Duncan Cameron, Preston Nichols and James Rink.

Duncan Cameron

Duncan Cameron is a researcher into the mind, psyche, consciousness, and zero time. He is best known for being himself and the enigmatic time-traveler of the Montauk Project. Duncan is a born empath and seer whose abilities include scanning and interpreting the underlying reality matrix that coheres this and other dimensions.

In the 1970’s and 80’s Duncan was the subject of a number of research projects initiated by the military industrial complex and its shadow groups where they probed into the relationship between science, spirituality, sexuality, and magic. Duncan’s psychic signature was used to bend space/time by sitting in a consciousness amplification device known as the Montauk Chair. This enabled the creation of a fixed time loop between the Philadelphia Experiment on August 12, 1943 and the Montauk Project on August 12, 1983. In a crucial experiment Duncan was exposed to the simulation of an atomic explosion. His psyche expanded, dismantling the protective layers of his mind. His focused awareness became one with the greater field of consciousness and his awareness became one with his surroundings. The linear sequence of time changed. Space enfolded and events happened synchronously.

Duncan’s current research focuses on the interplay of energetic field effects. His studies have yielded a new construct model whereby the individual and collective conscious/unconscious create potentials that bleed and manifest in this and other realities. By stepping out of time into what Duncan calls a SafeSpace, we change our speed of travel from predestined herd mentality to individual movement, thus determining one’s own destiny. In this NeutralSpace one perceives multiple potentials, simply said options and choices. Most people use force to accomplish a task. When one learns to follow the Natural Flow of the universe a more efficient use of energy becomes available. Consequently, the energetic debris field that follows any action is diminished and less karmic noise is created.


  1. James why do you continually call yourself a supersoldier, no, you are neither super nor a soldier, the actual military guys get pissed off at your young civvies claiming such stuff. I doubt very much you would get thru basic training. If you have to call yourself something maybe try something on the lines of astralwarrior or oobe-warrior

    • I am not a super soldier in this physical vessel but my clone bodies are which i drive astrally through this physical vessel. So does it make me one or not is really a question that falls on a thin line which i haven’t been able to answer yet.

    • Hey Duncan isn’t it nice to see your comment pop right up? You should take a page from Rink who believes in free speech. I believe you are “Awaiting Moderation” on quite a few comments on your heavily censored blog. I know I have a few and they aren’t even anything negative about you. Just something you should consider, if you’re up to it. James can handle criticism, too bad you can’t. Oh and don’t think I’m a FWH groupie, he censors just as well.

  2. James, hello. Sorry to dump the following huge turd on your blog, but I wasn’t sure how else to share this. I suppose I could have just emailed it to you, lol. Anyway, here it is. The author is goes by “Eva Draconis,” and I am sharing this here with you all because I believe some of the material, much of it, reveals the truth, indeed some rather ugly truths. He that has eyes to see and ears to hear is just going to have to sort out the truth from the misinformation, which I don’t believe in any way to be propagated by Ms. Draconis. Such is the fate of being a mind-controlled milab. On her Church of Mabus interview last year she admitted to suffering from Stockholm’s Syndrome, so all you, be understanding and suspend your judgement of her as a person, and focus on her message. Thank you.

    Thank you, James. Be well, brother.


    Why I did The Orion Project

    In August 2011 I was contacted by alien beings. It started with the mental image of a green Dinosaur who spoke to me. They thought I was in medical school when I took a college course in biochemistry, and first contact was made while I was sitting in class. Soon after a black scaly Orion man communicated with me in both mental images of himself and telepathic communication. He wanted to collect bacteria from both my body and my surroundings, and he talked in length about the work he and they are doing. A Red Dragon appeared in my bedroom not long thereafter, and he would be the Hamish we know and love.

    I wasn’t here I said! – hollers my Hamish in a sweet cute voice and I get a flash of a mental visual of his body, in the image his tail and behind is facing me, he didn’t sound angry, normally he doesn’t
    Hamish! What are you doing today? – me
    I was going to watch me with my eggs! – Hamish says, still not angry
    I was going to watch Hamish today. Hamish Hamish. My Hamish Turtle. – me
    My going away with my goosebumps. – Hamish, and he means the orange zits covering his forearms, he calls those goosebumps
    You are cute. – me
    You are my potato. – Hamish says in my native language, and now he flexes his nostrils to sniff at me. Hamish once said that I was his potato, because one can eat from me. I thought it was so delightful so every now and then, and last night again I think in fact, I tell him that I am his potato, and then I laugh.

