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My Scientist Guy

As told by A.

Hi I would like to share my experiences about my scientist guy. I was going to cheat and just copy/past stuff from my online journal. However, for some odd reason they’ve been deleted from my online journal. Can’t imagine why. You would think whoever deleted them on me would of taken the time to do a good job by deleting entries where I mention going to see a movie in theater with a friend then after the movie, I talked to him about my scientist guy.. I mean Geez if your going to do a job at least do it right. Wow, it’s a good thing said friend talked me into getting a book and writing it all down there.

Back in 2002 I was visited by a scientist guy every so often till about 2007? He was very short (I”m 5 ft and he only came up to my knees) had bushy white hair and a white mustache and beard that covered his face. He always wore the same thing which was a lab coat. I don’t know what he had called himself or the species. He appeared to me as human. Could of been a glamour could of been he was actually human.

The first trip he took me on was to see Saturn rise. He took me to Saturn because, it’s my favorite planet. We weren’t really on Saturn. We were on a planet (or a moon) and got so see Saturn rise kinda like watching the sun rise or the moon rise from Earth or even the Earth Rise from the Moon. It was really pretty. He told me they were coming they just had a far ways to go. He told me they were looking for something as well. He also told me to tell people they were coming.

The next night, he took me to this great pyramid and he told me they were looking for this gateway and one couldn’t be opened without the other. He also said they didn’t have a lot of time to find it. Don’t know if it was the great pyramid or another big pyramid.

I remember the glyph the scientist guy had me put my had on to open the door of white light . The room was dark and I remember one of the hieroglyphs.I remember him telling me I had the correct DNA to open the door. So, I put my hand on the glyph. And then I walked through the light and it took me into someone’s living room. Everyone was watching t.v. and they acted as if nothing had just happened. I turned to go back the way I came but, the door shut.

I think the whole point of it was to show me that it worked considering I ended up in someone’s living room while they were watching t.v. and they didn’t notice I was there. When I woke up after this, I caught myself rushing to work thinking that I missed a week of work.

A few days had passed and there’s this girl standing on the edge of a building looking down at this flat spade-shaped UFO but, it was it was identified as a personal craft. It was flat at the top and spade shaped. There was a hutch with orange goo inside. The pilot laid down in the goo and it covered him. The goo was important because well, when your going that fast you need something to keep your insides from hitting the window. When the pilot laid down in the goo they created a neural link with the ship. So, pretty much the pilot flew the ship with his mind. When you looked at the craft from a side angle, you could see it had a bump at the bottom for some cargo or a passenger or two. The flat spade shape at the top design was for aerodynamics.

And this girl tells me? (not sure it was me it was if I was watching a movie in this one) “it’s about time you fixed this thing” She then hopped down off the ledge and into the hatch at the top of it. The hatch had this orange goo inside and the pilot would lie down in the goo and fly the personal craft with a neural link. So, when the pilot thought: up, down, left,right, forward, back, etc they would go that way. It also had a bump at the bottom to store cargo and I think 2 more people.

Later on that night, I saw my scientist and he taught me a lesson. I think it was on group consciousness? I can’t remember what it was called but, I do remember the lesson. He says: the sky is blue and the whole world thinks this. However, two people think it is purple. Those two people go all over the world and convince everyone the sky is purple. The sky is no longer blue but, purple.

I remember being in a cargo hold and I remember a gold sitting pharaoh statue and there was me and a group of people and we were looking up at this huge thing trying to figure out how to get into it. Someone touched something and these floating stairs came out of the base so I walked up the stairs to the feet and looked around and couldn’t figure it out so the next thing I remember is sitting in a lounge in a space ship and asking if we’ll ever figure out how to open it and every one shrugs. I think it kind of annoyed me because we couldn’t figure out how to open it so I went back and walked up the floating steps to the pharaoh’s feet and looked around and found a key like hole it almost looked like a coin slot. I don’t remember anything else after that event. That happened around 2004

One night we were in the desert next to the Sphinx. I could feel the heat of the sun on my back. We had dug very deep it was like an archaeological dig. He looked at me and said “Dig Orion up, Set Orion free”

I’ve been inside an unopened tomb. I could see vases and cat statues all around me. It was amazing. The sarcophagus was by the back wall. It was black though and when our flashlights hit the sarcophagus, it absorbed the light rather than reflecting it. The lid of the sarcophagus was like the typical everyday on but instead of a human face, it had a cat-humanoid face. On the wall behind the sarcophagus, was a mural but, it showed a space battle before the gateways were closed.I can’t draw the mural on the wall. I”m not that good at drawing. I can tell you it was in space. there was a gateway on one side and three ships in front of the gate way. There was 3 or 4 ships on the right hand side of the wall coming towards the 3 ships in front of the gate way. That’s all I really remember about the mural.

I think that is everything about my little scientist guy. He stopped coming to me for a while and when he was “over due” I had a vision of two crafts. The bigger of the two was tugging a smaller craft behind them. You could tell both ships had scorch marks on them as if they were in a fight. I’ve not heard from him since.

Sorry this is so long. There’s so much to write about over those couple of years.

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