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Good idea not to buy this perfume!

Post Views: 0 Fame from Lady Gaga . It probably contains blood and semen. Crowley and his progeny and poison, but also nanities to control those unwitting souls who spray it on themselves and like a virus it attacks the third eye. Made and bottled in a factory in east Europe where there are ritual sacrifices performed with young victims that are kidnapped. Not a coincidence it was produced by a division of RSA films. RS for Ridley Scott director of the alien movies etc. Note RSA also stands for ritual satanic abuse. Starts with all seeing eye then goes on to the black milky substance which represents blood. Then we see the claws then onto more rituals and sacrifice …


How to survive the Superwave when Sun becomes Red Giant on 23 Dec 2012

Post Views: 0 Have you heard of Pane Andov? I think you will find him very interesting. Do you know that by 21, 22 and 23 Dec or thereabouts – its a critical phase for humanity. We will be aligning with the galactic center and at the same time, will be passing the energy wave of a supernova within the same time period. The energies from this supernova will affect all objects within its path, and our sun and its binary star will become a red giant. Our earth will also be affected but we can protect ourselves if mankind can awaken and raise their frequencies high enough (through personal and global meditation) to create a energy shield around ourselves …


Regarding a guard…

Post Views: 0 “Hi James I have been thinking why would they have a guard with a technician when you are milabed? They use two greys to keep you under control so what is the guard for? Could I be wrong or do they need protection against something else. This is important and something that should be noted as it is showing a weakness of some kind. If you can get in touch with other super solders and find out if they have had similar technicians with guards. There is something not right because even with greys around why would there be a guard since the greys are over seeing what is happening and they also have generals overseeing it …


If you are full of shit

Post Views: 0 “James I listened to youtube post James, you claim to be a super soldier, even one that would go on missions, so somebody like yourself would have a security clearance of the highest levels AND you would be able to access information on the Classified network and TS networks so you could “clean up” these incidents. I have buddies that look all of these clearances up in the national guard and can quickly tell if you are full of shit. What is the SMOCODE for where your JPAS clearance resides? Everyone has one. We can simply look up your eQIP using you name and see if it is valid. What is your classified email address? Again everyone has …



Post Views: 0 Note: I think this was supposed to read Jason Society and not Jason Group but that’s just my two cents. – James Just a thought about the Jason (July, August September, October, November) Group of which this MK Ultra baby was Bourne…get it….Jason Group Bourne.. The JASON Group is funded by the MITRE Corporation…none of the JASON’s are human…rather Reptoids who can only function during the hot months of the year…they Hibernate the rest of the year. It’s said unless one of the JASON Group is present in the One-Way Mirrored Glass Balcony at the United Nations Conference Room….NO MEETINGS are allowed unless at least two of the JASON’s are in attendance… Social security numbers beginning with 8 …


Third day of injections November 29, 2012

Post Views: 0 In the past 2 days I been getting cut marks behind my bicuspids. Well i got another one today. I see what appears to be a tiny needle mark between my teeth, see picture. Though it looks small its painful to chew on any food in this spot. In the past few months people have commented i look jaundice its possible these injections are starting to make me ill. Here is the blog post from the past 2 days. In the past 2 days i been getting a lot of activity Yesterday morning i woke up with the upper side of my gums behind my right bicuspids hurting. It was painful if I chewed on any food …



Post Views: 0 Please watch this and offer your opinion… Bush 43 used the Aramaic/Hebrew word Shakenah, which is a name of a Pagan diety…in the poetic verse of “Shock & Awe”. Shakenah demanded mass sacrifice as an acceptable offering…same shit different day here? Does this explain why Barry Soros likes Hellfire-114 Missiles so much… In Ancient Aramaic/Hebrew the name “Baraq” means “Lightning” O or U is a connector, and Bawmah, means “Heights” Luke 10:18 says, “And he said unto them. I beheld Satan as lightning, fall from heaven.” Barack Obama in these Ancient languages literally translated means, “Lightning falling from the Heights or Heavens” Coincident? Curious isn’t this??? Lately Congress & the Intel Oversight Committee wish to make a …


Lone Wolf – Alpha Squad 45 Copy Over – James Rink

LONE WOLF chronicles the alien hybrid super warrior program which was first revealed by Michael Pero. Known as a milab or military abduction these experiments are carried out under the direction of the covert government and off world forces who seek to create the ultimate Übermensch, a super human invincible in every way. Soon after this realization I discovered my friend Nathan was not who he thought he was. When I helped him break free of his programing all hell broke loose leading me down a path of no return.