    So Hamish appeared, and during the following almost two and a half years I would have several alien adventures with these and many other alien characters. I became familiar with their organization and masterplan which we call the Agenda, and it revealed the most heinous and terrifying of things.

    From the very start, I wrote down every conversation and experience with the aliens. I even wrote down during class the things that the Dinosaur said. Two and a half years later there are thousands of pages written in the archives. These will be given out in books, and much of it is too graphic to post on a public access website. And this website, which started with the question “is this real or imaginary?”, has grown into a vast library of information and encounter stories. When contact begun I assumed that I had to be imagining it, so I wanted to document it to show what such an imaginary experience could be like, and show you all how I unravel the conclusions that it is not real. But two months later to my horror I had to conclude that this was real.

    It became important to document everything I can and to learn as much as possible about these very real interesting otherdimensional entities who interact with Earth and humanity. It was my obligation.

    Why I will no longer do The Orion Project

    Their work done by these aliens and their entire Agenda is headed and ruled by the ancient beings known as the Dark Lords, Black Ones, “Black Cats”, they have also been known on Earth as the Incubi or Succubi, Demons, Devils, with names such as Bezelbaub, Baphomet, Jezebel, Manon and Sif, they look like the black Gremlins in the 1980’s movies except without the ears. They are from a place called Alpha Theta or Alpha Thetis.

    While I and our Dark Lords have been in utmost civil and polite relationships, we have been able to carry out several meaningful conversations, and I came to care deeply about the persons and individuals these creatures are, it might not be possible to have the Dark Lords in one’s life without dire consequences. They could have hurt me tremendously had they wanted to, yet they have been so very gentle with me. They have been nothing but respectful and cautious. I have cherished having had the privilege to so intimately get to know the one and only Baphomet, Jezebel, and others. They have shared with me their thoughts, their world.

    As I have stated elsewhere, the Dark Lords somewhat consider themselves the protectors and saviors of the universe. We know that the universe began in an explosion that started an expansion of space, and that space is still expanding. Dark Lords have taught me that the different dimensions and parallel universes, them living in one, and we humans living in another, has to do with the extent of stretch or compression in a particular place. When places or people expand they reach into higher planes where consciousness is greater and where life is ever more spiritual and benign. But when you compress the world and when you compress minds, you crawl into the darker lower worlds, the underworlds inhabited by Alpha Thetans and others, and it is a place that feels like Satanic and Hell, a place that turns life into ashes, a place that feels like disease, terror

    We only feel the lust. – says Dark Lord
    That’s because, you consume other people, and then those other people they don’t feel lust, they feel something like terror and suffering. If only you knew what they feel, then you would never again hurt another being. The rule of thumb is this: if a being says “no” and does not give you their consent to hurt them, then trust their own judgement, that they are not feeling lust and that they do not want you to hurt them. Please do that. It will make you a greater being. You hurt people all the time. – me
    We don’t like/want to be here in your toilets. – Dark Lord says
    And, I am not a Mr. Shenanigans. – Dark Lord

    The toilet reference is because he has a portal underneath our bathroom sink and he tends to stand right there at his portal in our bathroom, he said toilet about the room instead of bathroom like I would say.

    The Eye is some kind of balance in the universe and it acts to stop the expansion of space and wants to pull everything into itself and cause compression. I have come to understand The Eye not as a religious construct made by the Alpha Thetans, but as quite possibly a very real cosmological astronomical feature. The Dark Lords give offerings to The Eye, things that it can consume, and that satisfies its hungers and stops it from gobbling up space itself for a while.

    The Dark Lords see no harm in what they do. They are very intelligent misters, so they must surely know that beings who are sacrificed and injured for the sake of the Agenda are complaining and unhappy about being inflicted harm or losing their lives

    We have a Noah’s Ark here, that is what we do. – says Thuban now
    I don’t care. I don’t want to be part of it. Please leave me alone. – me
    Thuban gives me its mental image of my naked privates being exposed when they go after the eggs presumably.
    Go away I said. Go away. No more eggs for you. I am done with it. – me

    The Agenda is a collaboration between several different alien beings, and each have their own Agenda. The Dark Lords invade and enslave alien races throughout the universe, capture them and force them to work for them. The Alpha Remulan “scorpions” tell this story, and so do many others. But some races seem to have joined willingly, because the Alpha Thetans can be very powerful allies. The Zetas seem to have willingly joined. Zetas had a nuclear power accident in their home world which rendered them infertile, and so they willingly work in the Agenda in exchange for help to incorporate genes from other races into theirs to hopefully produce a new fertile hybrid species.

