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My Life In The Secret Space Program

My name is Bruce and I was in a black ops sniper group called Wraith in MARSOC in the Marines from 2008 to 2017, then I was in a black ops private Military from 2017 to 2018. This is my story. When I was a little kid in the 90s, I was abducted by Grays. I remember that it was at night and I was being pulled up by a tractor beam. I went through the ceiling. I remember seeing my parent’s house at night below me. A few of the lights were on. I then was facing the ship as I was coming toward it. It was a huge silver flying saucer that was about eighty feet across. I then remember being on the ship in orbit above the Earth. Because I have remote viewing, I see the ship in third person. I saw the ship and the Earth, and the stars in the background. The Earth was at the bottom left of my vision and the Sunlight was coming up over the horizon.

I was laying on a table in a round room that was whitish silver, and there was a cylindrical wall around it. There were four Grays standing there staring at me, and I was on an operating table. I don’t remember being operated on. I also saw porthole windows on the walls all around the room. In them, I saw the stars in the background, and there were little silver spherical drones going to and fro. They abducted me again many times from when I was fourteen to fifteen, and every time I would wake up with nose bleeds. Most of the time, I was above the Earth in orbit in varying degrees of distance; and there were a few times that I was in interstellar space past Proxima Centauri but not to the fourth closest star to us. Also from when I was a little kid up until I was seventeen, the Military would abduct me and take me to an underground base for training. I first got my memories of that when I was fourteen. I had a dream when I was fourteen that I was lying in bed, sleeping in the middle of the night when a whiteish blue rotating oval portal appeared on my open closet door. It was slowly rotating to the left of my vision and it had little streamers on it. An old man with gray hair who was wearing a black suit stepped through the portal and moved to the side and stared at me. He looked very much like Ben Rich, the former head of Lockheed Skunkworks. After that, a Marine wearing digital camo came through and stared at me. After that, I was on a super advanced mag leveled small transport with other kids. It was in silver and white and in an angular egg shape, and it was traveling at extremely fast speed. After that, I was in a super advanced deep underground Military base and me and the other kids were being trained for combat. That older guy with gray hair was the head of the whole thing. We did live fire training with regular guns, hand to hand combat, we shot what looked like experimental energy, sci fi guns, and trained our third eye. There were times when we were told to meditate together in a dark room with purple crystals taped to our foreheads, and we listened to isochornic tones. There was also a girl there that had telekinesis. I remember that there was a buffed up black guy that was our trainer and he was really hard on us sometimes and the older white guy always got onto him. I also put on a headset and had to fight aliens in fully immersive simulations, and the helmet was connected by thick capes that went to something on the ceiling. The most traumatizing thing that happened to me was that there were times that I was put in a deprivation chamber and in a tank underwater with a small breathing apparatus and I was told to stay calm after they had closed a lid on me and I was in total darkness, so I was not abused.

This stuff had been going on ever since I was a little kid after my first alien abduction up until I was seventeen. When I turned seventeen, I signed documents and joined Wraith out of my own free will, and I was also kind of drafted in. Wraith is a black ops psychic sniper Secret Space Program that the Marines have that is at the very top level of MARSOC. Its secondary name is N140. It consists of thirty psychic, cybernetic snipers who use remote viewing, precognition, and sniping skills to get exact killshots. It was formed in September of 2007, and before that, it was called Project Wraith. I joined on February 4th, 2008. After that, I did an accelerated training program that lasted a month then I time traveled back to three days after the training program started. They wanted me I guess because of my German heritage,and because I have precognition, remote viewing, and remote influencing. And my grandpa was in the Navy, and my father was in the Air Force.

