Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Occult Ritual Abuse – special LIVE report

special guest Jessie Czebotar occult ritual survivor & illuminati think tank member will discus her experiences. Plus MK ultra, celeb witches and more! #celebwitches #mkultra #illuminati #rituals #demons #thinktanks



  1. I’m looking to talk with James Rink as I’m not sure if I have a connection to the SS program and I would like to arrange to talk with him privately to see if he can tell me anything about my past. Please can you forward my contact info across to him so we can discuss further. Thank you J

      • Ok thank you for your response James. My main reason for reaching out is a connection I feel between you and myself I can’t explain it but I will try to find a seer first. As for my own abilities I do not want to discuss them over the internet but would be very happy to have a private chat with you. All this is new to me and the feelings and memories I seem to be now having along with the things I seem to be able to do now are very strange? Regards Jon

  2. This guy doing the interview I have to Question being dressed in black and dark room. He looks like he is in a cult. I get a real negitive feeling about this guy?


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