    Reptilians I’m not so sure about. Reptilians seem to covet power and rule, and I would guess that they are quite happy about working on the pyramid with Dark Lords as their allies. Dragon Turtles however are a different matter, and should perhaps not even be called Reptilians. The Dragon Turtles are afraid of Dark Lords and most of them hide in caves. Sure enough, Hamish is given salary in the form of food, but of course he would have to be fed, and I’m sure he didn’t join in exchange for food.

    Hamish? Did you want, or choose, to work with – me interrupted
    They were my eggs, I said. – Hamish answers
    Hamish. Did you make your own choice to work with the Dark Lords? – me
    Hamish faces me with his mouth open, probably in reference to food
    Do you like working there? Do they give you, snacks? – me
    My apples. – says Hamish, “apples” in my native language, and with a mental image of the apples in our kitchen table fruitbowl

    There are two problems with being involved with the Agenda as a human being and egg donor.

    Problem 1: Immoral Things

    The Agenda is filled with immoral things. Human men and women are abducted and ravished when they collect semen or eggs.

    We don’t mean to do it that way. – says a Zeta with a bulbuous head and surprisingly small eyes
    I don’t care. Just leave me alone. I’m not happy with this. – me
    The Crocodile Men might come here. – says a Crocodile Man with a deep dark voice
    Hello Crocodile Man. I am always happy to see you. – me

    They make human and hybrid children in various different genetic batches. If I thought about it further it would probably make a mess of my life, the thought of having children there. Sometimes they show me a tiny human baby hand. It is not right. I don’t need to explain why.

    The children in the Agenda are subject to pedophilia. A lot of abductees don’t know this. But I know many abductees who have had the same experiences. The children are brought in to their human abductee male or female parents to have sex with them. The aliens think this is normal. They think they are teaching the children, or evaluating what the children can do. It shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the human genome and physical and psychological sexual behavior and function that they do this. Pedophilia and incest are prohibited throughout most human cultures. It ruins the lives of children. It is not normal human psychology or behavior to feel anything sexual toward a child. That is why we go through puberty so late in life, compared to other animals, and our boys and girls change so that we can recognize them as young adults. Boys get a darker voice because women expect a man to have a darker voice. Things like that.

    Humans are the species on Earth whose children need the longest childhood where they can learn skills and develop a complex personality and identity and learn to live a life as a human adapted for their particular culture that they are in. The aliens have a complete lack of these fundamental concepts. They are either stupid, or they are evil.

    And a lot of abductees don’t know this either, but these children are sold and auctioned off like cattle for pedophiles in the Agenda. The Japanese associates you’ve been seeing in this documentary, they are pedophiles. The Reptilian creatures that pretend to be human royal figures or the Catholic Vatican, they are pedophiles. The Thubans are pedophiles.

    It’s not just sexual violence. Children are subject to medical experiments. They are given experimental drugs and chemicals, operated on, intentionally given diseases. Children are also murdered. Just last night the Dark Lord wanted to show me when he told one of my sons that I’ve had with one of the Russian men, that boy is 16 years old, the Dark Lord told him that he was going to be murdered. The Dark Lord wanted to enjoy feeling the frustrations and fears that the boy might feel, and Dark Lords are able to fuel those emotions to intensify them. Dark Lords feel them differently, they feel strong negative emotions as a kind of sexual pleasure, or lust. But then the Dark Lord told the boy that if he kills another boy in the tournaments then his life would be spared.

    Some of my sons in the Agenda are forced to play some kind of knights. They are in tournaments where they have to kill other younger boys. The Agenda knows which boys they want to keep, so the opponents given to them are always younger and doomed to fail. The boys are told they can become Kings if they win tournaments. And little girls are told that they are “Princesses”, and this is used in that whole pedophilia thing.

