My surrogation process began in an alternate reality in which Earth was destroyed. I was living in giant marble mansion in an urban cyberpunk city on a breakaway planet in the Canis Major system which was controlled by Dark Fleet. The year is 2179 from our planet earths perspective. We were so rich that our house on the hill was the biggest in the city. I remember seeing wall screens and robots inside the home and outside we were right near downtown and there were flying cars in the sky.

My original mother was a 4th dimensional high vibrational Pleiadean ET from another universe. Her name is Vicki. My father Richard, was a 7ft tall Anunnaki with no emotion who ran a huge financial empire he is the equivalent of a celebrity billionaire in our reality. He was not from that planet.

My name was Brock, I was around 16 years old; I am blond haired, 6’6” and I got huge muscles from working out in the home gym. I may have been on steroids too. I also practice jousting and sword fighting at home. I already finished school top of my class ahead of all the other kids and was bored with life. My parents gave me whatever money I wanted, to do whatever I wanted with my life. So, I went to the Mardi Gras styled red-light district to visit Bill’s night club. In the breakaway, its customary for the young generation to hit the red-light district at least once when they come to age.

I am a rich preppy hot throb and show up wearing either a suit and tie or golf looking outfits. All the girls there immediately know who I am, as I visit often. They quickly head into the back and put on their cutest outfits. I have an account there and pay about 5 girls regularly to hang out with me usually at the bar, all of them are about my age. They dance and kiss on me and they have a crush on me. I treat them well and don’t abuse them like what usually happens here. Plus, most of their clients are either old or disgusting looking guys or aliens. The club has a pole with a mini stage and tables and private booths around that. The personnel are all women and one drag queen. They all look very young. Each of the girls wear a number which clients can write down and purchase for private viewings with an escorted bodyguard. They also do talent shows.

My parents know what’s up and don’t mind; they are too busy to care anyway. My dad sees this as an opportunity. He is seeking to be released from a contract with the observers. These are a group of archangel aliens which look like the observers in the fringe TV show, they are tasked with observing and resetting negative timelines throughout the cosmos. Dad makes a deal with them; he gets a new business contract in exchange for selling a piece of my consciousness to the Cybex corporation which they operate. Dad also owns stock in the company too.

The observers would use technology to project my consciousness back in time to my now current life on planet earth in the hope I could try to reverse the negative destruction timeline. Because in that future reality, planet Earth was destroyed from wars. From my future self-perspective, the procedure was quick but for me it would be a life time or multiple lifetimes.

The reason earth kept being destroyed is because the vibration of the people on planet earth was so low a psychopath could come into power and create destruction like nuclear war. However, if you can raise the consciousness of the planet the negative agendas are unable to materialize because it’s no longer a match of that planetary vibration. Apparently, the observers at Cybex had technology that could reset timelines so if something catastrophic happened they would reset us over and over, which is probably why some people experience Mandela effects.

The reason earth vibration was so low is because so many native Terrans have been abused and traumatized for so many eons of lives. To raise Earths vibration a fresh batch of high vibrational star seeds were asked to incarnate into human bodies on planet Earth at this time. If you’re reading this, you are probably one of them too!

The observers specifically wanted to recruit me; because they used looking glass tech to know I had the drive and determination to change the timeline being that I was Daniel Payseur, Perseus, and other lifetimes I have led as well.

At first, Dad sent two men from Cybex to try to persuade me to join, I was the perfect candidate, smart, young, and bored with life. However, I wanted nothing to do with them. So, the division studied me, they learned everything I liked, they calculated the perfect scenario to change my mind. Jennifer was created from a scan from Brock’s mind of the perfect girl look, by looking at my lifetimes and other realities. The observers pulled all of my records to see who I been with and what changed me the most. They searched for the consciousness of the perfect match on that planet; if she was not on the planet, then they would look on other planets to find the perfect girl. Cybex found Jennifer on the other side of the planet, and then recruited and began training her, in the art of seduction.

She was given a job at the club I would frequent, and she quickly became one of the five girls I liked being with the most, she would act snobby and harder to get just like Brock was. I would wait in the club until it was time for her to go home and I would follow her to her studio apartment. I would park my cyberpunk Lamborghini car looking car in her underground parking garage, it was a grey fluorescent pink with yellow stripes, it stood out in that district.

