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Ohio Exopolitics Radio with Alara Blackwell, James Rink, and Max Spiers – June 16, 2012

In this video Mark Snyder of Ohio Exopolitics Radio interviews Lorien Fenton, Alara Blackwell, James Rink, and Max Spiers, as they discuss the super soldier program and the first ever super solider summit which will take place in Marin County, San Francisco, CA on June 23, 2012. You don’t want to miss this exciting event.

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Ohio Exopolitics Radio

Video edited and created by James Rink
Original Recording Date: June 16, 2012


James Rink and Neological Technologies does not necessarily vouch for the validity of any of the views expressed in this video and shall be held harmless by all third parties. Meditation and any information provided here is offered to treat for entertainment purposes only. Discernment is always required.


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