    There is a White Lizard who pretends to be Queen Elisabeth of England. She can morph to look like the human Queen. She also has the Prince Charles Lizard. I don’t know if they are in any real sense connected to these human figures in the other dimension, or if they are only pretending because they love to feel distinguished like royalty. The Prince Charles Lizard has to make babies with me, and the Queen eats those babies. She explains to me that if she does not, then she cannot move into our dimension. The children have their blood matrix so that drinking the blood of those babies, it easily merges in with their own blood, and then in addition I am a Crystal so those babies have an especially strong higher dimensional energy, and that energy is passed on to the Lizard and they can linger closer to our dimension. It also feeds the Reptilians when they drink blood.

    Hamish said that they could have them. – says a black Reptilian who was watching me for a few seconds just now. I know. I remember when Hamish offered my eggs to the White Lizard Queen. I just don’t want to think about that.

    Human men are kept in dungeons and are tortured and murdered on a regular basis. It breaks the U.S. military men who have to see that, they have to see it because they need to know the harm that these Agenda aliens are doing on Earth. The Dark Lords love torture and sadism. Illuminati hybrids, those chubby Brothers, are also tortured in the dungeons. And let’s not forget about the Citadel, that sexual sadism club that I was taken to once or twice. It is full of people doing D/s and sexual sadism. It’s only because the Dark Lords want that.

    Then there’s the prostitution.

    The Nagasaki! – says Hamish in a happy and pleased voice, this Nagasaki?
    What Nagasaki? – me
    Where we bring those children to play! – Hamish says
    Aha. I remember. – me

    What I remember is this: the Zetas told me once not more than at most a few months ago that they had gone to that city in Japan that was bombed during World War II by nuclear weapons, and they had asked the Japanese people there for help. Because they thought that the Japanese could relate to the Zetas, who too had been injured and rendered infertile after nuclear explosions.

    I am used as a prostitute in the Agenda. I don’t get to remember most of it. I have a few memories, and as far as I can say it may have started as soon as I was fertile. I got my period at the age of 12. When I was 14 and 15 I remembered being molested by the men in black and U.S. military guys in the so-called MILABS abductions, but I will have to check my notes very carefully. In fact, since the age of 14 and up until I was maybe 18 I wrote a journal of my MILABS experiences, and these will of course come out in a book as well, later on.

    Problem 2: Negative Energies and Mind Control

    The second problem is negative energies and mind control. Being in the presence of Dark Lords is not without impact. It’s not like you can just talk to them. Like how a smell invades your space and your impressions, they have an energy that can completely take you over and change how you feel and the impressions and sensations you have that shape your experience of life. They are something so negative and dark. They are the fathers of Satanism. They are the ones who invented the pentagram, the Ouija board, Tarot cards, Satanism, Druidism, and gave those kinds of things to humans.

    Satanism and Dark Lords have an allure that you have to watch out for. Think of yourself as a fish who sees a juicy worm on a hook. Sure, the worm looks juicy, but what about the hook. It will totally ruin your life. Lots of people fall for the temptations, those suave, loving, and passionate lures of the Dark Lords. And it’s easy to forget that there is a catch. A hook. A devastating consequence. The Dark Lords can offer the most incredible sexual passion, they can lunge you into another mindset which my D/s Master who was a Free Mason and under direct Dark Lord rule, he called it being in the “zone”. Lots of people are practitioners and think that Satanism is cool. I was never a practitioner, but I’ve felt these things. But I’ve also felt the light, the angelic, love and consciousness, and when you know both light and dark it’s easy to make a choice. You always choose the light, if you know the light.

    I once spoke to a Dark Lord who was living hiding in an old house. He connected to talk with me when I was reading about a house that had poltergeist and demonic activity. He talked to me about how once he was an Angel of Light and he was a Fallen Angel. I offered to help him climb back to the Light, but he was like a drunk that doesn’t want to get up from the floor, who doesn’t want help. He was stuck, and he didn’t want my help.

    I once spoke to Lucifer. I dared to contact Lucifer because I wanted to know who he was. Turns out Lucifer was, and still is, a beautiful angel of light. What people don’t know, is that he had volunteered to go into the fires of hell so that he could be there and sort of protect humans from it. From Lucifer I learned that the fires of hell can only burn those who are not aligned with the light. If you are aligned with light, then your energy is with the light, and the fire does not burn you because the energies are aligned. But if you are aligned with the dark, your energies and matrix is different and then the fire burns you.

    The other day the angels took me to a church where they had a priest carry out an exorcism on me by using the holy crucifix. The Dark Lord presence in me started to burn in a fire. I felt the burning and the fire, but I realized it was the Dark Lord burning, not me, and I decided to feel completely safe and place myself into the hands of God and light. Later the Dark Lord asked me why I had let him burn, but he wasn’t angry at me and he didn’t want revenge.