For my first mission, I was sent to Iraq during the later part of The Surge by black hawk helicopter and I repelled down from it onto a rooftop during heavy fighting and got into position to snipe. I lived a Military life and a regular life at the same time. How my days would go when I went on missions would be like this: I would be doing whatever at my house, then the Military would show up by Military Humvee that had a cannon on it, then they would shoot a temporal anomaly in my house where I was at. The anomaly would freeze time inside it. Then the Military would come in my house and activate me then take me to the Wraith headquarters base which is underground not far from MARSOC headquarters at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. I would then be hooked up to a very skinny black exoskeleton and it would inject me with a clear looking liquid that made me more compliant to follow orders. I did have free will though, and both Wraith and Hammerhead are good groups that are fighting for people’s freedom. I would then be injected by a glowing tan looking liquid that would make me superhuman and work with my third eye. After that, I would go on a mission for some hours and then come back. They would erase my memories and dissipate both liquids, then they would return me back home, shoot another anomaly in my house, place me in the anomaly, drive off, then destroy the anomaly. Sometimes they would take me back in time to the same moment that I left, or a little bit afterwords, or hours afterwords. Sometimes I would have the experience of zoning out for a split second, and I wouldn’t notice anything, or I would zone out and it would be three hours ahead, or when I would come to, I would be in a completely different part of the house. I always had a faint afterthought that the Military was involved, though. They came at night, too, and from when I was seventeen to twenty—seven, I would constantly wake up with needle marks on my arms.

For my first missions, I was sent by TR-3B to Iraq, then I would be taken by a black hawk helicopter and repel down onto a mostly intact rooftop while heavy fighting was going on between regular Marines and the Taliban on the ground. The area below me was surrounded by sandbags and Marines were there engaging them. I remember wearing specialized contacts that they gave me that had glowing golden computer circuits in them on the tops and bottoms of the sides. I remember that we wore a different patch than everyone else. It was a black round patch that had Death with his scythe on it, and he had glowing red eyes. On the top of the patch, it read: Wrath, and diagonally on the bottom right, it read: N140. I remember that before me and the others joined the group, there were five men in it who were all in their thirties and fourties. They were really arrogant and thought that we were not as good as them, but we were way better than them, especially me. I remember that the Marines and Taliban were dying on both sides. I remember shooting Taliban members as the battle went on. There were also a few times when some Muslims were turning and running away and I shot them in the back of the head. When the battle was over, the helicopter came back to pick me up and I was gone. There were a few times when some of the regular Marines asked who we were. To them, we just looked like MARSOC Marines, but our patch was different, and I had glowing golden computer circuits in my contacts. We always told them to shut the fuck up and don’t ask us who we were.

Some of my missions were like that, others were just recon in the dead of night far behind enemy lines, some were night missions were we wore night visions goggles and had to take out key Taliban leaders with snipers rifles. There was a time when we had gotten word that Russians were secretly doing deals with Muslims and giving them weapons. We found a warehouse where they were and took a team of Wraith members and regular Marines to storm it. Two guys went in first, and I went in second. We were fighting Muslims and Russians. I moved over to the right toward a big buffed up Russian all by myself and I was being stupid. Instead of just shooting him with my assault rife, I rushed him and got down on top of him. He swung at my jugular with a knife, but barely missed and got me in the cheek. I then had to with one motion get my knife out and stab him in the chest and twist the blade. I still have that scar on my face. There was even a few times when the fighting between Marines and the Taliban was so severe that I had to be sent in by stargate. I remember that at the main Wraith base underground, that it rose up from the floor and it looked very much like the stargate from the show Stargate SG-1, except that it was oval and the Egyptian hieroglyphs were glowing white. It turned and dialed in , and a blue field of energy appeared inside it. I remember running forward and jumping into the stargate, and then I appeared in Iraq in mid air above the roof and leadned, then got into position to snipe. And the blue portal in the air that I had appeared from shrunk and disappeared. I did all those missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, except me using the stargate, that just happened in Iraq.

