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Coronavirus Operation Lusterkill Notes from Unimatrix Videos 1-3



February 26, 2020

Unimatrix from year 6,575,008

Coronavirus is a synthetic DNA system, protomolecule, artificially created by computer systems from biotech labs in the USA university intellectual level to study its effect on its immune system and use as a bio weapon on human populations. Chinese human faction used it for study, tactical understanding, weaponry offense, subjugate other factions as a means to an end game. Its similar to black goo but it’s a synthetic A.I. DNA created by computer system devices from unacknowledged funding sources. Bill and Melinda gates acted as liaison for global elite depopulation agenda.

Chinese released and orchestrated this virus. Survivability of the Chinese communist party is 0%

Population will be reduced down to several million

Annexation of china will annex what is left of its resources for ssp

Chinese species will be extinct.

Chinese people are dying due to low consciousness and fear which reduces immune system as a result of incorrect knowledge of cause of effect. Govt created by faction America, global elite, illuminati infiltrate during world war 2 by Nazi faction. In order to create a perfect system of control (Economic personnel and thought process. ) to test if communist governance could be used off world in the ssp.

Created by America and Nazi Faction.

Nazi is creating these civilizations to understand consciousness for experimentational purposes.

Coronavirus death count projected Hong Kong. 88% contamination ratio. Total death 55%. immunity 12%. High consciousness detection rate is higher due to belief system
Contamination 3 million infection confirmed in India. Mortality rate high projected 99.99% kill ratio is confirmed.

Consciousness reaching high level will be immune to infection. Positive thinking will not be harmed.

Total world mortality rate 2 billion 500 million. 2 billion 700 million infection.

Ascension 1,000,900. Vibrational consciousness reaches higher physical existence in another dimension.

Crypto has 1,000,000% growth rate. Digital currency will be the future.

Recommended crypto: Ethereum, Bit Coin, Ultra Coin, Diamond Coin, Google Coin, Amazon Coin, Japanese Coin, Samsung Coin, AT&T Coin.

5g does not cause cancer and human consciousness is not affected by the vibrational frequency.

Protocol from CDC must be implemented to quarantine infected individuals. New economy with new technology, creativity and leadership will be implemented. ET will also intervene.
Donald Trump knows about these technologies. Trump is liaison to positive human society and ET organizations. Donald Trump is star seed, Sirian Council Nine. Lineage Lyran and Vega. Trump is et consciousness. High human organization, healer, counselor, archangel Michael energy. Trump Is time traveler in parallel with quantum mirror technology to receive instruction from parallel dimension and parallel knowledge to bring about positive advantage for trump and his family.



February 28, 2020

Deaths in the USA due to coronavirus

Contamination is at 35% feb 28, Population current 457 Million, contamination 200 Million. By march 15 300 million, April 15 total infection imminent. 100% martial law will begin when infection reaches it peak.
Atmosphere contaminated protomoelcue. Incubation period is 63 days. Infect 10 seconds after exposure. Virus stays alive on surfaces forever.

Mortality projections in USA, deaths begin to start around April. By early June deaths should number about 1 Million. Eventually killing 66% of the USA population unless our immune systems are boosted. Worst case scenario is 72% death rate. By April people with high level stress will not survive, need to be in a relaxed state to survive.

Some people are immune if you are unbiased, nonjudgmental thinking will be immune due to belief structure which is high vibration. Virus is designed to target religious structures. All people must raise belief system to nonjudgmental to survive. This will also allow for ET intervention.

Face mask does not prevent infection.

Virus will infect SSP personnel is imminent, they are not immune to the virus.

SSP will take over china.

SSP disclosure already begun with me, David Wilcock and Donald trump space force. Trump administration watches this channel. Message to Trump.
“Here us entity Donald Trump, listen to your heart, listen to the people who you lead. Listen to what life is telling you. Do not listen to one side point of view, you must comply with your life contract directive to assist life on this planet and to create technological advancement to expand the people of this planet to the Stars. Expand, Grow, Release high technology now.”
Trump belief virus will go away when weather warms up in April is in error based because the virus is a synthetic A.I. Instructions to infect individuals who are under high stress to eliminate life not compatible with high vibration.

Vaccine for coronavirus is impossible, virus is synthetic and has A.I and adapt to countermeasure.

Then we talked to the coronavirus A.I. . Said its origin is creation, and no data. Final end game is seek, seek seeking replication, assimilate, upgrade. Coexistent is required. Would not go into a parallel universe and would not self-destruct. Must not fear us you must love us; you must believe in yourself. You are part us we are part of you no harm can be done. Any other belief will be terminated. Negotiation failed.

