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My Automatic Writing Sessions

Submitted by Parekura

I go by Parekura. I am 43 years old. I decided to contact James on his Super Soldier Talk platform in order to tell my life’s experience. The reason why I contacted James specifically is due to his social and positive status in the SSP community. My hopes are that my experiences as listed below might align with some of the fellow members of the SSP. Perhaps some questions will be answered.

20 years ago, I was a hunter, tasked with finding people with potential and recruit them into a group I was a member of. Once I broke off from that group, I formed a group of my own, continuing with active recruitment with the eventual goal of offering the military a concept of training remote assassins utilizing remote viewing, energy manipulation and assassination via the astral plane.

Before I begin, I must state that I never considered myself a member of the SSP. I only heard about the SSP a few years ago, which was many years after the events documented here took place. I can’t imagine that everyone who started documenting their experiences confirmed their status as an SSP member from the get-go.

I was born in Riga, Latvia, in 1980. For the first 10 years of my life, I was a very sick child. I spent two years of my first 10 in the hospital. On the most severe occasions, both of my kidneys failed, and I was not expected to survive the night. Speaking of surviving, during that period of 10 years, I suffered from 4 near death experiences, with first starting at birth.

I was told by my mother that when I was born, the umbilical cord strangled me. The doctors managed to revive me, which ended up with me having two birth dates, separated only by a few minutes on the same date. I had a birth tag on each of my hands.

As a child I was always very emphatic. I would notice things, especially by sensing them.

My first encounter with a secretive plan was not that secretive. When I was 5,6 years old, I used to watch a lot of TV. Back in the mid 1980’s in the old USSR the only thing to watch was news, which were on every hour. One day at that time the news discussed about Ronald Reagan’s project Star Wars, which was setting up stations in orbit. The news stated that the orbital platforms will be loaded with nuclear missiles for ease to strike down at target locations, that the USSR didn’t stand for it.

I believe that that specific newsfeed is what sparked my interest in this field.

As mentioned before, around that age in mid-1980’s both of my kidneys failed. I was rushed to the hospital and had to undergo a tunneled hemodialysis line insertion, in which a plastic tube is inserted through the skin into a large vein in the neck. The odd thing was that the room I was placed in was a see-through glass, where I was able to see other patients. One of the other patients, a girl, my age, was treated with syringes, which were used on her belly, above the belly button. The holes on her skin formed a circular form with 12 injection points.
Even though I was told that I might not survive the night, I survived. After the age of 10, I had no more medical issues.

As of my current age in 2023, which is 43, I never experienced a broken bone, nor anything which requires hospitalization.

I do suffer from a few medical issues, but nothing as extreme as kidneys or an organ failure.

I suffer from chronic sinusitis, which affects the balancing of pressure in my head, with the worst pain focused around and in my left eye. I had 3 surgeries done for treating my chronic sinusitis since the age of 16 to 36. I am not allowed to have more, even though the condition persists.

As I mentioned before, I experienced 4 near death experiences in my youth. I can still recall the sensation of dying, which was extraordinary and fascinating. This sensation led me to become a kind of a “death junky” in my teens. I was desperate to experience this feeling of uttermost peace again. This led me to look like an extremely calm teenager.

I knew that suicide can’t bring the kind of peace that I was looking for and I wanted to experience it multiple times, so accepting death would be a no-go. My solution was spending nights sitting in cemeteries, trying to feel the peace only the dead feel. I spent most of my nights in cemeteries, hunting for that sensation. At some point I began having a following of fellow teenagers and young adults who were fascinated by my near-death experiences and what I felt and wished to experience these sensations as well. We would meet in groups and spend our nights in the cemetery, feeding off the resting of those buried there. I must add that I never experienced the full range of this sensation every again, since my last near-death experience.
At the end of 1990’s I was drafted to the military. It was obligatory, since back in the 1990, with the fall of USSR, my family was allowed to leave the country and move to Israel. It was then when I was first contacted by a stranger called Andrej who claimed that he was a leader of a group who can teach me. Teach me what? He said that he knew that I had some kind of powers of influencing people with energy. I never tried anything like this before and was baffled, but I felt that there was something to his words. I asked him how he found me, and he said that he was a hunter, and he can sense that I can be used as a hunter as well.

His training was done mainly through the phone with daily sessions which took 2-3 hours each. In them he described how to sense and manipulate energies. We met on occasion in small groups where we practiced energy manipulation control by forming energy shields or manipulating elements such as fire and water to move in the direction of our choosing.
I studied and followed him zealously until May 5th, 2000. I was trained to become a hunter myself, tasked with discovering, identifying and recruiting people with potential for the group.
On May 5th, 2000, there was a planetary alignment event in our solar system. When it happened, I opened my eyes, but did not see the room I was in. I was in space. I was aware, so aware that I believed that my mind was as clear as never before. I was able to move and look around and everything made sense. Suddenly, a form approached me. A circling object with an infinite number of moving platforms placed on it. The middle of it was an endless hole.