When I was eighteen, I was sent to Mars. The Military pulled up to my house, shot an anomaly into my room where I was at, and came in the house and activated me, then restored my memories. Then they took me to base. I was given my contacts that I put in my eyes, then I was hooked up to the exoskeleton. I was then injected with the two fluids, then I boarded a small transport craft that was black and shaped like a kind of stretched out pyramid laid on its side. There was a pilot and three seats in the back. After that, the craft went to above Earth orbit to a huge ship that was sitting at a spacedock. It was a ship that the Marines have in a separate Secret Space Program that they have where they patrol between Earth and Mars. It was about a mile long, tactical digital black, had red and white lights, and it had huge wings on the sides that stretched way out and tapered off. It was called the USS Vengeance (United States Starship Vengeance) and it had rows and rows, and rows of defenses on the wings that fired bullets, rockets, and beam-type weapons; and it had farce fields. On the inside, it was tactile digital black as well, and it had very dim red and white lights. Most of the Marines wore digital woodland camo, and the commander and higher up officers wore digital desert. It had glass windows, but most of the windows were actually screens that projected the outside of the ship on the inside, so it acted like a window. I remember that it looked like two gray outlines of a TV that was round at the edges, and it just looked like a rubber outline of a TV on the wall, and in the center was just the wall, but it was actually projecting the wall when it was on standby. And there was a button at the bottom left that I could press, and when it would be pressed, the image would disappear in little black blotches, and then they would disappear really fast and it would look like a section of the wall would just disappear and you could see out into space.

The commander called all of us Wraith members to the briefing room. He had gray hair. It felt very much like Starship Troopers. He stood in front of us and told us the basics of the Secret Space Program over all, that history of the Solar System, what is going on on Earth, and why were were going to Mars. I was briefed that there were many SSPs. I was told that every branch of the Military has their own, there are different patrol groups that patrol the Solar System and other systems as well, there is that group that the Marines have that is one of them, SSPs that other Countries have, an Illuminati type group that own most of the infrastructure out there that experiment with cybernetics in a bad way, and they are really into the occult, a Nazi group that works with the Draco, rogue SSPs, and many others that I don’t exactly remember. I was told that the Solar System had a super advanced civilization that have spread out across the Solar System from some planet, but they destroyed themselves and the planet they were on called Tiamat, that is now what we call the Asteroid Belt, and we haven’t found them yet. Also that the Earth had been free for many years, until the Draco arrived and used the Illuminati to enslave the planet. And we were going to Mars because the Draco had started attacking Human Military bases there on a bigger scale than normal.

As he was talking and pacing the room, these huge pieces of glass rose up from black raised up platforms that were on the floor in rows in front of us. They were cut sharply in angles at the top edges and when they had risen all the way up, they turned on and displayed pictures and information on different races. There were two pictures for each race, like profiles, and rows and rows of text below them. I was briefed on the Grays, the Alpha Draconians, the Mantis, the Connonains which are a humanoid doglike race, a blatlike race, the Lyrans, one Human looking group, a raptor race, and many other races that I can’t exactly remember. The Grays had been enslaved by their technology and a lot of them were cybernetic. Their race had been dying out and they had made clones, but that wasn’t working, so they abducted Humans to create hybrids to sustain their race. The Alpha Draconians are racists who believe that they are the master race in the Universe, and they went around and conquered and supplanted other reptilian races, and put them in their ranks. They have a pyramid cast system and their top people are fourteen feet tall white Draco that have wings and they are called Royal White Draco. I don’t remember anything about the Mantis. The Lyrans are huge humanoid lions who are spiritual Militarists and they are on our side. The Connonians are a huge buffed up humanoid doglike race that are spiritual Militarists. They are on our side. I don’t remember the story with the other races. I remember that most of them were reptilians and they were red colored,and the other ones were green. We were told that although we were fighting the Draco, the biggest threat is actually evil alien AI that would either be infected by a virus, be sentient, or be demonically possessed. I was also told about and given a medical device called a tourniquet that was like a black tube that had another black tube of rubber over it, and it had a needle that would come out of the bottom. When it would be used, it would instantly partially heal and seal up wounds. I was also told about another medical technology that was a holograhic medical regeneration bed that soldiers could lay down in, and it would heal them. It had large gel packs on it, and a clear sheet over that, and if a soldier’s arm was blown off at the elbow, he could lay in it and it would project an orange colored, gridded hologram of the arm down to the cellular level, and it would completely heal the arm in a matter of hours.