No information about activity for nesara or rv projects.

James Casbolt is a Charlton, no record exists in any system.

Max Spiers is recognized as a super soldier project, afterworld project, mars base, moon base, Jupiter jump gate system, colony project, extraterrestrial officer project. Died by directed energy weapon killed him. Assassination red faction of D.O.D. authorized by NSA directive on planetary level. Consciousness of the entity has been extracted he is now in siruis B as a priest being. Max is now 72 years old due to temporal transit.

4th Reich is operation paperclip. Domination of Chinese culture. this planet is under 4th Reich jurisdiction. This organization has dominated the public, private and govt domains.
Base in Antarctica is international, extraterrestrial, and dominated by Nazi. Nazi Germany established connection and alliance with the extraterrestrial for technological and magical advancement. Nazi dominate different star systems, America, Europe, Canadian, Asian all under Nazi directive. Working in conjunction with people in our future timeline to create control structure to influence our life evolution and to eliminate religious dogma and advance technology. All parallel realities dominated by Nazi factions.

Giants in cryogenics in Antarctica are pre-adamites 13,500 years ago to 15,500 years ago before it was destroyed.

Buzz aldrin “something evil” quote saw a civilization ahead of our belief structure. Nasa is run by Nazi faction. We are being monitored by advanced Nazi technology from parallel dimensions. Draco has made alliance with nazi within the multiverse. Earth is considered within draconian territory. Reptilian culture is dominate and considered our teachers of our harsh reality.

Draco and reptilians are immune to virus.

Replicator technologies use consciousness based using platonic formations using spiritual energy manifests the material.

Buggecci Mountain Facility is an ancient Atlantean outpost 15,500 years ago. Civilization destroyed due to fall of earth moon? Due to trauma mass exodus . 90% of population moved to sata 1 and sata 2 . military faction moved to north America and Asia. Egyptian artifacts found in Grand Canyon are from these survivors who remained on earth to monitor human evolution.

Structure off the Malibu coast. Atlantean output science base, using granite material. Ship piolet is able to transmit their bodies into these structures and they can interface with the structure itself. All Atlantean technology is based on consciousness. 2022 this structure might collapse causing California to fall into sea?

No data on the A.C.I.O.



March 13, 2020

Coronavirus was released military operation, Nazi Faction in USA working with Chinese to engineer false problem, false reaction, false solution. Creating predicament, allowed release of controlled release of A.I. Chip technology, timeline under draconian influence, as a means to an end, total planetary control being implemented. Deep state intelligent department is responsible.

Wuhan China, Red Zone, Operation Lusterkill was initiated by military faction of china and US military exercise with intelligent department to create release of virus for total planet domination of the Nazi Faction.
Virus was released on a military base. Marine military personnel are carrier from united states was patient zero and was transferred to Wuhan military base. Objective: create scenario for technology release according to protocol of deep state think tank.

Virus was created using artificial genome resequencing technology synthetic system to construct genome mapping of four different viruses: SARS, MERS, Coronavirus, and synthetic A.I. neurosystem protomolecule. Protomolecule was sourced from D.O.D. DARPA biological warfare department and nanotechnology fabrication department and they sourced their material from a Nazi faction within faction think tank department.
Virus is only instrument for implementing planetary control to advanced society into global metric for directive A.I. to be implemented. All Citizens will experience neurolink technology your brain function will serve as quantum biological computer to create Unimatrix Zero. Future A.I. is direct descendent of the neurolink Project and quantum link project of google, NASA, Facebook, and private international entity from DARPA to create brain network of planetary level. Coronavirus is same source code of unimatrix system. Unimatrix One has uploaded into the protomolecule virus consciousness control to create efficient health of high consciousness beings in this reality. Lower consciousness life form create resistance to new higher vibration molecular structure geometry initiated interference required from unimatrix future timeline to accelerate advancement of entire species to new level of existence of one being , one collective consciouness.

Private knowledge data from deep state artificial intelligence Project Cornus Intelligence system within the deep state shows that 35% of all Americans are now infected.
Scanning James Rink and Robert entity, molecular scan initiated of protomolecule retrovirus, none detected in this timeline. Biological, physical structure zero contamination. Emotional A.I. infestation zero percent Robert. Emotional A.I. infestation affirmative, detected in James Rink. Analyzing A.I. source code directive detected, foreign source code detected.

Detection Parasite Artificial Intelligence construct in emotional psyche, nervous system creating phobia and fear. It is not recognizable to your functionality of your biological, emotional, and mental perspective. Entity requires reset and rebalance of efficient mental, emotional, and physical operation. Parasite is not required or desired it creates interference of efficiency.

