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I put off telling this story because it is such old history. This is the event that ended my music career in Boston

It´s an oldie but a goodie

Back when they were drumming up public support for the war on Iraq, around the time of “shock and awe” they continuously, every day, had a woman on TV named Zainab Suwai of the “Islamic American Congress”. She ended up on all channels, I assumed nationwide.

Zainab claimed to be an Iraqi assylum seeker, having witnessed Saddam´s horrors. The one she spoke about most was the “Iraqi human meat grinders” which were used to torture people by feeding arms and legs in and having the people watch them come out as hamburger.

I knew she was FAKE, and hated her

After a week or so of this B.S. constantly coming across the television, I got a bug up my butt and decided to do my first real independent forensic job ever – locate the world headquarters of the “Islamic American Congress” and tear “Zainab Suwai” a new reality.

It did not take much to find their world headquarters. And when I did, it was a stroke of luck because those headquarters were located not more than 20 miles away in Cambridge Masachussetts. So I went there. All the way there I was thinking of what I was going to say to her, and what could possibly happen. I was going to rip her a good one, possibly even beat the crap out of her. I just hated the obvious lying propaganda . . . . . . . but did not expect to have a brush with an American intelligence agency . . . . . . .

I got as close as I could by driving, parked it and started walking. Looking for the address . . . . . . a big building or something large enough to house a “congress” of one sort or another, even a big room on a second floor somewhere would do . . . . .

And then I noticed I had crossed the point where the addresses were progressing in the wrong direction. I turned around and walked the other way, and then found it – it was a Mailboxes ETC-.

So I went inside. Now, everyone knows what Mailboxes Etc was. It was a place to get a fake address that was typically staffed by a 300 pound woman or some idiot with super thick glasses. And that is NOT what I saw at this particular Mailboxes ETC. It was in fact a CIA front.

Behind the counter were three super tough looking special forces guys in plain clothes. And I said it – A HUGE SCAM IS BEING RUN FROM THIS LOCATION – ZAINAB SU – that´s all the farther I got before they started screaming for me to get the hell out. I have always had really good cameras, and I had my good one with me. I walked backwards towards the door while turning it on and they screamed DON´T TAKE ANY PICTURES (CLICK) GET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT CAMERA (CLICK) DON’T TAKE ANY PICTURES!!! and as my butt hit the door, they vaulted the counter and shot towards me.

I got outside and at first they did not follow, they just screamed through the glass for me to not take any pictures as I snapped the last shot through the glass. I then turned and ran across the street. I was concerned because I knew I had uncovered something big, so I half walked backwards watching the place and before I was even 50 feet down the street a long black diplomatic car shot out from behind the Mailboxes ETC, screamed into the cross traffic without stopping and was headed straight for me as if to run me down.

I thought I was doomed, but when I turned around to run I realized I was right in front of an apartment complex with narrow spaces between the buildings too narrow for a car to get through and an open front and back gate. I ran through the barricades, which would stop the car by themselves and between the buildings. Once on the other side – well, there is something you need to know about traffic in Boston before I explain what I did to get rid of them –

Traffic in the Boston metro is CHAOS, and the roads seem to follow old cattle trails with no real logical layout. On top of that they are packed to the max with cars, and are almost always one way. So I quickly realized, before even clearing the buildings that they would never be able to follow me if I ran directly into traffic against the one way (on the sidewalk of course). They would never be able to find a way to loop back towards me. So that is what I did, and I ditched them with ease.

I then got to a point that was four blocks down the street the Mailboxes ETC was on, and with a nice long lens framed it perfectly and took a relaxed shot.

I had my own commercial printer for printing my promotional stuff for my music performances, and I used it to print up thousands of flyers that had a picture of Zainab Suwai, the Mailboxes ETC and an explanation of what happened. I had them ready by that night. And I went into the subway system and threw a handful in each subway car (boston has lots of those) because I knew the media would never report it.

Zainab Suwai suddenly vanished from televison and never appeared on television again. The CIA did not abandon that project entirely however, she was re-assigned as a CIA front to bring Feminism to the Islamic world.

The next day I went back to check on the Mailboxes ETC and it was just a blank building absent any signage. They ripped it up THAT FAST.

I was a popular musician – way too popular to ever get away with pulling a stunt like that. They knew who I was. And I started receiving threats during performances. They staked out the house and had someone constantly watching from the corner. I stopped performing and left town and laid low for a couple years. It was the end of my music life. And I was not upset about it, because I nailed the bastards.


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