Hi James,
I was raised on an island in Alaska that the government in Washington D.C. did not want anyone to know about. St. George Island,  In the Bering Sea. Before Alaska was to become a state, Washington D.C. was debating about leaving the islands out of being part of the United States. The reason was the fur seal. In the summer time they killed thousands of seals everyday for the pelts. They sold the pelts to Russia and China, and maybe some other countries. For many years Washington made billions of dollars from fur seal pelts.
When Alaska became a state the Pribilof Islands were included. In the 1960s The governor of Alaska did not know of what Washington D.C. was doing on these islands. But when he found out he kicked Washington D.C. out of Alaska. They left the islands in 1983. By 1960 they just about wiped out the fur seal because of there greed. At that time they killed no more than 5 or 6 seals a day.
We were government slaves. They controlled who could come to the islands and who would leave. They limited how much food we should have.  They did that to keep ussubservient to them. We had no voice. They cheated my dad and brothers out of there pay. All the mail coming to the island or leaving was censored by them. There is a lot more. This is just some of the things they did to us.
When I was about 3 years old I knew I was reincarnated to this island for the second time. When I was 6 or 7 I asked the Lord. Why did you put me on this island with these people? And He told me I would find out. Will, I just recently found out. Over many years after leaving the island, I had to learn how to pray and meditate. Than I was shown images during meditation of very powerful men and it seemd as if nothing in this world could affect them.  And that was very intimidating to little old me for a long time. I would wonder, what was the point of praying and meditating if nothing could be done  to these men? And He showed me that on this earth no man is above another man, we are all equal. And Jesus showed me that He was equal to us. Our prayers and meditation can change things in this world! He does not show us everthing all at once, it takes years. Because of the way things are going in this world, He has been peicing everything together for me since George W. Bush left office. He also told me in Bushs last year in office that he has stolen from the American people on a grand scale. That took my breath away.
What you are doing is very important. Those people who cannot remember what happened to them that are under some kind of control need to be triggered, if that is what it takes.