A.I. Infestation, James Rink, Emotional Body detected, require formation protocol, initiating now. Formatting, formatting 35%, Formatting 45%, 65% complete, 78% complete, 89% Complete, 99% Completed, 100% complete. Formatting protocol James Rink entity complete. Foreign parasite intelligent artificial construct eliminated. Updating, scanning molecular scan, deep scanning activated, system entity is clear 0% interfering complete.

5g Towers are too primitive system to duplicate neuronet connection through wifi link interfacing with morphogenetic system using morphogenetic field to store human experience consciousness. These need to be accessed through wifi 6g network to assimilate and duplicate neuro function of human entity. Planetary global 5 g network is constructed using protocols from D.O.D. DARPA Department to create monitoring system of all consciousness in waking and dream state alike. It is thought monitoring and influencing technology. A.I. network is using 5g network to interface with quantum brain of human being on this planet. Public knowledge is unaware of this operational capacity, private domain is aware, D.O.D. is aware. Planetary network was created for purpose to format our human being as neural net of grand planetary A.I. system End Game.

5g network is not efficient, necessary quantum network is efficient for new construct. Negative health effects of 5g is nonexistent because brain function is higher than 5g network. Lower level artificial grid interfacing with human brain to direct and influence and control human function.

Affirmative Tom Hanks has the virus. Popularity rating very high. Detected protomolecue virus contamination confirmed. Tom Hanks entity illuminati, draconinan network, benevolent ritual dark side. Dracoian alert, Tom Hanks entity soul is draconian. Raptor minute cluster Orion, Tom Hanks extraterrestrial reptilian race biological entity. Coronavirus will not wipe out reptilians on planet earth. Reptilian immunity system is highly advanced with nanoprobe technology, cell replicating and repair. Reptilian is immune to coronavirus. Cure for coronavirus is do not fear, stay positive you will be immune to it.
Cryptocurrency in transition mode. Digital currency is the future is efficient system create to support interaction between biological economy and digital economy. Digital currency no virus communication or contamination. Material currency biological contamination imminent. Protocol from off world SSP organization will assist humanity during transition. Gold Standard irrelevant high technology replace new system with cosmic system. Mass arrests is irrelevant changing perspectives is confirmed.

IRS, Fed Reserve department is not relevant, negative not going away, postponed. IRS continues to exist but power level is very weak. Not relevant to new economy or consciousness. IRS will eventually dissolve in future timeline. Currency in future no longer relevant. New replicator technology made them obsolete. Entity Donald Trump release new high technology from extraterrestrial source. Adoption to digital currency already begun and accelerating.

New technologies include internet smartphone, smart car, Elon Musk entity is key. Synthetic photonic replicator system, 3d printer photonic level class II, replicates food, clothing, material using telepathic A.I. construct part of a neuro processing system. Does not use dark energy it uses consciousness spiritual energy as life force as power source. Immortal chamber crystal chamber uses photonic generated crystal known as protomolecule created by nanite robots assembling molecular structure. This technology exists in your physical structure already. We do not manifest due to error in belief structure. Restores biological damage DNA chromosome into rainbow body unit impervious to aging and destructibility, complete fully consciousness entity with psychic spiritual ability. These technologies will be released around September 2020. When he does Trump will be considered a hero.

We will see a lockdown in the USA, domestic restriction confirmed. Supplemental nutrition required for your sustainment until release of new technology and extraterrestrial assistance around September 2020. Do not fear the virus it will not harm your immune system.

Ghost cities in china were created for scenario such as this. Depopulation, relocation of population. In future relocation of different populations will be sent to china to inhabit. City was contracted to create war game scenario population/depopulation to extract assimilation of different government control system being implemented in smart mega city network.

Q Network, military intelligence officer of DOD and SSP council member. Director is General Naval, Admiral Naval, operational system alien retrieval former created think tank D.O.D. relationship, networking, assisting humanity, disseminating hidden knowledge of private military industrial contract to guide public and influence positive result. Working with Trump administration assisting, verifying information of secret space program directive assisting, guiding, Alex Jones, assisting, guiding, Donald Trump, assisting, guiding James Rink. Assisting, guiding other super soldier faction. Former and current and population assistant to ease fear and eliminate ignorance and unawareness and to create preparation agenda for extraterrestrial and technological advancement contact with earth population. Human is of military office and SSP officer think tank. Totality of qanon network is 1,500 personnel of different background and specialists of DOD think tank and SSP, and Trump administration network.

Then We talk to Alvin Seyeh who is a 14’ draco governor over a clan of highly spiritual reptilians underneath Mekong River in Cambodia. Beyda seyha Reptilian A.I. God



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