She would flirt with me and ask me what it would be like to live on Mars. She explains her interest joining Cybex, “They take piece of your consciousness and they put it in computer and make a clone of you, and you go to another place while we stay here and monitor what that consciousness would do.” It takes a while to get him interested but eventually Brock agrees.

When Dad found out Brock was green light, he instructed Cybex to immediately move into action, a small makeshift storefront was rented on an off street. The whole facility seems to have been quickly built just to get Brock on board. When Brock walks in and sees the same two guys in white doctor gowns, he immediately says, “I already said NO.” But Jennifer and the two guys help him change his perspective to see that life is not all about partying but meaningful things.

The facility had a spinning ring device which you would mount into. It can map out your brain frequencies and scan your body. Cybex also took a blood and DNA sample. There are computers and machinery in there too such as a neon purple colored light stargate portal device on the wall in the shape of a circular ring. It’s not operating right now but it looks like this is how they come and go. The stargate opens into a hallway and you can hear a loud sounding metal floor while its being walked on, it leads you to a jump train which can portal to other planets.

The procedure took a few hours and Brock really didn’t know what he was getting into. They told him they would be gone the next day and to ask all questions now. They said I had a determined consciousness which allows me to get projects done. They said I would be gone for up to 200 years, if I failed, they would restart the timeline and I would have to do it over again. Brock and my family would not be allowed to interfere with my life here. Jennifer also signed up too for the program and she also went to planet Earth.

The next day later, the facility was vacant. I go to Jennifer’s apartment and then decide to take the train to the other side of the planet to spend time with Jennifer and her family as I didn’t like living at home anymore. Dad had no emotion and he didn’t treat me or mom that well. Dad later told Brock that he approved and set everything up, Brock was really upset. I don’t know if he stayed with Jennifer after that.

I am not sure of what life time I was first projected back into, but around 1980 I connected with embryo no. 320. From age 1 to 3 I was raised on a spaceship in a high vibrational environment around other crystal soul beings. They had to do this because since I am a crystal soul, I require are high vibrational environment as a young child to incarnate into this universe.

The program was going great until the Orion group consisting Draco, Reptilians, and Greys hijacked the program. The civilization I came from was in the 4th dimension, which the Draco also operate out of, so it wasn’t too hard for them to hijack us.

At age three, the Draco used MMP, mirror mimicry printing technology to 3D print a body suit loaded with black goo to age progress me back to a fetus. The Orion group also injected me with a neural damper which limited only 2.8% of my soul from the future from projecting into this body. Looking into my head, there is some huge white cloud of cotton ball looking nanotech. This stuff has spread all over my neurons like a spiderweb which can creates a micro stasis field that can block memories; this is called a neural damper field. The Draco would then connect to my vessel with astral cord on the back of my neck. Years later, the alliance took over Project Surrogate and removed much of this damper field so that now 11% of my soul is occupying my current body. The Draco Astral cord was also disconnected, with a hole in its place.

The Draco would then surrogate multiple digital copies of embryo 320 into my cyborg mother who raised me. These digital copies all had my soul but I wanted nothing to do with this host mother. My surrogated mother in this life was part of the negative Mantis genetic projects. The Draco and reptilians shared their databases and used a quantum computer to find the best candidate mother which could control me for all their programs they had planned for me. My surrogated mother was chosen due to her being connected to the white magic lodges in the Roman times. She would collect herbs and make spells. She wasn’t a bad person but she was in a cyborg body which had cords and wires controlled by a negative Mantis. The mantis would overtake her cybernetics and she would act in a cruel manner towards me, creating much negativity, which the mantis would feed off of like a food source.

My fetus was supposed to be surrogated into a more positive mother which was originally part of the agreement I made. One of them was a full ET, meaning, she was not born on planet earth. This mother was raised in a catholic Irish family and was living in the USA at the time of my birth. I think her name is maybe Evelyn and she might be living in the state of Georgia. After she lost me as her baby, she was put into a psyche ward to erase her ET memories, memories of me, and her abilities. This was part of the Orion hijacking operation.

