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Orion Prime

The following information was gleamed clairvoyantly by another fellow Montauk survivor. I was curious to learn more about my reptilian form as I remember so little on my own. All I had was the information given to me by Sanni Ceto which discuses my ability to shape shift into an 8.5 foot tall reptilian named Travik.

Well my friend felt that was not entirely accurate as my reptilian name is actually Dravic. I have the ability to shape shift into three reptilian forms, golden form, a silver colored version, and a green colored version.

He then saw me on a milab mission, in which the government wanted me to infiltrate Orion Prime, the Draco home world. So they activated my reptilian form to blend in and because I had been programmed as a super soldier I could hide my true intentions. While he is telling me this I could see myself there. The city contained giant spires like you see in Coruscant, in the Star Wars movie series. I went down a megalithic hallway to deliver an annual report on how the secret government was progressing here on earth. It contained a catalog of everything they were up too.


 In this report there was a list of how many human babies the Draco’s had ate. There was detailed about the sex and blood orgies they do. It gave details of the sexual practices they did on Orion Prime. They basically plug themselves into cloned avatars of the grey species and use them for blood orgies. This is an accepted practice and considered normal and healthy part of an everyday Draco’s life.   

There was also a list of how many humans were being abducted each year and brought back to Orion Prime for rituals, about 75,000 people. These earth humans would be forced to participate in blood drinking rituals that contained pentagrams and other freaky stuff. They also did this to greys, though I don’t know how many of them were being abducted. After they are done the subjects would have their memories erased and brought back in a traumatized state.

When my friend was clairvoyantly reading me this report my finger was covering up some of the number and he asked me to move it. So I focused my intent and I saw myself slowly moving my claw like talons out of the way.

There was also list which showed of how many spaceships the reptilians had given to the shadow government, about 100, as well as the amount of credit each ship was worth.

It showed pictures of brown robotic greys with metal appendages and how many of these were given to the US government each year, about 100,000 units.


Remember these beings do not have souls and are simply biological androids enhanced with nanotechnology. They are prone to breaking down often and thus the reason they are sending so many of them.

It appears these beings are being used for some kind of sick breeding program. Inside these robots is a round receptacle between the legs. There is some kind of device which makes contact with a male human penis and extracts semen.  Its then stored inside the unit and injected with nanotechnology to alter it. Once the semen is changed the robot puts on a different receptacle and implants this semen into a unwitting female human. These beings are also used to drug people. They can also target people they don’t like and infect them with illnesses. 


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