We were then given a tour of the ship and we were given galsspads to read whenever we wanted. It looked like a long rectangle, and when it would turn on, it would display rows of text in white. The girl that I saw in the first training area when I was a kid asked one of the crew if there were any androids on the ship. The guys said that there weren’t, but on some ships in that patrol group, there were androids in their crews. The front part of their heads are human, and the back is all robotic parts, and their voices are low, they carry, and they sound electric. I remember that they also had their own money. It looked like dollars, except that it had a lot more brown in it, and they had faces on them that were of different people. I was also given an ID card that I would use to clock in and out with. It had a special access clearance, my picture and info on it, and it had a black jell pack on it that contained nanites. It was so it could protect ships from getting viruses. I saw many parts of the ship, I remember that the engine looked like huge black metal spheres that were stuck together at odd angles, and there were multiple rectangular and cylindrical shaped housings stuck on them in random spots; and behind all that was a giant vertical rectangle, and underneath all that, there was a purple crystal. The ships main fuel source was zero point energy, and it had nuclear, solar, and chemical thrusters as a backup just encase something happened and they got lost. It used tachyons and quantum entanglement when it traveled. It could go faster than light and it could go intergalactic. I remember that the bridge was shaped like a forward facing rectangle. There were people on computers on the sides toward the front that wrapped around toward the front door. There was the commander standing with his hands behind his back way toward the front of the bridge, a small row of people on computers right in front of him, and the pilot at the front. The pilot operated manual controls, but he also had a headset and a glove that he could wear and he could pilot the ship with his mind. The glove was black and it had glowing blue lights on on the finger tips. It had four small windows up top on the sides of the front of the room. And a huge screen in the center.

After that, we went to Mars. The trip only took fifteen seconds. Mars is not red and it is not the dead planet that NASA wants people to think. It had a blue sky and it looked like the Arizona desert. It also is populated with many races, wildlife, had trees, bodies of water, and is very much like Earth. There is oxygen on it too that is breathable for a short time in the polar regions. The planet was once a lot more like Earth in the past, but there was a nuclear war there and the atmosphere got really messed up, but it is in the process of getting back to the way it was before.

I remember that Wraith has a base on Mars that looked like a smaller outpost and the commander was older with short gray hair and he was kind of muscular, with a scar on his face. We were in the Northern Polar region. I remember that I had digital tan power armor that had a pitch black visor on the helmet that displayed red information and a redicle in red and it acted as my spotter; and I used a sniper rifle that looked very much like the Barrett .50 Cal, but it was a little bigger and it shot a bigger round that had a black casing. The bullet was brass colored and after it would penetrate a target, the top layer of the bullet would break up in pieces and create a shockwave effect. It was designed to kill Alpha Draconians.