Evelyn wasn’t the only surrogated mother I had. After they put me with my mantis-controlled cyborg mother, I wanted nothing to do with her and I teleported out of her womb into another mother like Evelyn a total of five different time, but the Draco would keep returning me back to the cyborg mantis-controlled mother who raised me in the here and now. The goal of all this was to throw off the enemy, to hide the genuine version of me so they can’t get to me. The other versions of me all have my soul consciousness but are non-organic digital clone copies.

When my digital copy was about the age of three, one night the Draco opened a portal of light and took away my clone and once again put me in his place. They wanted to repeat the surrogation process in order to create a bunch of clones of me to be trained later in life as super soldiers.

They copied everything of my three-year-old clone, including his clothes too and put me in the crib in place of the original. When mom woke up, she picked me up and immediately knew I was not the same child as our energy field is different. My energy field was huge and high vibrational and blue but my clone’s energy field was much lower, as 42% of his energy was gone as a result of it being drained by that mantis.

It’s as if someone ripped a piece of her heart out. I made her feel angry. She doesn’t recognize me as her child. The energies clash and she start to act towards to me in a hostile way. The original clone boy was more connected to my mother. He trusted her as a mother and he let that negative mantis hook up to him to drain him too.


The original digital copy clone was then taken to the moon and raised in an orphanage. He is living with a group of slave kids; being raised a certain way to make him feel as if he a reptilian, as they are the ones who take care of him now. The kids defend the reptilians as if they are their own family, suffering from Stockholm syndrome. They also put spider DNA in him too which gives him some abilities such as being able to walk on walls.

His new surrogate mother is a green colored Reptilian woman dressed in an ugly looking dark brown dress which looks dated to the 15th century, on top of that she is wearing a white apron. I think this is the queen who would come from time to time to make sure things are in order.

MUNI – Lone Wolf by James Rink

My digital copy was being handled by a male reptilian with name of Mune-e. He looks brown with green scales; he is 8 foot tall and his job is to train my digital copy to become a super soldier. He appears to be part of some lower reptilian slave caste.

Nearby there are 4 cages with 50 kids each being trained to become super soldiers. I am located in pod number 4. There are boys and girls here but most of them are brown and black kids. Some of these kids are from other planets. Some kind of Zulu Tribe planet. The ones who fail the training are eaten or harvested for adrenochrome. My digital copy is here, all of us in this pod are named after the pod leader, Mune-e. When I graduate, I am eventually given a number. Because he does not really have a name at this point to keep things simple I will refer to him as digital clone copy for now on.

My digital clone can shape shift back and forth from a six-year-old body into the body of a huge super soldier. His super soldier form can vary with different guns, some can look like a phaser, or machine gun rounds, or lasers which comes out in three directions. These weapons pop out of his body from an implant located in the cerebral cortex. They use programable matter to make these devices which is camouflaged and controlled by implants linked to my arm. The weapons can vary based on thought.

We listen into the conversations of the reptilian mother queen. She summons the four reptilians each of which are in charge of one of the pods. “Laresh, Zark, come here …..Maldok…… Mune-e.”

The kids believe her to be their mother. They listen to her as a teacher-mother figure and feel like she is. Everyone here feels like they are reptilians. It’s similar to how if you grew up in a bilingual family you all feel connected.

I telepathically message my brother. “Digital clone, this is your clone brother, do you remember where you were born?”

“I don’t remember, I was born here.”

Looking into his head it looks like the nanotech is creating a neural damper field blocking his memories. “Digital clone, do you remember your earth mom?”

“No, we were all born from reptilian eggs.”

He feels dizzy now and his hands are getting cold, his programming is kicking in. He is forced to eat some yellow gel in a chemical solution implanted in the food; to keep all the nano and femtotech in place and it also helps develop their abilities. These kids are a super human race. They are being given DNA injections causing scales to grow over their once human looking face. The kids are wearing ugly dark brown shirts and grey pants or brown dresses. It looks like old clothes from the 1960’s. There are some girls in this group too but everyone is wearing old looking clothes, like watching the movie from the Wizard of Oz.

