The following is the latest update of what Duncan O’finioan thinks of me. If i am supposed to respond to this , my response would be I don’t care how much Duncan and Miranda don’t like the work I do I will continue doing it simply because they haven’t stepped up to the plate to do it themselves. This also applies to countless others who are all talk and no action. But lets just say we could help people, and find ways to cooperate not based on differences and fear but on similarities, then I am all for it. BTW Duncan I removed your name from my video tags many years ago and rightfully so , after all who wants to have all that negativity attached to the Super Soldier Talk message.

And I have never claimed to be psychically attacked by Duncan or Miranda. However, another individual I knew has claimed to have been psychically attacked by Miranda. The main goal here at is to present information as accurately as it appears. I wish I could just says flowery things about Duncan and Miranda but evidence prevents me from suggesting otherwise. In the past I prefer to keep quiet because it doesn’t serve the highest good of all people to be angry. Please review my comments about the stupidity component in the following message and that will explain what I think of the rest of this post. With that said I still love you Duncan and Miranda and I do wish you both the best in both your healing and integration. beati pacifici – James Rink A.K.A. Agent Sabertooth Alpha Operative 54363.


Part 2 – Oh Gods, Here We Go Again

The second part to this post is something we have avoided for far too long. And we feel it’s time we finally spoke our piece about it.

As I am sure most everyone out there who knows anything about us knows, there are several other men and women out there claiming to be “Supersoldiers”. And let me state for the record one more time — I detest the term Supersoldier. We are not comic book characters, nor are we fiction in a movie.

First, here is a copy/paste taken from James Rink’s Facebook page.

James Rink According to Jay Essex Duncan O’finioan is 15% negative however the project he was in targeted soldiers who had psychic gifts and low IQ. They would then ramp up their aggression which when triggered would turn them into nasty people. SO basically whats going on in his mind is ” I am the REAL SUPER SOLDIER” HOW DARE ANY OF YOU CHALLENGE THAT and sadly hes too dumb to see any other point of view. Anyway his wife Miranda is 45% negative and a dark soul and im sure she plays her role in triggering mr fanin. Eventually the military realized taking stupid soldiers and ramping up their aggression was a bad idea so now they use genetic engineering and the rest is history.
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First, let’s take the statements made by Rink and someone named Jay Essex. As I am sure you have read above, he says that I am 15 percent negative with a very low IQ. Really. Where did you come up with that B.S.? He goes on to say that he knows what I’m thinking, claiming that in my mind I am saying: “‘I am the REAL SUPER SOLDIER” HOW DARE ANY OF YOU CHALLENGE THAT’” and that sadly I am “too dumb” to see any other point of view.

Wow. Tremendous love and light there, guys. But let’s get to the part that really has me angry beyond anything Rink or Essex could begin to comprehend. Rink and Essex go on to say this:

Anyway his wife Miranda is 45% negative and a dark soul and im sure she plays her role in triggering mr fanin. Eventually the military realized taking stupid soldiers and ramping up their aggression was a bad idea so now they use genetic engineering and the rest is history.

Rink, if you cared about anyone other than yourself and your ego, you would understand my anger at this blatant, bald-faced lie. But this isn’t the first time you have publicly written and stated lies about us. Let’s go back in time (something you claim to know a lot about) . . .

The Awake and Aware conference 2. You stated in writing and in interviews that after Miranda and I did our Friday night talk, you came up and tried to talk with me but I refused. That is a lie. Here is the fact: I did see you making your way through the crowd. I turned to answer a question that was being asked o me by someone. When I turned back around, you were gone. I apologize if I didn’t drop on both knees in your presence.

Second point of fact — you were using my name in your taglines for your YouTube videos. I wrote you, and I was even nice, and asked you to please stop doing this. You did not respond. Then I wrote on one of your videos asking again for you to stop. You didn’t seem to care about that, only about what I thought of your video. Hell, I told Chuck Norris to his face one of his movies stank.

Point of fact three – At the first “Supersoldier” conference, you stated that you were told that I was attacking you psychically, and that was why you were having such difficulty speaking. A blatant lie. I have no clue why you were having trouble speaking. Then you go one to say that Miranda was a “dark witch” and was psychically attacking … your grandmother. Mr. Rink. Really? You have a serious problem. And I have a serious problem with you. Not only for the lies that you have stated about Miranda and myself, but also for your B.S. regressions you do on people via phone and Skype.

You may be able to fool a lot of people out there, but you can’t fool us. I really could care less about your claims of being taken at night, put in an avatar body, growing scales, hair, lizard’s teeth, snake’s teeth, or a tail, and saving the world, the universe — hell, none of that matters to us. What does matter is what you are doing to some of these people out there. Let me ask you a very serious question. Yes, I know, I’ve asked it before and you’ve always refused to answer. But I’m going to do it again. What are you going to do when you finally try this crap on a real MK ULTRA victim? And you trigger them, and they kill someone, and probably themselves? Will you take responsibility for that? Because, Rink, you will be responsible. I have listened to some of your so-called regressions of people, and it never ceases to amaze me how they all get turned to make you look good. And you know what I’m talking about.

You have lied and slandered Miranda and myself for no other reason than to bolster your ego. But I have a way to fix this. Being that you seem to be the new leader of this so-called supersoldier group (we all know what happened to Casbolt), I have a challenge for all of you. Now before I put that challenge out, let me say this: I don’t know most of you. But I think it’s time the wheat was separated from the chaff, because there are far too many men and women out there who watch sci-fi movies, read too many comic books, and play too many video games, claiming to have gone through what we went through. We know full well we are not the only ones. We have never made that claim. Point of fact – we are in contact with several of them. So let’s move on to this challenge.

We have a friend who lives in Northern California with one of the best karate dojos in the country, and we have full access to it. What I am proposing is everyone gets together at that location for about five days. Let’s test the physical. Let’s test the mental. Let’s test the psychological. Let’s do an IQ test. Let’s test marksmanship, endurance, and so on and so on. Oh — before I forget — let’s also take a polygraph test. And this means ALL of us, myself included. We know and are friends with martial arts instructors, psychology professors, college professors — we have the people and the means to do this. And yes, we also have the means to test anyone out there claiming to be remote viewers, and we have the means to test people who claim they only do things when they are “pulled out”. No one gets a free ride. This B.S. has gone on long enough.

Yes, Rink, I’m an asshole. Ask anybody who knows me. But there’s something else they’ll tell you. I’m a stand up asshole. What I am on Monday, I am on Sunday. I don’t change in between. I don’t bullshit anybody. And I and Miranda are exactly who and what we say we are. Let’s see how many others are willing to prove the same.

In my mind, Rink, the only thing “super” about you is your ego. And finally, to you, Jay Essex, I have this to say: Ego autem te cognovi, domine cecidissent. Non me decipiat tuam mendacium. Si quaeris provocatio, accipio.

Time to put up or shut up, boys and girls. What are you going to do?