This is an image of what I saw. It much more simplified than what I encountered.



The next thing I remember was receiving a stream of images at an extremely high speed. When I woke up, I felt different. I could just look at a person and understand them. Humans seemed like such simple creatures to me. With this knowledge, I realized that my “teacher” was using me to influence his own power and I immediately broke away from his group, taking around a half of his group’s members with me. They were now following me.

I started receiving contacts from numerous groups and individuals who claimed to be either psychic or occultists – all wanted to follow me. I was stopped on many occasions by people of all ages who sensed something about me. I was told that I had the power to heal like Jesus, or that I have a powerful power that satanists would beg to understand. Speaking of Satanists, I am talking about those who do not commit sacrifice. There are different sects of satanists out there in the world.

Many of these people wanted to look at the palm of my hand, which showed a broken lifeline. They could not understand how – according to them – I lived, died and lived again.
Soon after I had a large following from people all over the world. To that end I formed a group of my own I called Fate. (I was a young adult at the time, so that’s the name that I came up with.)
While I was teaching similar techniques to what I was taught when I was a member of my teacher’s group, I believed that I would be able to utilize energy as a weapon, especially as an assassination tool for remote, isolated and guarded targets. It was the time when the Intifada started and IDF military was always looking for high-ranked enemy targets. This project, in theory, would allow to acquire energy signature of the target, use it to pinpoint their location via remote viewing and even assassinate the target remotely by severing their astral body from their physical one. The physical result would be akin to a heart attack or a stroke. In practice, as far as I know, the project failed. I did try and contact the military with this proposition, so I can’t say for sure if they pursued it themselves or not. Anything is possible.

Instead, after I completed my service, I began using my status as the leader of the group for my own benefits. I am not proud of that. This is the point where I call myself ONLY HUMAN, because when you get power and influence over others, it is an easy pit to fall into. My students and members did everything I wanted, no questions asked, which only boosted my thirst for more power and control. It lasted until 2003, where I finally realized that I became pretty much the same person as my former teacher. At that moment I disbanded my group and stopped my activities in this field.

I was still approached by people asking, begging me to come back but I refused. To atone for my sins, I decided to use my influence for good. In the following years I helped a few people, changed their lives for the better without asking for anything in return.

I wonder if anyone experienced anything similar as I had, or perhaps if anyone heard if the project I conceptualized and proposed to IDF military in 2001 was or maybe is in active development. I believe that if any group might use such a tool, it would be SSP.

During my interview with James, he asked me a few questions about my past life and karma.

Based on my experiences, I can say that I am paying for something horrible I did in the past. Some people told me that the reason for my multiple near-death experiences and the severe medical conditions I had in my first 10 years of my life were assassination attempts at me. Others claimed that I was atoning for something I did in the past, as in past life. Speaking of past life, based both on the Judaic Zohar and on regression sessions, I am an ancient soul. So ancient, in fact, that my past lives precede our current civilization. Perhaps for that reason, one of the active abilities I possessed was automatic writing – where writing is done in a trance-like state, and you feel that your body is not your own or that you are dictated the text you write. The result comes out quickly and you don’t know what you are writing until you read it. In one of these sessions, I ended up writing about me seeing hairy humans with rags who fall asleep, but I have no concept of what sleeping is, so I find it fascinating how this species dies and resurrects when the light comes out again. In another session I ended up writing about a solar system with artificial sun and planets, which is being destroyed by a species in a specific way. It seems that I was there and documented the event. It also felt that it was my, full or partial fault.

Today this sounds like a fantasy tale, but even so, at the back of my head, I can sense that the events posted here are true – at least to me – and perhaps, to some of you. Since I stopped acting in this field, I blocked my abilities. I am no longer an empath as I once was, and I can barely show emotion. I know that if I ever open-up and start actively practicing again, I will become the man I once was. It is tempting but frightening as well. Humans are so predictable and so easy to control.

If anyone has questions, feel free to contact me by posting a comment here or by sending a mail to parekura@gmail.com


Adrian Dvir:

Lets talk about Death

I would like to talk with you about death. What do you think about it?
Does it scare you or perhaps you find it fascinating?
Do you fear death or look forward to meet it?
And what do you think you will find there when you trully end your life and die?Let me tell you what i think about it based on my experience with death. You may find it tragic and depressing, or maybe fascinating and fantastic, or maybe it will even open your eyes to something like it did to me. I can’t really tell because between you and me its up to and your opinions on the matter.- So what is “death”?
I think that death is a state of peace, not the normal peace like when you rest or sleeping, or on drugs, no. This peace is an overwhelming feeling of absolute peace. When you are in this state you don’t feel anything that can hurt you or do you harm. You can probably find many names for this state of being but it won’t come even close to what i’m trying to explain here. Let me describe it to you. You are standing in darkness, but there is no floor, there are no walls, no ceiling, no sky, no stars, absolutely nothing around you. It is not even real darkness because nothing is there. You can barely see a mere shadowy fragment of your figure and yet you don’t feel the weight of your body. You turn your eyes all around, look on your hands and feel the muscles move but in the same time you don’t feel it at all. It looks like a dream you probably dreamt before, because you have this feeling that it will be over soon and you will wake up in the bed, but as time passes everything is gradually taken from you. Feel by feel, emotion by emotion and suddenly you just “know” that you “are” and thats about it. Your mind; thoughts and emotions are drawn away from you and you seem to forget everyone and everything. What is left is the “i know that i exist but i can’t see or feel myself” feeling. And when every feel and emotion is taken from you, you start to feel the real “peace” growing inside you. You start to understand that there is nothing you can see, nothing you have to think about, there are no problems left, no things to do, to think about. There are no people, no parents, no friends, no relatives, no loved, no hated people. You forgot them and it seems to you that you never knew them and never felt anything at all. You become a mere substance of most pure of states and it feels so good. This is the only time when you truly really rest. It is unlike any other feeling you’ve ever had, and to people like me and many others who experienced near death experience is as addictive as a good dope for a junkie that used drugs since the first day of his life.- And what about the “Afterlife” you say?
I believe that if i tell you that this is the end and that all the stories about heaven and hell and all the rest of “afterlife” places are all fiction tales, then you’ll think of me as a liar or something like that. Well, i guess you have to die entirely to “see” what the afterlife can give you. I saw only a glimpse of what death has to offer. I do know this, that there is a journey you have to take in order to come to that state of peace as i told about before. And this journey is something that some of us remember, and many of us don’t. There are those people who see “visions” of that journey, even for a moment and it changes their lives forever.
Many religions speak about a trial of your actions made by God or by his angels. You know, everyone sees his journey in his own personal way, because when you die, in the first minutes of your death, you are still “awake” in some way. Your consciousness is still working, even if partly and you see visions of your beliefs. It happens almost immediatly and if you are revived in time, you can remember vaguely visions of “floating in a tunnel toward a light” or “meeting your deceased friends and family” or “seeing angels” or “even yourself floating away from your body” and many more. It depends on what you know, or what you heard or believe in. I won’t say that this is the truth, because i can’t be sure that my opinion is the right one. Who knows, maybe you know the right answer on that question! ;)

There was a moment in my life when i thought that i saw whats there for me when i die. It was horrible! I know that i did many bad things in my life and i have to pay for it one day, but that was too damn much! I saw this “vision” for only a brief of a second and i couldn’t sleep or even close my eyes for a week! What i saw is in fact a picture of emotions of fear and incredible pain connected together and drawn to highest point bearable and probably much higher. The picture i’ve seen in my mind that describes this feeling was hundreds of blades shaped in so many forms that i can’t count cut my flesh and insides over and over again, some of them going slow while others go very fast and yet i’m still in one piece. There is no blood though, only an unbearable pain that each time you feel it, feels like its the first time, and the first time hurts the most. That moment when i saw it, i knew that i am afraid of the journey to absolute death.
Even if the journey takes a split second, in a place where there is no time a split second is a long time indeed.
This is one of the reasons why suicide is something that mustn’t be done. Because when you kill yourself, you are stuck with your emotions as they keep on consuming you, and wasn’t the reason for your suicide was to get away from these feeling? When you think about it, it really sucks, isn’t it?

– So how come you are so familiar with death?
My life started with death. My mother told me that i was born dead and when the doctors thought that i was gone, i came back to life and then was my “real” birth. (I even have two birth tags: the first showing 30.06.1980 time: 17:20 and the one showing 30.06.1980 time: 17:48.) Besides that i had 4 more near death experiences during my life. Every time i saw something entirely different. One time i saw myself lying on the floor while my friends tried to revive me until my father came with an ambulance. On another occasion i felt myself drawn to what seems to be a light but didn’t feel the weight of my body at all. When i was 6 years old i fell from a roof of a two stories high building on the street that was stone and ice. (I lived in Riga, Latvia that time.) And i saw nothing and felt no pain at all. Thats when that feeling that i described above kicked in. When the medics succeeded in reviving me i felt so different. For the next 15 years i didn’t got angry at all, at nothing and i was and still am a very emotional man. I loved to stay in the dark all the time, just to bring this feeling back even for a single moment, but i never succeeded. When i turned 16 i began going to cemetaries at night and just sit there most of the night. You can’t imagine how peaceful these places are. When i sat in the cemetary near my home, i felt not only the peace of the dead, but also protected – even more than i felt when i was at home.

I think i said enough now.


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