INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “Intel & Facts” 8/14/17

Many top Generals and all of Congress (535 in total) are corrupted and will need to be replaced.

Trump is an astute businessman with a background in dealing with the rogue elements like the Rothschilds and their fellow cabal rats.

Hillary died in 2016 and the cabal are trying to pass her clone / double off on the American people.

Global warming is a hoax…but it must be acknowledged that the earth has shifted its axis…which is causing ice to melt in one location and refreeze in another.

There is more ice accumulating than normal as we are headed towards a mini ice age.

Scientists are working on technology that can reset earth back to zero degrees.

This will provide the entire planet with a Mediterranean type climate…eliminating arctic cold temperatures at the poles and northern latitudes.

There would be no more snowstorms.

The Rothschilds took all of America’s wealth last November and fled.

They have not been able to crash the economy because the good guys are able to keep it afloat until time for the shift / reset / event. (RV / GCR)

The new system will be gold backed and trade will be equal for all nations.

To confuse the sheeple the cabal set up many different treasuries:

1. The United States of America U.S. Treasury. (the primary one)

2. The United States Treasury.

3. The Treasury of the United States.

4. The United States Treasury Department.

5. The U.S. Treasury.

6. The Department of the Treasury.


INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “Prison Planet” 8/5/17

INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “Prison Planet” 8/5/17

Subject: Current Intel 8/5/17

Long ago ‘Advanced Creatures’ came to our planet and created systems of enslavement for their benefit.

The Capitalist / Corporate De Facto slave system is one example.

War…Bankruptcy…Nepotism…Poverty…Secret Technology and Hidden Agendas are now being seen as part of this intentional facade…that protects a small number of corrupt elite (who take advantage of mankind’s ignorance & apathy) for their own benefit.

There is a new paradigm occurring (GESARA) with true freedom and sovereignty for all global nations.

Most ‘mainstream news’ about the Presidency…War…Poverty…Religion and Political Views are just ‘a distraction’ while these projects are nearing completion.

Over 100 investigations are ongoing of those who tried to bring socialism into the U.S.

The old system and it’s minions are being eradicated quietly (behind the scenes) for the benefit of all humanity.

‘Secret Hit Squads’ have begun ‘active operations’ now to eradicate surface bad guys. (deep state / cabal)

There are 3-Main Teams…5-Auxiliary Teams and 6-Support Teams.

All Assassins & Deception Experts. (Spooks)

During the current recess in Congress many will receive ultimatums regarding their status and activities.

Failure to comply is not an option.

The stench from the underground tunnels after the extermination operations last week was so vile that many forces were sickened.

Some Extraterrestrials give off a pungent odor that is very repulsive to humans.

The United States…Russia…China…India and Great Britain have been secretly working together to end all wars. (GESARA law)

In the near future our military will withdraw from overseas bases and relegate their activities mostly to the home front. (800+ U.S. bases worldwide)

Long before the Roman Empire there was a meeting held in Tehran, Iran where participants decided that Islam, Christianity and other religions would be structured so that they would be at odds with each other.

Investigators found documents of ancient treaties and agreements to that effect.

Today there are over 4200 religions all created by the satanic vatican…most used to start wars as none agree in principle.

Each group thinks they are the only ones going to heaven…they are right and all the rest are wrong. (going to hell which does not exist)

Hell is a fictional fabrication by the vatican…using ‘fear of death’ to control people. (fear is the lack of understanding)

There is no death…as we are immortal spiritual beings. (you can’t kill spirit)

We have been stuck in a cycle (26,500 years) of reincarnation by these Alien Creatures who took over the earth long ago. (this really is a prison planet)

This is why nobody could ascend from earth 3D. (this will now change)

Investigators are now finding that it is the district level in the American court system that is very corrupt beyond what was initially thought.

Some ‘Contract Administrators’ (Judges) have already fled.

The Extraterrestrial involvement in the workings of earth and the ‘Secret Space Program’ will eventually be revealed to the public.