I remember very vividly some battles that were going on in a valley. I remember seeing human Marines and Draconians fighting each other far ahead of me toward the edge of the valley. I saw both people dying on both sides. I remember being way off in the background on a rooftop and sniping Draco as the battle was going on. The Draconian soldiers were dark green, seven to eight foot tall humanoid crocodiles. I remember shooting them. Most of them wore helmets, but some didn’t. And there were a few that I shot in the neck near the shoulder a few times and I saw a shockwave effect and they had a huge hole in their neck and blood sprayed everywhere. There were also times when I was with other Wraith members and we sniped Draconians together, and times when we had to take out key Draconoian Military leaders and sometimes do sync shots on them. There was one time when three of us had to take out three Draconian Military leaders in the middle of the night when it was raining and it was windy. They were walking around and talking. They were inside some kind of base that was up on a higher level off the ground, and they were inside some kind of pressurized room because they didn’t have any helmets on. We did a sync shot at the same time and shot through the glass and killed them. The were also two times when I killed Draconian generals with remote influencing. I remember that I was in a small cylindrical outpost looking building and I was standing in the central room facing a large window outside. Outside, I could see the Martian surface and the sand getting kicked up by the soft wind and the blue sky, remember that I was far away from my target, but I could see him because I have remote viewing. I could see that he was in a pressurized room in a base that they had built. He didn’t have his helmet on and I could see his reptilian face. I remember moving my right hand up in the air and balling it into a fist, then taking it down and unfolding my fist. I made him take out a long green knife and stab himself in the chest with it, and shove the blade through. I did the same thing and made the other general shoot himself in the head with his hand gun, I also made a Draconian politician that was on Mars shoot himself with a handgun, too.

For eight years, the Military would pick me up, take me to Mars, and wipe my memories, and take me back home. Sometimes, it was by the same small transport craft to the USS Vengeance and that would take me to Mars; and sometimes, if the ship wasn’t near Earth, the transport would take me all the way to Mars. I wasn’t in any space battles, but I remember that sometimes when I was boarding the carrier that I saw that it had bullet holes, missile impacts, and glowing red beam marks on the hull that were still smoking. I also remember having dreams of a bald Military man debriefing me, but it was more like an interrogation, and dreams of doctors injecting me with with needles. I also remember seeing dark green helicopters on Mars that had enclosed blades in rings like on the movie Avatar, except that the connector pieces to the rings were a little shorter, and they had no landing gear. I also saw large white drones that moved slowly along the sky, searching for targets. The Draconian ships were dark green, had wings that bent forward and downward, and when you would look at them from certain angles, they would change color and turn purple in some areas. In total, I killed 78 Alpha Draconians.

After that, I joined a black ops private Military called Hammerhead and I was with them for a year. They go after gun and drug runners, and they hunt down and kill Illuminati and Shadow Government soldiers. We wore a round black and blue patch that had a Hammerhead shark on it and it read: Hammerhead in white at the top. I remember that they have a base somewhere in America that looks like a completely blacked out unmarked building, and it goes underground, too. It has torsion field cannons on the roof for defenses.

For my first mission with them, we went to Chile and I was a squad leader of five people. It is the only mission I remember the name of. It was called Operation SharkKnife. The guys in Wraith must of known about Hammerhead, because the people in that group wanted me for my skills and psychic abilities. I remember that they were talking to each other. I joined them right after I left Wraith. They used the same injections exactly the same way, gave me the same contacts, and mind wiped me the same way. I remember that when I was on my first mission with them, we went up to the roof to where the helicopters were that they have. They were super advanced, phantom, unmarked, black stealth helicopters. They were smaller than a black hawk, and they were elongated, and they had a bigger cargo area; they also could digitaly cloak, and they only gave off a very faint hum when the blades were fully going. I remember that we travel to Chile in the dead of night and landed near a cocaine making complex. Our mission was to stop a drug running cocaine making business, and I was to assassinate the leader of it. I remember that the landing bay door came down and I moved forward, get on one knee, and motioned for my men to move forward. I remember that we wore digital dark gray armor and the digits could changed between black, and two different shades of gray, it could flow, and it could cloak. The armor also would randomly make a very faint vibrating sound every now and then that only the wearer could hear. We also wore a helmet that had the same color scheme, and it had two round glowing red visors for the eyes. It could see light, infrared, night vision, and a weird form of X-Ray so I ould see through walls. It looked like all the walls were dark blue with a little bit of green and yellow, see through, and people would show up as a very pronounced green. I also had some kind of assault rifle that looked a lot like the AR-15, but the barrel was a little bit bigger. We also had guns that were specialty made just for us. I was being gun ho and didn’t put on my helmet until I got closer to the complex. We infiltrated the complex and took out guys one by one as we moved in, but when we got most of the way through, we were discovered and got into a firefight. We eventually killed all the bad guys and I killed the main leader, After that, we confiscated the some of the cocaine and the weed that the guy had on him and headed back to base.

