Wednesday, May 29, 2024

New message from the Council of 9 for all groups

Do not worry Biden will not succeed with the UN. All they are doing will go South. No one will survive from the Forum of Foreign Relations. Not one evil soul. All of them to dust. It is the Law. Gates is not who you see anymore. The evil split in power. Now it is a war between them. Not one of them will survive from their own doing. In the next couple of months, BIG changes. BIG. You will all see the outrage. You will all see the evil destroying themselves. Full exposure. Global outrage. Do not travel until August. Until then lots of revelations of what country will do what. The collective consciousness is not awake yet to full capacity but it is enough percentage to move forward. So know that you are all shifting to next level. New technology will come soon. Trains and gas in some countries will change with slightly different technology. Pay attention what country will do that and you will notice that testing ground for slow change. America is holding the trajectory for ascension. And the world is watching you. Sweden, Norway, Scandinavians will break through the veil soon. All of you will have individual experiences of who and how. You will be pushed to open your hearts and compassion for one another so you start sharing your hearts and goods. Did you forget your passions and power? Claim back your territory from the evil grab. The evil has your children. Your system is in complete control under the guise of free for all. But are you free? So in the year to come Scandinavian nations will be pushed to take action. Because you all have been asleep for a long time. Wake up sleepy heads. Wake up. It’s time for you to take your freedom. Event – watch the news that is real. Some African nations will start uprising soon (south Africa). So they have already seen the evil intentions. THE RISING SUN – we know who you are. Do not take action until the middle of September. The outcome then will be positive and 100 percent victory. The BLACK DRAGON – You have to increase the pressure and in 3 months VICTORY. The seven generations family will crumble under pressure and could never be able to open the evil locks. The stargate on the left side of the Moon is secure. Move forward. The galactic sectors of interstellar fleet is already in positions. ENGAGE NOW. All sectors are moving forward. “Liberation Protocol” ENGAGE. It is a law. After that we are willing to negotiate for new territories only if is in conscious awareness for the entire human race. You will all have new banking systems soon. Remember to share. Everyone should have a piece of the goods. Do not get greedy. It’s time to do the right thing. Do not touch the seedlings. So they are under full protection and consequences for you will be deadly. Remember your promises. Leave the seedlings and their families free. End of message`.


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