    As you can see, these are things the Christian church has always known about and battled with. From my dealings with the Agenda and its otherwordly beings, I have learned that Christianity is real. I have learned that Angels and Demons are real. And I even learned with Amrishtad the Blue God that Hinduism too, surprise surprise, is absolutely real! The Gods of Mayans and Incas were probably also real entities.

    Years ago, the Dark Lords and Agenda ruined my life, made me sexually promiscuous (because they would need me to be if I am used as an Agenda prostitute and for eggs), and sent me to the Free Mason D/s Master who was possessed by the Dark Lord and who did Satanic mind control on me. The aliens deliberately make me into a vegetable. They don’t want me to have friends, they don’t want me to have a job, or a love life, they don’t want me to go anywhere. And I’ve also learned how the Zetas give me drugs and do things that makes me sleepy and drowzy so that I stay in bed for longer. They want to keep me in a constant drugged pacified state so that I am easier to use for them.

    The Agenda places a dark veil over the abductee and keeps you in a cage that you do not even realize. It takes away freedom and happiness, it takes away knowing of human life. I can be more than an egg donor, a prostitute, an abductee. I want to be a human.

    I am devoting my life to Christianity and light. The angels tell me not to listen to the Dark Lords at all when they talk. I have to ignore the Dark Lords, I might even have to ignore Hamish. I have to stop listening to Agenda members. I have to ignore the mental images they send me, the feelings and sensations and impressions, and all the things that they say to me. I have to ignore and forget, and focus on other things in life. I refuse to be part of a Satanic dark system, which systematically rapes, molests, tortures and murders, and which places me into a life that is dark and void.

    I have loved making this documentary. We have learned so many things about this Agenda, about its creatures, about what it does to humans. I will have to stop writing new material. We know Hamish will continue being cute, and showing his hump back and talking about his goosebumps. He will continue to shed his scales on the bathroom snuggie ruggy. That reminds me. Hamish asked me for a towel last night and I promised to give him one today. Things will continue to happen, but I have to change my focus and dedicate my life to the light. They have kept me suspended in a state of mind that feels devastating, dark, hellish. I want to feel joy in my life.

    There are still hundreds of pages of telepathic conversations that need to be translated and will be given out in future books. I may still contact these entities to do interview with them to learn more about their lives and their fates. But as far as letting these Dark Lords and their cohorts cast me into their hellish satanic lower vibrations and how that ruins the quality of my life, I will no longer allow it, I will no longer listen to them, not come here to write down our stories and our conversations, because it comes at such a high cost. So The Orion Project is closed.

    One minute later, a Dark Lord is right here. He speaks to me in sweet and gentle exhales, like little bear sounds. It sounds really sweet when he speaks like this. And then I see The Eye, it looks creepy, that vortex or dark hole in space. The Dark Lord is pleading for me to let him stay, I know what his sounds mean. But I say to him no, no I can’t let him stay here.

    Be sure to see the upcoming books! The next, second telepathy book will be called “The Orion Project: Noah’s Ark”, and the third is probably called “Garden of Eden”. Also coming are my MILABS journal entries from my teen years, so The Orion Project isn’t over yet, there’s much more material coming up that haven’t been posted before.

  3. Oh, and the link to her blog is:

    Again, I suggest to those of you who find any of this information of interest to your research efforts, to copy and paste what you deem merits saving. I have noticed many insightful blogs, YouTube videos, and other websites are being systematically removed. And, I suggest you do not leave such files on your computers, but save them to thumb drives (or forward them out to 50 of your friends, and tell them to save the files, also, lol). I say this because I had an “Windows update” done on my computer yesterday that removed a key research file clean off my computer. Thanks, NSA.

    Thank you.

