James I have been having so many “dreams” about this stuff lately…. I’m not sure if they are MILAB generated or another ‘test” and was hoping you or someone on your blog might be able to help me figure out if this was a dream or not.

Well in my dream I was in my kitchen wearing my night gown and there was military men around me. One of the Officers dressed in blue spoke with a German accent (talking about the Black Forrest in Germany) tried to get me to sign a contract on a odd, flat, glass thing, (like the top of an IPAD) and I said, “Not without my partner…”

One of the men in uniform replied, “He’s on a mission at the present moment…” Then, that man who had on dress blues with a German accent looked at me..he was bald and said, “You will like The Black Forest of Germany…we make some of the finest honey in the world…” Another man, he was dressed in like corporate business suit. He was preparing more documents for me. I remember being confused.

The next day, I looked up “Honey and Germany” and found on Google….they produce a lot of raw honey.—in the Black Forest region. Maybe a psychic dream???? Let me ask you……………..Do , well, Super Soldiers sometimes have partners they work with on some level?? Why would there be 3 military types (one w/German accent in dress blues) with a corporate type as well? (if you could? Thanks!)

Thanks James….hugs you.

I think you been doing a bit more then dreaming lol. – James Rink