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Footage includes scenes from the movies:
Universal Soldier
Universal Soldier The Return
Universal Soldier Regeneration
The Incredible Hulk
Total Recall

Tiesto – Knock You Out (Omega Remix)

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The Fix Is In…

Post Views: 0 The Fix Is In From Casper the friendly Ghost…  WE were advised three weeks in advance of the election, from within the pentagon, “The fix is in, Obama will be re-elected”. Obama was not ‘re-elected’, he was ‘re-appointed’. Five states were electronically rigged, we are advised, in his favor, making any other outcome impossible. WE found this news so distressing we have had no desire to write as it demonstrates once again that our country is in the hands of criminals, that ‘freedom’ and the right to vote or to ‘elect’ are illusory and portends, in our opinion, an end to any semblance of ‘free and fair elections’. This morning I read still another ‘channeled message’ espousing …


Petraeus Gate Update

Post Views: 0 Petraeus membership at the strip club in Tampa Florida is owned by same strip club that got missiles last night… in Springfield Massachusetts… unusual coincidence? Tampa Nightclub Springfield, MA Missile Attack please note the following verbiage… Friday’s afternoon’s explosion flattened a strip club and heavily damaged a day care center shortly after the surrounding area had been evacuated. Most of the injured were part of a group of gas workers, firefighters and police officers who ducked for cover behind a utility truck just before the blast. The explosion blew out windows and scattered debris over several blocks. DUCKED FOR COVER JUST BEFORE THE BLAST??? What did they hear? Was it a missile? Was it the sound of …


World Watch with William Ross – November 23, 2012

Post Views: 0 ASEAN: 10 countries and six dialogue partners including India enjoyed considerable clout in the summit just gone. Thanks to 40 per cent share in global output and three Billion population. The aim is to lower all trade barriers across the whole region by the end of 2015 or sooner. The US and Russia do not have status in the summit just observer status. Neither have such a bilateral treaty with the grouping or are involved in the RCEP Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. The seeds were sown last year during the ASEAN plus six meeting in Bali for RCEP. According to South Korean trade minister Taeho Bark if the two regional trade pacts do come into existence to …



Post Views: 0 Cause of Indianapolis explosion still unknown Authorities are investigating an enormous explosion that killed two people, and left an Indianapolis neighborhood uninhabitable Saturday night. Bombs have been ruled out as the cause of the explosion. By Charles Wilson, Associated Press / November 12, 2012 This aerial photo shows the two homes that were leveled and the numerous neighboring homes that were damaged from a massive explosion that sparked a huge fire and killed two people, Saturday night, in Indianapolis. Nearly three dozen homes were damaged or destroyed, and seven people were taken to a hospital with injuries, authorities said Sunday. The powerful nighttime blast shattered windows, crumpled walls and could be felt at least three miles away. Matt Kryger/The …



Post Views: 0 WAVE GENOME IS A FRONTIER OF THE TECHNOLOGICAL REVOLUTION WAVE GENOME is focused on the developing and commercialization of INFORMATION-WAVE TECHNOLOGY in application especially to medicine and agriculture. The information-wave technology we offer is more than 20 years old, but it is so revolutionary that only now it is entering global market. Our MINI-TESLA GENERATOR is used by Russian Special Forces.


U.S. researchers create 30 genetically modified human babies

Post Views: 0 Learn more: (NaturalNews) US fertility researchers from the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science of Saint Barnabas in New Jersey have created 30 healthy babies who have been genetically altered. It has been confirmed that two of these children have the DNA of three parents. The babies were created when women were treated for infertility by Professor Jacques Cohen and his team. Their eggs had defects in tiny structures in their egg cells called mitochondria. They had mitochondria from donor eggs inserted into these eggs, as well as DNA from sperm cells. The mitochondria contain DNA and therefore have carried the donor DNA into the egg. The babies will now pass on this genetic change to their children down the …


Human Cloning Ban

Post Views: 0 Human Cloning Ban Note the US is not on this list for good reason one may want to probe the us patent office to find out who owns the patents on cloning. 


Super Soldier Talk – Flashguns, Avatar Bodies, Project Surrogate – November 11, 2012

Post Views: 0 In this video James Rink, K, and Dan Macbolen discuss flashgun technology, synthetic avatars, and milabs and together they remote view into the past to learn more shocking details about James Rink’s involvement with Project Surrogate. K is another milab survivor who has been able to tune into her remote viewing gifts. And Dan Macbolen was part of Project OPENEYES USAF Subset Zeta Diogenes/CLEAREYES Level 1-5 and will be helping us remote view as well. We begin by discussing the October 15, 2012 interview with James Rink and K. Be sure to to listen to that in case you had missed it. Super Soldier Talk – Rescuing Max and Nathan with K- October 15, 2012 Video …


World Watch with William Ross – November 13, 2012

Post Views: 0 EU: The EU plans to create New Military Head Quarters despite Britain’s objections. Britain knows that with this about to happen there could be trouble for Britain. So a new OHQ will be implemented. France is also planning to stop individual nations from being able to veto defense issues. Key nations such as Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Poland will discuss in Paris how to move forward. This will come under the cooperation on Security policy in the EU. The plan to establish a military headquarters is to be revived and implemented even against London’s resistance and objections. I have to remind that key nations other than Britain hold Nuclear missiles with in each of those nations. Under a …


My Clone Sleeps Alone

Post Views: 0 James Rink: William this morning i woke up with 6 needle marks what do you think i was given? William Ross: Another lot of needles. James do they do this at the beginning of the week. How many times during the week are they doing this in lots. Well whatever they are giving you it is going straight to your brain and implants there as well as to the eyes. I think it is something we are going to have to look at. And perhaps start looking at neo logical path ways and brain waves and what formulas can be used in these areas even though not sure what they passing through you it will have something to …