  4. Case in point about the censorship seeming to be happening right now.

    Only within the last couple of days a YouTube video was just deleted, and the account closed. It was on a channel opened by, something like “xxxosurgexxx.” The link is Yeah, I think they use the good ol,’ “multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement” alibi as a cover to close the account. Maybe the uploader really was infringing on copyrights, and should have posted a “for educational purposes,” not that it would have made any difference. If anyone knows of another site where the video is, please post the address to this thread. I think it would be interesting for folks to view it.
    Anyway, the video, only about 10-15 minutes long, appeared to be a clip from another longer video, a documentary it seems. “surge” had named it something like, “MK Ultra Michael Aquino Anton Lavey [blah, blah, blah].” Here’s just some highlights I’ll try to remember. The onus is on you, readers, to do due diligence and research this stuff, to figure out what’s accurate here, and what’s not. I’m not a, what was it, “junior intelligence guy on Mars,” lol, so here it goes, I’ll do the best I can to summarize it. I think most of this stuff has already been covered in various “whistleblower” books, anyway, so it’s like it’s not already “out there.” I am just trying to “preserve” the video, for what it’s worth:

    * Let’s see. Anton Lavey’s real name is Howard Stanton Levey. He was a criminologist for the San Francisco police department [I think I saw somewhere else that he was a forensic photographer, or something]. And the video said he was also an informant for InterPol.

    * His colleague, Michael Aquino, is an even more interesting person. According to the vid, he is General Aquino in the N.S.A, and a psychological operations specialist for the U.S. Army. He wrote a piece called, “From Psy Op, to Mind War: The Psychology of Victory.” The vid says that at the same time he founded the Temple of Set, he became the executive officer for the 306th Psychological Operations Battalion. It seems that the religion itself is but a mind control experiment of some kind, perhaps even a covert recruiting tool to induce people into “the programs” without their even being aware of it, I would think. It says that Gen. Aquino (at the time the vid was made, at least) had 9 “lieutenants” working for him, “The Council of Nine,” two of which were Army intelligence officers, as he.

    * Then, the video goes on to summarize similar mind control “experiments” lead by puppet figureheads who were really CIA folk. It talked briefly about Charles Manson and the Process Church, etc. I believe Michael Prince submitted an article about this some months ago, last summer perhaps, on this very blog, when he was in San Francisco. And I think this has been well-documented in books and other internet sites, as well, so the info is not hard to find (now, at least).

    * Finally, the video clip mentioned the “Jim Jones experiment.” That “Peoples’ Temple” (in Guyana, if I’m not mistaken) was CIA-own terrorist training campground. That whole program, the video said, was orchestrated by Dr. Lawrence Layton, a chemist who also worked on the Manhattan Project. Chemist…so, it’s probably no coincidence that, the video claims, 80-90% of the (mostly black) suicide victims were found to have needle marks on their bodies. Furthermore, these people, coincidentally, had all been patients of the Mendocino State Psychiatric hospital, “released” to the Peoples’ Temple…or rather, shipped to Guyana to be lab rats out of the public view, I guess. I know I’ve seen a book called “Jonestown: A CIA Medical Experiment” online somewhere, so all this info seems to be out there and available as well.

    The point of this, my take away at least, is think for yourself. That’s why I was harping so much in my last few posts here about not being so gullible about blindly following these Project Morons like Jay Bird, without first checking them out thoroughly, and more importantly, following your instincts –if it sounds too wonderful to be true, it is, folks. These “churches” you see, even seeming nice “Christian” ones, may be infiltrated, and things are going on that you are unaware of. And if somebody from one of these organizations you could sense has taken too much of an interest in you, just out of the blue, it could very well be that they want to be your “handler,” for whatever reason.

    Laura Eisenhower talked about this very thing happening to her. This guy came into her life, then suddenly they became involved in a relationship, then suddenly he was ardently trying to pursuade her to sign up to be colonize Mars with some other people. She explained that what stopped her was her instincts –something just didn’t feel right about the whole thing. So, she ended up giving the guy the boot out of her life. Later when she learned things about the real Mars agenda, she was really glad she did that. So, yeah, be vigilant. When these people are so eager to “heal” you, for you to “contact” them for this or that, don’t just go, “OK.” Investigate it further as much as you can. It may be a case of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Again, thanks James, and thanks everyone.
    Take care.

  5. Shut up Duncan. You fascist censor.

    James will this be recorded? I would love to go but I couldn’t afford the ticket even if NYC wasn’t across the country. I know the event needs money to go on, but will it one day say be on YouTube? Thanks James.

    • that is a goal. we have more tickets available if your financial situation does change. A special guest is going to be there. His name is Berry and he was alleged to be Tesla in his past life.

      • what exactly do you “Strongly Disagree with James Rink” on? Specifically… You all stick around to read his blog enough to comment. You all know what you put your energy towards, you get more of that, so what is it you disagree on if you’re all putting so much energy towards stating you do disagree. What you fight, you will attract.


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