Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Another scoop mark to possibly make my clone?


Synthetics are used mostly in military space ops. It is a body grown from someonbe’s DNA but altered, or spliced with alien DNA, has steel skteletons, unsual strength; the synthetic body is then operated remotely by the psyche from the person whose DNA it was grown from (only the mind of the originial body can do this). You saw something like this in AVATAR but it is more complex. This is what the various super soliders will tell you, that they were specifially designed and born to be used as synthetic operators. Let’s say a “special” kind of person with certain psychic abilities is needed for traning and usage as a military synthetic operator.

From Former White hat…..

“Sample was mucus. They might be monitoring your DNA changes from the galactic center energy hitting te earth, as well as the energy from Alycone. They may have inserted an anchor in you to keep your body from vibrrating high enough to ascend. They have done this to others — like tooth and bone implanted “anchors” that keep you vibrating in 3D. My guess is the mucus sample was to test molecular changes from the galactic core energy.”


    • my former comment looks really dumb now you have written beneath the image lol !!
      for anyone reading this post, my above comment was left before the written explanation was posted up by james 😉


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