We did missions in different parts of the world. We stopped drug and gun runners in Africa, South America, and other places, but I don’t remember everything. We went to other Countries and stole data from computer servers and left, and also sometimes found Illuminati and Shadow Government compounds by remote viewing. I remember that there was a screen in the briefing room that interacted with consciousness and that had a blue holographic display on it that extended past the surface of the screen a little, and it was displaying locations on a map. I remember that we used it to find Illuminati and Shadow Government Compounds, and we had ways of verifying it. One time, I found an Illuminati compound in Brazil, South America that was housing Illuminati soldiers. I remember that I used remote viewing to find it. I remember pointing at the screen and a blip appeared. I remember that we boarded our helicopters and swooped in in the dead of night on them with overwhelming force and killed them all. Those are the guys that drive black SUVs with blacked out windows, and they wear black clothes with black caps. We found different bases and got into firefights with different groups and killed them all. I remember that my last mission was in the Amazon Jungle and we wore the same armor, but it was a jungle pattern. We took four teams down there and stormed a dock where people were running guns and cocaine. We got into a firefight with them and stomped them. In total after my ten years were up, I got 137 kills, and I made over $5,273,000. I was supposed to be able to get all of my money, records, benefits, and medals, but somebody must of known somebody or somebody was high up in the Military, because there was a guy who was making threats that he was going to tell other people in the Military about Wraith and they would find out that we exist. The commander told us that he would hold on to all of our money and just keep it in our accounts at a private bank, and keep all our other stuff, too, until sometime later down the road when someone will contact us about it. Nothing has happened so far.

In my regular life, from when I was 14 to 24, I was visited by a good kind of Mantis race. They were always invisible when they would appear, but I could hear them and feel the vibration from their feet; and because I have remote viewing, I could see them. They looked exactly like giant green praying mantis, and they had pieces of bands of silver metal armor on their body. I think they were monitoring me for something about me, I don’t know what. On the last time they appeared, they gave me a data download about them. They are scientists who are just researching everything, and they come from another arm of the galaxy. Also in my regular life, I remote viewed a lot of things. I remote viewed the moon a lot over the years. I remember seeing all kinds of ruined buildings and bases, also some that were active that were human and non human ran. Most of the ruined buildings were huge glass towers that looked like there had been a huge battle going on and people were firing torsion field weapons. There were a few times when I was detected and I got a really bad headache immediately. There was a time when I remote viewed alien machines that looked like tractors, mining machines, and other machines, and some aliens that were there doing some kind of operation. They looked a lot like the aliens at the very end of the movie Pacific Rim. I remember that they caught me remote viewing them and they looked right at me. There was also a time when I tried to remote viewing the whole backside of Moon and I immediately got a bad headache.

I also sporadically remote viewed a huge base on the backside on the moon just right over the edge of the top of it. It was huge and went underground. On the top of the base it looked kind of blocky and it is visible. The base takes on a bell shape. When I saw this, it looked like I was getting a holographic data download. It looked blue tinted and I could see that it had many parts and rooms, and many elevators. Some of the rooms look like they were from different time periods. Some looked like they were from the 50s, 40s, 70s, and some from the future. I saw that it was first an ancient man base, then a Nazi base, then a US base. I could even see elevator boxes in the elevator shafts in mid movement. The base is called LOC (Lunar Operations Command) and it is the center for all human operations in space.

I also remote viewed a planet near the center of the galaxy that was huge and overcast with thick orange clouds, and a bunch of races go there to worship a God. I also remote viewed four mile long cigar shaped human ran ships in position next to the Sun.




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