This Orion group is also using their DNA to make Reptilian-Human hybrids eggs; which take about three months to incubate and hatch in an oval room underground. The human children are expected to play with the hatchlings. They play hide and seek and catch games. The hatchlings would attack the human kids and kill them, and then the children would be regenerated. They would also scratch each other. The hatchlings are super aggressive and the human kids are just trying to survive. There is no place to hide and everyone expects something to jump at you at any moment. To avoid the trauma my digital clone tries to dissociates and leave his physical body but if he is caught, he is tortured, killed, and regenerated. “If you don’t cooperate, we won’t revive you,” they tell him.

The kids can be seen walking in a tunnel with their wrists tied up and all tied together. They are wearing some kind of nano bracelet attached to chains. They are taken to a place and put onto hooks on the walls and not given food or water for a long time.

The Draco split us up to conduct an experiment to see who would be a better super soldier. I would be allowed to develop on planet earth to be groomed as a super soldier expected to join the U.S. Army when I came of age and my digital copy would be raised like a reptilian. Back then the US Army was in bed with the Draco; but now it appears the alliance has taken the US army, over so this negative timeline never materialized for me.

In my civilian life, as a child, the mantis would continue overshadowing my mother and would continue to abuse me, draining me of my energy. The Draco would also abduct me and inject me with a yellow goo into my body which would grow into a spider web net connected to my neurons to try to short circuit my own intuition. Instead of getting normal messages from my higher self, it would be messages the Draco wanted me to hear. The nanobot toxins released in my from my body would create bloating and autoimmunity problems throughout my life. The Draco would also use the plug on the back of my neck to drain my life force energy like a battery to keep me weak and sick most of my life.

During my sleep, I would astral travel to learn new ways to sabotage their plans. It was decided the best way was to sabotage my voice so I could not function as a young adult and hence not join the Army. The plan worked so well the Draco had placed me into Project Abandonment. At that point they decided I was not worth the effort and choose not to upgrade and adjust my implants anymore, so when I hit puberty, they stunted my height to keep me at 5’1” at least until I was 25 and then I started to disconnect and go through puberty again.

In 2016, my mother died from breast cancer. She was about to wake up and resist the Mantis overshadowing her. But the Mantis took her out. They took her soul to some huge dark metal gray ship. Her energy body was trapped in one of the five labs on the ship. She is yelling at them to stop what they are doing. There is a big green colored grasshopper Mantis with red eyes looking at her. He has a round spherical computer with strange symbols on it. He touches it and pulls up my mom’s file. He takes it out of the computer in the form of a piece of paper with a contract on it and gives it to her and tells her to sign.

Surrogate mom had an Andromedean soul, in her past life there she was priestess of sort but not of the religious type, she likes to work with energies. She got fooled into some program when the Mantis came asking for help. Now that she is not in her cyborg body anymore being drained by that Mantis, she is a very warm loving being. She is wearing a dark blue dress with golden stripes with 4-point stars on it.

Surrogate mother burns their new contract and she goes into a portal. She takes the whole spaceship into the portal with her and bring these mantises back to the A.I. reality where they come from. She says “hi” to me and says “I wasn’t myself when I was alive.” It’s as if her mind as turned off and the clone of her was taken over by A.I. technology. They would put all sorts of metalized implants into her. She is aware she had multiple clone sons; she calls us twins. She tells me she knows how to help my digital clone copy on the moon; she can do anything now and they can’t stop her.

She zooms right to the moon. She is standing by digital clone; the cotton candy nanotech web is now melting in his head. She can hold his head in a way to wake him up from the sleep. She also does it to the other children at the same time. The Reptilians are distracted and not paying attention to what is going on. The reptilian queen thinks she is talking to the children but it’s really a projection. Surrogate mother encapsulates the children with a star with a tail with a blue light and zooms through space and go to different locations to take them back to where they came from. They are now on different planets.

She has a map in her hands and all the stars look like souls. She tells me I am already connected to all of them. I just need the right energy vibration before people can see you, all together you’re a big constellation. She travels back to Andromeda to check on her family there. She was extracted from her family too and wants to go home. The reptilian queen is furious that the children have escaped and executes Mune-e the reptilian.

Thank you Collin, Kimberly, and Oksana for your help with remote viewing Project Surrogate.

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