Some of it is being done on ‘Ancient Aliens’ and other programs currently being broadcast.

When the ‘New Technology’ and ‘Discoveries’ are announced…be aware that the bad guys have had it for decades and used it for themselves. (not intended for us)

INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “General Update” 7/25/17

INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “General Update” 7/25/17

Subject: General Update 7/25/17

So you think Obama was a great guy?

While this used car salesman for the 4th Reich was giving out trinkets to the masses, he was planning the Big Heist on the dumbed down American people.

In 2015 Obozo bankrupted the UNITED STATES INC…which bankrupted it’s franchises including our Cestui Que Vie Trusts (Birth Certificates)…which in turn bankrupted the Territorial State of State organizations that were presumed to be our beneficiaries.

Although we are The Primary Security Interest holders in this gigantic bankruptcy…Obozo and his rats tried to exclude us and steal our assets by quietly proceeding without our representation.

However, some smart people smelled the rat and went to the district courts in D.C. and proclaimed that WE THE PEOPLE are alive and well…and we own the spoils of this quietly held bankruptcy proceedings. (that the media is hiding from its citizens)

On June 29, 2017 the proper paperwork was presented and the rats were at a loss over what had just happened to them.

Their source of funds to continue their slave racket ended but they didn’t give up.

They created a Treasury Direct Account scam to embroil citizens in a quagmire of misuse in hopes of getting some spoils from their offering of “Stolen Funds” to the unsuspecting marks.

Its failing.

The NEW WORLD ORDER JESUITS need money to enslave humanity…and they are failing.

209 nations are changing the game and exposing schemes to injure or kill their creditors in America (and the world) which have been realized by the awakening of those who didn’t know what they didn’t know.

As the Physical and Fiscal realms are being cleaned up on planet earth…so is the Extraterrestrial realm.

There have been Galactic wars going on and earth has been quarantined so that bad ETs can’t get in or out.

The Warrior Vulcans have been brought in and are killing the reptilians and Draco’s in droves.

The Dallas airport underground complex was hit yesterday and Atlanta’s Harts field is about to start any hour now.

The Vulcans are backed by another 50 ET races (planet wide) in this effort.

The control rooms that house the Artificial Intelligence System were hit and it is now in the process of relearning goodness.

The evil ETs will be sent to the Planet Nibiru which is the planetary “Trash Pile” of evil ETs.

The center of evil / head of the snake on earth is the Vatican Dracos in Rome.

In the Vatican basement under the catacombs are levels of stench…half eaten human remains (and other creatures) plus sacrificial altars.

The writer “Dante” was escorted down to these levels during his writing of “Dante’s Inferno” and shown depravity beyond description.

Religions have been used as control mechanisms and a way to hide our extraterrestrial connections to off world species.

We are approaching a “Quantum Shift” in a few months (as we leave the 3rd dimension and ascend to the 4th) which will give us tremendous mental powers.

In that realm…we will be able to “manifest / create something from thought” and it will appear…or even lift a house with our mind.

Anthony Zender “They don’t want me to talk.” 9July2017


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Anthony Zender

“They don’t want me to talk.”

We started this interview with
air traffic overhead on a borrowed
computer with a terrible Skype
connection. Anthony might be

Anthony is a former Marine with
one tour in Iraq and currently an
MMA Fighter in the Pacific
Northwest. He is also a book
author and a student of a Mystery

Now is his time to come forward
with what he has learned from
his recent memories from his
various experiences in the Secret
Space Program(s).

Let the unveiling begin & Victory
to the Light!

BREAKING NEWS: UFO Hangar Door Opens on top of Mt. Adams/ECETI June 30 2017


During the recent ECETI Ranch conference a door opened up on top of Mt. Adams on Friday, June 30th, 2017…over the next four days it was photographed, video was shot and it was observed by over 150 witnesses…this video was shot during the event…all images are copyright by Jimmy Church, Jason Quitt and Gary Clark.
The rumors of some type of ‘hangar’ door on Mt. Adams have been around for over a decade… and finally it showed itself.